29 April 2018


Custimisable makeup palettes are a huge tend at the moment, and with good reason - I mean, haven’t we all got makeup palettes containing shades that we simply never use. What a waste. So the customisable palettes are simony brilliant, as you can fill them with nothing but the products that you will actually use. No wastage at all. How brilliant is that.

And now Ulta3 is launching their own custom range, with the Ulta3 Custom Nation, which embraces individuality for every woman, regardless of age or style, with a face and eye range that can help turn an ‘almost there’ product into the perfect one.

The new Ulta3 Custom Nation collection includes an empty Magnetic Palette, so you can fill it with just what you want from the range of the 12 single eyeshadow refills, two different highlighter refills, two blush refills, or two bronzer refills.

The individual products fit neatly into the sleek black compact that comes with a little applicator with a brush at each end, and has a large internal mirror. The amount of products it holds, depends completely on which products you put into it. But if you fill it will just the eyeshadows which are a little smaller, it can hold 6 eyeshadows. Another combination, like what I’ve done, is a blush and four eyeshadows, but you can of course also make it a blush and ie a highlighter and two eyeshadows. I think the actual size of the compact allows for a lot of great combinations, but personally I would have loved it to be just a little bit bigger so it could actually hold a blush, highlighter and bronzer and then three eyeshadows, and if would certainly be a great addition to the range if Ulta3 added that. 

The Ulta3 Eyeshadows

Now, let’s talk a little about the products.

There are 12 eyeshadows in the range;

  • Blank Canvas - a matte pale shade
  • Bubbly - a warm shimmery dusty pink shade
  • Hot Sand - a pale golden neutral shimmery shade
  • Golden Girl - a shimmery dark golden shade
  • Desert Flower - a matte medium brown
  • Bronze Buff - a shimmery chocolate brown shade
  • Totally Taupe - a shimmery taupe shade
  • Chocolate Ganache - a shimmery dark brown
  • So Peachy - a shimmery dark peach 
  • Spellbound - a shimmery dark purple
  • Midnight - a shimmery dark navy blue
  • Comet - a shimmery dark grey

There are two blushes in the range
  • Pretty In Pink - a medium dusty pink shade
  • Coral Crush - a pale orange-peach shade
The Ulta3 Bronzers, Blushes, and Highlightrs

Then there are two highlighters; 
  • Moonbean - a shimmery pale pink shade
  • Sunbeam - a shimmery pale golden shade
And finally there are two bronzers;

  • Bronze Glow - a shimmery medium brown shade
  • Baked Bronze - a summery darker brown shade

My finished palette with the eyeshadows in Hot Sand and Bubbly (top row), and in the bottom row the blush in Pretty in Pink, and eyeshadows in Totally Taupe and Bronze Buff.

As for the quality of these products, considering the very low price, I am actually very impressed with the quality and how pigmented they are. Yes, you will get more pigmented and higher quality products that last longer, if you pay x10 the price, but I actually feel that they are exceptionally great value. I personally prefer subtle looks and for that they are perfect, but you can also build them up to be fairly intense if you wish.

So overall I am really liking this concept and the products available to put into the compact. The large variety of neutral shades are right up my alley, and all so wearable.

Finally, I have also been putting the Ulta3 Shade Adjusting Drops in Lightening and in Darkening to the test. I am sure you’ve also been in the situation where you’ve somehow managed to come home with a foundation in the wrong shade, what a waste. Or what about at the change of seasons where you skin starts to get a little paler as we head towards winter. And that’s when these Shade Adjusting Drops are super handy to have in your beauty cabinet. You simply add the desired amount of the Shade Adjusting Drops to your foundation and mix it in to lighten or deepen the shade until you get your perfect match. It can be a little tricky to adjust, also as you really need to make sure that you mix enough for the full face, as it can be even tricker to go back to mix just that little bit more if you feel you need more foundation, and the other hand, you don’t want to mix too much, as that would be a waste! I don’t really think I’ve got any foundations that are too light, but certainly some that are too dark, so I have liked experimenting with the lightening drops, and they really do make a difference. I probably wouldn’t recommend using these drops to foundations that are very different to your skin tone, only those that are a shade or perhaps two from your ideal shade, and as you then essentially only add a tiny amount, I don’t feel that it interferes or changes the properties of your foundation. 

My finished palette with the eyeshadows in Hot Sand and Bubbly (top row),
and in the bottom row the blush in Pretty in Pink, and eyeshadows
in Totally Taupe and Bronze Buff. 

Ulta3 Eyeshadows - RPR: $2.95
Ulta3 Highlighter - RRP: $3.95
Ulta3 Blush - RRP: $3.95
Ulta3 Bronzer - RRP: $3.95
Ulta3 Custom Magnetic Palette - RRP: $6.95
Ulta3 Shade Adjusting Drops - RRP: $9.95 ea

Available from Ulta3 and select pharmacies

* Some products may have been kindly provided for editorial consideration, and have been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy, and reviews are 100% honest and based on personal opinion and experience. Note that The Beauty & Lifestyle Hunter is not a professional or expert, so please do not substitute these opinions as professional advice.

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