29 February 2016


Today I like to talk about the newly launched Glow Oil from Medik8;

I have to be completely honest and admit that I’ve not always been brave enough to use face oils, as with combination skin, I’ve simply been scared that they would make my skin even more congested and make it break out. But that is not always the case, and luckily, definitely not with the Medik8 Glow Oil.

This new Glow Oil contains a combination of Vitamin C to hydrate and repair, plus a blend of 12 essential oils, which combined make an ultra-light and silky oil that instantly gives the skin a beautiful radiant glow, and over time helps repair and protect the skin from environmental damage whilst minimising visible signs of ageing.

A beautiful, ultra silky and fast absorbing dry facial oil containing powerful antioxidant to instantly give a youthful glow and radiant skin texture. This elegant oil is blended for all skin types and ages, with a subtle floral fragrance for a truly pampering feel.

Some of the key ingredients in the Glow Oil are;
Vitamin C - to neutralise free radicals and minimise the visible signs of skin ageing.

Hemp seed Oil and Inca Omega Oil – to restore the skin’s barrier function, and minimise skin damage caused by free radicals.
Rose Otto Oil and Cinnamon Leaf Oil - to uplift, nourish and refresh skin, to maintain healthy cellular renewal.

Geranium Oil – for its toning and antibacterial benefits, and to help increase circulation, to improve the overall health of the skin.

Combined, these ingredients help hydrate, restore and nourish the skin and help increase elasticity of the skin, while improving radiance and brightening the complexion, all while repairing and protecting the skin from environmental damage and minimising visible signs of ageing.
The Glow Oil is best used twice a day, just after cleansing the skin, over you serum and before moisturiser, and it needs to be blended into the whole face, neck and d├ęcolletage area

The Oil comes in a little glass bottle with a nifty pipette while makes it super easy to dispense just a few drops as needed. It absorbs instantly into the skin leaving it feel silky soft and smooth, without any greasy feel or residue. Rather it has a leaves the skin with a nice dewy and radiant glow. You can also instantly feel that the Oil is adding intense moisture to the skin, but again, it does so without clogging up my skin.
After having used the Glow Oil for over a month, I have to say that I am impressed at the difference it has done to the look of my skin. With a baby and a toddler, sleep is very precious at our house, so no longer getting my required beauty sleep at night, I am often (= mostly) tired, which does show with my skin consequently looking dull, but the Glow Oil not only makes an immediate difference, I am also sure that day by day my skin is looking more and more alive as it has a more radiant and lit-from-within glow. It is naturally an additional step you’ll need to add to your skin care regime, in addition to serum and moisturiser, but if you’ve got the time and can afford the splurge, then I highly recommend that you give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

RRP: $89/30ml – Available from ActiveSkin and RY
* Some products may have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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27 February 2016


I’ve always loved the products from Physicians Formula, both for their quality, but certainly also for their always cute and thought out packaging. So when I received a huge parcel a while ago chock full of new releases I was in complete chock at not only the generosity of Physicians Formula, but also so excited at all the new products. Only issue has been which products to try first. Always wearing and searching for a great eye liner, the Ooh La la Sexy Eyes Trio was one of the first products that stood out, here are my thoughts;

What They Say:
Physicians Formula Sexy Booster Ooh La La Sexy Eyes Trio is an eye make-up kit containing three eyeliners. It includes an automatic eyeliner pencil for foolproof application, a kohl kajal for intense lining and inner rim definition and a felt-tip marker to create bold, cat-eye looks. The formulas are longwearing.

RRP: $24.95 – Available from Priceline

What I Say:
Of course I have to start by commenting on the packaging of these products, which come in a cute little red and black lacey case, held together by a little bow with a high-heeled charm. The actual products are also red, but metallic red with black writing.

This trio of products contain three different eye liners designed for different purposes, so that you can create a variety of different looks. The trio includes a
  • Kohl kajal eyeliner that is perfect for the inner rims
  • Felt tip liquid eyeliner to create cat eye definition of the upper lid
  • Eye Liner pencil for lower lash line definition

You can use each of the products on their own when you want a simple look, or you can use all three together if you are after a bold look.

The kohl kajal eye liner is my top pick of the three eye liners as it has a very intense colour and applies very easily and smoothly. The eye liner pencil also applies easily without too much dragging of pulling of the eye area, but personally I would have liked the colour to be a little more intense.

Finally, the felt tip liquid liner, is probably my least favourites of the three. While I love the small liner that makes it easy to hold, it seems to be a little watery and hence you have to reapply two to three times to get a solid bold line.
However, common for all three, is that once on, they do stay put all day, without smudging or fading.

All the products have a quite strong smell of vanilla, which I must admit that I find a little odd. I mean, you’re so used to your lipsticks and moisturisers having a scent, but certainly not my eye liners!! I have quite sensitive eyes that easily water and get irritated, so I would have preferred the products to be fragrance free, but in saying that, it is claimed that the products are hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested and safe for sensitive eyes, and I also cannot say that I’ve had any irritations at all using the products. 

Overall, I really like the idea of this eyeliner trio, and the fact that you’ve got a product for every need. And whilst the pigmentation could have been a touch better, you certainly cannot fault the price, as I believe you’d struggle purchasing three different eyeliners for the same price!
* Some products may have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

26 February 2016


No doubt about it, Rimmel has recently launched some fantastic lipsticks and glosses – including this Lasting Finish Nude Collection by Kate Moss. I know, it was launched quite some time ago, during the 4.5 months that I was at the hospital with our little baby boy, and hence the lateness of posting about them. But as they say, better late than never…

Finding the right nude shade to match your skin tone can be a tricky matter, but with these Lasting Finish Nude lipsticks, which includes delicate pinks, subtle apricots, cashmere beiges and rich toffee tones – there truly is a chic shade for everyone!

The collection includes 5 shades;
#040 – A Nude Pink
#042 – A Nude Pink
#043 – A Tan Nude
#045 – A Rose Tinted Nude
#048 – A Chocolate Toned Nude

Personally, I don’t find that the shades 040 and 043 really suit my skin tone. Shades 042 and 045 are very similar, though 042 seems the slightest bit darker, and hence my favourite of the two, but if I didn’t read the number at the end of the packaging I could easily mix up the two as they really are similar. Shade 048 is technically designed for those with darker skin tones, but personally I like it too, although technically it is not a nude shade on me, but that said, it is probably my favourite shade from the collection and the one I’ve used the most over the past few months since launch.

Common for all the shades is that the lipstick feels incredible on the lips, it is soft and moisturising, and has an intense colour pay-off regardless of the shades, and wears for hours and hours. The claim is that it lasts up to 8 hours, which is no doubt true for the darkest shades, but not quite so for the lightest ones, although they still have a significant wear of a couple of hours.
The Rimmel London Lasting Finish Nude Collection by Kate Moss are available from Priceline, Target, Kmart, BigW, Chemist Warehouse and selected pharmacies, Coles and Woolworths and have an RRP of $12.95 each.
* Some products may have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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25 February 2016


Still in the midst of the hot Australian summer, what would be more appropriate than to talk about a local product, the Jurlique Sun Specialist SPF 40 High Protection Cream PA+++. 

As you are probably aware, Jurlique is an Australian brand that has been making natural skincare products made from ingredients from their Australian farm for over 25 years, yet in spite of being an Aussie brand, loved across the globe. 

The Jurlique Sun Specialist SPF 40 High Protection Cream PA+++ is a protective broad spectrum sunscreen intended for both face and body, containing both UVA and UVB protection.

The cream has been enriched with superberry complex that delivers vitamins, minerals and amino acids to protect the skin from environmental aggressors. It also contains 
inca inchi oil, which is rich in essential fatty acids, as well as a blend of natural emollients and shea butter to help maintain moisture in the skin during sun exposure. 

Having combination skin prone to breakouts, I always fear putting especially sun cream in my face, as I often feel that it is making my skin congested, greasy and quickly making it break out too. And fining the right sun cream to use under makeup is also a hard task as often it simply makes my makeup slide off my face well before lunch time! But this sun lotion has a very light texture that absorbs quickly and easily into the skin without leaving my skin feeling or looking greasy or sticky, - and it stays like that all day long, also when I use it under my makeup. And I also love that, again, unlike many other sun screens it does not leave the skin with white marks or streaks. The cream has a gorgeous (and typical for Jurlique) scent, that you can only love as it is so natural

I've found that finding the right sun cream, especially for use in the face is a difficult task, but it seems Jurlique has mastered it - a sunscreen also perfect for combination and blemish prone skin. I certainly wouldn't hesitate purchasing this again, although in the perfect world, Jurlique would also have a specific sun cream for the face with an even lighter formulation!

RRP: $50 / 100ml - Available from Jurlique

* Some products may have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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24 February 2016


Today I'd like to share with you my thoughts in the Elucent Anti Ageing Day Moisturiser SPF 50+. It has been designed to keep the skin moisturised, while minimising the signs of ageing, including reducing wrinkles and improving skin tone.

With combination skin prone to breakouts, I’m always concerned when trying new facial creams, especially anti-ageing ones, as they are usually very concentrated and feel too heavy on my skin, quickly making it feel congested. But I’m happy to say that has not been the case with this moisturiser as it is also non-comedogenic, and I think also because one of its key ingredients is AHA (2%), as well as lactic acid (2%), which help exfoliate the top layer of the skin to reveal a smoother and clear skin with a more even skin tone, and hence also help unclog pores, which in my case is very helpful.

The cream has a light consistency that quickly absorbs into my skin without making it feel greasy or tacky, something moisturisers with SPF often do, and this one has a whopping SPF50!! And because it absorbs so quickly, I can immediately apply my makeup.

The cream also contains Vitamin E and B3 to help moisturise the skin and increase its elasticity, and I do feel it definitely is keeping my skin moisturised, soft and supple, and what I really like, is that when I remove my makeup at night, my skin feels so soft, smooth and radiant, so clearly the AHA and lactic acid has done its magic during the day, almost like my skin has had a mini facial! I am not sure if I’ve seen any major difference in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but I also didn’t expect that within a few weeks.  Another bonus is that using this cream for a few weeks, is that the condition, look and feel of my skin seems to be slowly improving, as well as my skin actually seems to be getting less greasy! Win-win!  

I also love this moisturiser comes in a pump bottle as it makes it very hygienic to use, and at $49.99 for a massive 95ml bottle it is actually extremely well priced too. Overall this moisturiser is a winner for me and I wouldn’t mind trying the rest of the products from the range too! 

RRP: $49.99/95ml - Available from Priceline and Chemist Warehouse.

* Some products may have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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23 February 2016


My skin has gone a bit bonkers lately, I think that it is more than likely due to the immense stress that I’ve been under for more or less the last six month with a seriously sick baby, all whilst recovering from the pregnancy and giving birth, and designing and building a new house. No wonder I’ve been so stressed and my skin too – so when I was offered  by RY to trial the newest addition to the Dermalogica range, the Charcoal Rescue Masque, I happily accepted…

The Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque claims to be an all-in-one treatment masque that detoxifies, brightens and invigorates all skin conditions. In addition it also claims to have the following benefits;
  • Brightens and Invigorates Skin
  • Stimulates Cell Turnover and Renewal
  • Exfoliates
  • Oil Absorbing/ Sebum Regulating
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Pore-Refining
  • Anti-Redness

And in just 7-10 minutes it supposedly rescues tired, lackluster or dull skin. The masque contains among others activated Binchotan Charcoal, which absorbs impurities and toxins, while Sulfur promotes cell turnover for dramatically brighter skin. It furthermore also contains Volcanic Ash, Sea Silt, Bamboo Extract and alpha hydroxy acids to further accelerate skin brightening and assist with exfoliating the skin. The Niacinamide helps reduce congestion and calm the skin while Chilean Wild Mint helps refine pores.

The Charcoal Rescue Masque can be used a couple of times a week, depending on your skin type, and is best used by first cleansing your face before applying it, avoiding the eye area. After the 7-10 minutes you then gently massage it on the face with wet hands to enhance the exfoliation properties of the mask while you remove it.

I’m already a huge fan of Dermalogica products (I mean, who doesn’t love the Pre-Cleanse and the Microfoliant!!), and already after the very first use, I am so in love with this masque too. Already while it is drying on my skin, I can see how it is drawing excess sebum and gunk out of my pores, and after rinsing it off, my skin feels so incredibly soft and smooth, and nice rosy healthy clean glow, and all without drying my skin out or making it feel tight or dry. A few breakouts, seems to settle down quicker in the days that follow, and my skin seems to be less greasy and generally more refined. And after a further few uses, this only seems to be getting better and better – as well as my skin seems to be breaking out less - I am also at the same time using other new products, so can be difficult to completely isolate benefits! – but I have no doubt that regular use of this masque will do my skin world of wonders.

I will definitely be purchasing this masque again, and if you too have combination or oily skin, or simply want to give your tired skin a bit of a pick me up, then I highly recommend that you try this new Charcoal Rescue Masque from Dermalogica. 

RRP: $52/75ml 

Available from RY

* Some products may have been kindly provided for editorial consideration, and have been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy, and reviews are 100% honest and based on personal opinion and experience. Note that The Beauty & Lifestyle Hunter is not a professional or expert, so please do not substitute these opinions as professional advice. Also note, this post may contain affiliate links, which means you pay no extra, but I get a small commission fee if you click through and buy something. And if so, thank you much for your supporting the running costs of my blog. xx

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22 February 2016


This new I Am Juicy Couture Eau de Parfum was launched a few months ago, while I was still at the hospital with our little bay boy – lack of reliable internet and time, and not least concentration on my behalf meant that I simply didn’t get around to posting about this gorgeous new scent, until now..
This new scent, I Am Juicy Couture, a part of the Juicy Couture range, has been designed specifically for the independent, unapologetic and rebellious girls.

The scent has;
  • Top notes: raspberry, pomelo and passion fruit
  • Middle notes: gardenia, heliotrope, sweet pea and rose de mal
  • Base notes: soft musk, warm woods and amber
When you first spray this fragrance it is a fresh fruity scent, thanks to the raspberry and passionfruit, but soon it also turns into a beautiful floral scent with includes the gardenia (one of my favourite flowers, both to look at and smell!), sweet pea and rose the mal, all with the warm undertones of musk, wood and amber.
The scent is slightly sweet, yet while I don’t usually like overly sweet scents, I don’t find this one overpowering, probably due to the combination of sweet fruit, fresh flowers and the warmth from the musk, wood and amber. It also has a very good staying power, in fact so good that I can often smell it on my skin the next day!!

The I Am Juicy Couture bottles comes in an absolutely stunning decanter style bottle, with the classic, and iconic cap encrusted with diamantes and Juicy Couture’s iconic jewellery toggle and chain detail.
The I Am Juicy Couture Eau De Parfum has an RRP of $110 (100ml), $85 (50ml) and $65 (30ml), and is available from department stores and select pharmacies.
* Some products may have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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20 February 2016


As a beauty blogger I get very excited when I come across new brands and products, and one of those moments was when I was introduced to Lycogel.

Lycogel makes treatment foundation products that combine cosmetic products with skincare technology, and thanks to containing powerful and active ingredients including vitamins, hyaluronic acid, anti-oxidants and peptides, the products allow the skin to breathe through the makeup, while delivering oxygen, moisture and nutrients to the skin, and promoting healing of damaged skin.

The products are designed for all skin types, including sensitive and those trying to cover eczema, blemishes, rosacea and other skin conditions, and can also be used immediately after cosmetic procedures. And as the products are anti-bacterial and do not clog up pores, they are luckily also suitable for my combination skin prone to blemishes.
And I have to say that this is music to my ears, wearing makeup almost daily, I do like it when my skin actually benefits from the makeup products, as much as were they skincare products.
I tried the Breathable Tint and the Breathable Concealer, but there is also a Breathable Camouflage and a Breathable Balm available in the Lycogel range.
The Breathable Tint promises a luminous light coverage that gives skin a vibrant glow. Contains SPF 30 and is available in 4 shades” I tried shade 2 which is a perfect match for my medium beige skin tone. The tint is very light weight, and perfect for my skin during summer where it tends to become even greasier. It absorbs quickly into the skin and giving it a light coverage, yet still manages to even out any redness in my skin, hide broken capillaries, smaller blemishes and pigmentation. And it feels incredible on the skin, you can really tell that it allows skin to breathe, and hence you almost forget that you are wearing it. Often on hot days, I feel that many of my other foundations are clogging up my pores, and definitely not allowing my skin to breathe, so this tint is a definitely a winner for me – also because it actually stays put on my skin all day without needing too much of a touch up, apart from the t-zone area, but that’s pretty standard. I also love the fact that it has SPF30 so I know my skin is protected from the sun’s harsh rays.

To cover dark under eyes circles, and those larger areas of pigmentation, age spots, birth marks and blemishes, the Breathable Concealer is a perfect addition providing maximum coverage. It comes three shades, where the shade Medium, again is a good match for my skin. And it really does a good job at camouflaging those imperfections, yet without looking like it has been caked on.
Overall I am really enjoying using these products as they cover up imperfections in my skin, all whist giving my skin a very natural look and treating it at the same time. Win-win!

The Lycogel Breathable Tint has an RRP of $125/30ml and the Breathable Concealer an RRP of $85.60/7ml – For stockists visit Advanced Cosmeceuticals
* Some products may have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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19 February 2016


Brows are all the rage at the moment. Years ago they had to be so thin, but today, the bigger and bolder the better, and makeup brands around the world seems to jump on the bandwagon and launch their own range of brow products. Including Rimmel London, who a little while ago launched their Brow This Way Range.

The Brow This Way range includes:
  • Brow This Way Brow Sculpting Kit, available in Medium Brown #002 and Dark Brown #003
  • Brow This Way Sculpting Gel in Clear
  • Brow This Way, available in Blonde #001, Medium Brown #002 and Dark Brown #003

On the days I don’t wear makeup, which is actually rare, as I mostly tend to at least wear mascara and a lipbalm, often a tinted one, I like using the Clear Brow This Way Styling gel as it keeps my unruly brows in shape, as it is a non-sticky clear gel that gives the brows a touch of subtle shine at the same time.
On the days where I wear a full face of makeup my go-to is without a doubt the tinted Brow This Way Styling Gel in. I love how this brow gel with a mini mascara applicator makes it so quick and easy to give your brows a uniform shape and keep them staying put all day. And in spite of being coloured, it gives the brows a natural look that is smudge proof and feels comfortable to wear too.

Finally, there’s the Brow This Way Sculpting Kit which contains a wax and a powder. You first use the wax with the angled brush to shade and define the brows, and hereafter you use the other end of the brush to apply the setting powder to fill in sparse areas of the brows and to create a bolder look. Finally, you use the spoolie brush to lock in the shape and colour so it stays put all day
In essence, with these products it is now so simple to define, groom ad shape your brows just like you like them. The clear gel is perfect for those you prefer a simple groomed look, while the tint gives a little more shape and definition while still looking natural. Finally, if you’re after a stronger bolder look, the kit is the best option.
Personally, my product of choice is the tinted gel, as it is simply so quick and easy to apply, and for someone with a baby and a toddler running around my legs, that’s simply currently the best option. I also enjoy using the kit, but for someone a little unexperienced with it, like me, it does take that little bit longer to use, and also is a little more fiddly.

But overall I think it is fantastic that Rimmel has considered all situations and created products suitable for everyone! I personally enjoy using all the products and wouldn’t hesitate purchasing either of them again.
The products have an RRP of $12.95 each and are available from Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, Target, Kmart, Big W and selected pharmacies, Coles and Woolworths.

* Some products may have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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18 February 2016


A little while ago I received a huge parcel from Physicians Formula containing all their new product releases. And trust me when I say that there were a lot. So it has been a bit of an issue to decide not only which product to try first! Here are my thoughts on the Powder Palette Multi-Coloured Custom Blush for Blondes and Brunettes

What They Say:
Ultra-Glam Bombshell Glow! Complements your hair colour. The Perfect Blush for Your Hair Color. Versatile & Glamorous Glow.

RRP: $21.95 – Available from Priceline

What I Say:
So these new Powder Palette Multi-Coloured Custom Blushes have been designed specifically to compliment your hair colour, whether you have blonde or brunette hair, as they will enhance your skin tone and play up your hair colour.

Both of the blushes have a beautiful hexagon design pattern that features both warm and cool pearlescent colours that give your skin a radiant finish and will highlight your cheekbones. At first glance the two blushes look quite similar, but at closer look you will notice that the shade designed for blondes have more cool tones in the mix, while the shade for brunettes features more warm and golden shades.
I’ve tried both of the shades, and with brunette hair, the shade for brunettes should consequently suit my skin better. I tend to agree, and that it also does give my skin some more warmth, but in saying that, I also didn’t mind the lighter shade for blondes, possibly because it is in the middle of winter here now, and my skin consequently is quite pale.

The actual powder is light I consistency, and it does wear quite well during the day, without fading or making my skin shine. And although it does have a pearlescent sheen, it merely gives the skin nice glow without being over the top.
Physicians Formula also mentions that you can use the blushes both dry and wet – dry with a brush, and wet with a damp sponge for a more defined and dramatic look. Personally I found that I got plenty of definition and colour by using it dry with a brush, so I have to admit to not having tried to use it wet!

At first the blushes go on quite sheer, but it is easy to build up the colour, so you do have to be cautious not applying too much – and especially if you use enclosed brush..

The blushes come in bright pink and very girly packaging, that has a hidden compartment that houses a brush, as well as it has a mirror, and both are great for any touch ups on the go during the day. However, as I believe to have mentioned in previous Physicians Formula reviews, I do find their brushes a little stiff, and that they quickly ‘scratch up’ the powder, and you consequently lose a bit of powder with each use, as well as I find that it is more difficult to blend the blush and you apply too much by mistake. So I therefore prefer to use the blushes with my own softer blush brushes, but on the other hand if you haven’t got a suitable brush, or do like to be able to apply the blush when you’re on the go, then you cannot complain about it being included..

Overall, these are lovely blushes, and I’m surprised to admit that it really does make a difference which shade you use. So if you are after your perfect blush shade, Physicians Formula has basically taken all the guesswork out for you to ensure you pick the right shade. How brilliant is that!
* Some products may have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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17 February 2016


A little while ago youth lifestyle brand Factorie launched a makeup range, Make Up Make Out, and I was lucky to get to try a few of the products, here are my thoughts;

Factorie Make Up Make Out Lipstick
These lipsticks come in a chunky crayon formula which makes then so easy to apply, and the pointy tip means that they double as a lipliner too. They come in 15 different shades so there’s something for every taste and occasion. I tried the shade Scarlet Berry which is a deep and rich fuchsia shade, perfect for night time, or if you simply want to brighten your face during the day. It feels comfortable to wear, to the point I almost forget I’m wearing it, and it has a wear of a few hours, but when it fades, it does leave a nice even stain finish on the lips. RRP: $7.95
Make Up Make Out Mascara
This mascara claims to plump your lashes, and while it does both give the lashes length and volume, it is nothing too dramatic, so a good basic mascara for everyday wear. It does last well throughout the day without flaking, something that’s important for my uber-sensitive eyes. RRP $9.95

Make Up Make Out Eyeshadow palette
For me, the winner of this makeup collection is by far the eyeshadow palettes. There are two colour combinations available, Vegas Nights which contains a combination of darker intense shades perfect for night time wear, while California Days contains 6 lighter and more natural and muted shades perfect for use during the day, and common for all the colours is that they have a lovely sheen. The eyeshadows have a fairly good pigmentation so you can build up the colour intensity, while also just applying a sweep of subtle colour. They have a fairly good wear, which however can be extended by the use of primer first. Both palettes come with a double ended brush applicator and have a large mirror inside. While both palettes are absolutely stunning, of the two colour combinations, the California Days is with its more subtle colours my preferred one, but that’s more to do with currently preferring a more subtle and understated look! RRP: $14.95

Make Up Make Out Eyeshadow brush
The range also includes makeup brushes including this eye shadow brush, which is great for applying the base eyeshadow. RRP: $7.95
Common for all the products is that they come in matte black packaging which silver writing, which personally I find is absolutely stunning with its simplistic look.
Also available in the range are lip balms, hair chalk, nail polish, bronzer, and body sprays
Overall, I think Factorie has done well with this new range of makeup. The products are very well priced, and the quality very good too. Definitely worth checking out, instore, or online at Factorie
* Some products may have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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16 February 2016


Today I’d like to bring focus to a makeup brand that I’ve just come across, The Organic Skin Co.


Never heard of the Organic Skin Co before? I hadn’t either, so I was pleasantly surprised when I realised that it is a makeup line produced for World Organic, a family run company from New Zealand. And common for all the products, as the name suggests, is that they are made with the aim of producing natural products of the highest quality, where the majority of the products are made from at least 70% organic ingredients.

The Organic Skin Co The Luminous Liquid Foundation

This foundation comes in an easy to use pump bottle and the actual foundation is light and is easy to apply and blend into the skin. It gives the skin a medium coverage, easily covering minor pigmentation, blemishes and redness, while a concealer is required for my larger areas of pigmentation and dark circles under my eyes (both no doubt not made any better by being almost 38 weeks pregnant!)  And while the foundation gives the skin a medium coverage, it still manages to make my skin look very natural and give it a nice radiant glow, without looking to shimmery. It lasts quite well on my combination skin throughout the day without settling into fine lines or changing colour, and only requires a quick touch-up for by the afternoon, but that is pretty standard for my skin type. It has a slightly odd scent, which however quickly fades, but I put it down to not containing any artificial fragrances, but rather being chock full of organic antioxidants, oils and minerals that care for the skin as you wear it. Made with 72.95% organic ingredients. Available in 4 Shades. RRP: $49.00 (30ml)

The Organic Skin Co Sun Kissed Bronzer

This Sun Kissed Bronzer is a BB Bronzing cream that gives the skin a light, natural suntanned look with a nice healthy glow. The actual cream is like a bronze glittery cream and it is full of light-reflecting mica and mineral pearls that give the skin the glowing radiance. On its own it doesn’t give the skin much coverage, so I find it is best used on top of your usual foundation on certain areas of the face and decollete, as if used all over, I find that it can be a little too much. It is also very concentrated, so again, you only need to use the tiniest amount, but thanks to the nifty pump bottle, it is easy to dispense even a very small amount. The Bronzer has been enriched with cold pressed oils and as well as botanicals to help moisturise and condition the skin. Unlike the foundation, it has a beautiful scent of orange. It is made from 71.43% organic ingredients. RRP: $47.00 (30ml)

The Organic Skin Co Botanical Loose Mineral Foundation


This loose mineral powder foundation has been infused with botanicals including calendula and pomegranate to help regenerate and nourish the skin, as well as it includes kaolin clay that helps draw out impurities and absorb surface oils. The foundation is best applied with a large brush such as a kabuki brush. It only gives the skin a very light coverage, although you can build it up slightly where needed, while still looking very natural and soft look, and far from cakey or powdery like many other powder foundations. And it really does stay put all day, without settling into my fine lines and without the dreaded mid-afternoon, so no doubt the added kaolin clay does prove beneficial. In saying that, I would have loved it to have a slightly better coverage to cover my increasing pigmentation, and old acne scarring, so consequently I have instead been enjoying using it on top of the Luminous Foundation, which works wonders, and when applied first thing in the morning, it makes the foundation stay shine free all day too. Made from pure minerals and botanicals. Available in three shades plus a translucent. RRP: $42.00 (6.5G)

The Organic Skin Co Cream Blush

This soft cream blush is so quick and easy to use. You simply dab your finger tip into the jar and blend it into the apples of your cheeks for a natural flushed look, but while being cautious not to apply too much as it is quite pigmented. The cream blush has been made with pure minerals, organic cold pressed oils and extracts from calendula and pomegranate to not only nourish and care for your cheeks, but give them a natural radiant finish at the same time. I tried the shade Lotus, which is a rich berry shade, that in the pot looks quite large, but once blended onto the cheeks, it gives a natural pink look. The cream blush wears quite well during the day, without sliding or fading too much. I also found that the cream blush worked quite well as a lip stain, so you can simply wipe off any excess from your fingers onto your lips. And it feels quite comfortable to wear on the lips too, although the wear is naturally shorter. Made with 73% organic ingredients. Available in 3 shades. RRP: $29.00

The Organic Skin Co Pressed Eye Shadow Palette


I tried this eye shadow palette in the shade Espresso love, which is as the name suggests a palette with brownish shades. It contains four matte shades, including off white, a pale dusty pink, a mauve as well as a dark chocolate brown shade. And all the shades complement each other perfectly, and can be used either individually on their own for a simply daytime look, or in any combination for the perfect smoky eye.

The eye shadows have a soft and smooth consistency, and are easy to apply with an eyeshadow brush, with minimal fallout, and while they are quite pigmented so that you can build up the colours to be quite intense, you can also apply them lightly for just a sheer wash of colour. They also stay put, and don’t settle into fine lines during the day. Made with pure minerals and extracts. Available in four different colour combinations. RRP: $55.00 (8g)

The Organic Skin Co Lipstick

These lipsticks are made with carnauba wax, which helps protect the lips, even when exposed to changes in temperatures, and are consequently they also very creamy and feel very nourishing and moisturising on the lips, and hence also extremely comfortable.   I tried the shades Summer Sands and Sahara. Summer Sands is a soft pale pink, with a touch of shimmery sheen, and it is the perfect shade for those who prefer a barely there nude shade, and perfect for casual everyday wear or if you want to downplay your lips!
The Sahara shade on the other hand is a warm red shade, again with a touch of subtle shimmer, and it is my favourite of the two shades – but only because I prefer to wear just a little more colour than the Summer Sands shade provide. I simply find that the Sahara shade works perfectly for me, whether is casual daytime wear, or a night out, giving my lips colour, but without being too bold!

Common for both shades is that they last a few hours on the lips, although the darker Sahara shade has a longer wear because of the darker pigments. I would have loved them to have a longer wear, on the other hand, I wouldn’t want to compromise on how lovely moisturising they feel on the lips, or that they are 100% natural and made with 70% organic ingredients, it really doesn’t get much better than that. Available in 10 shades. RRP: $31.00

All the Organic Skin Co makeup products come in stunning packaging featuring dark brown plastic bottles and jars that are so heavy duty that you could mistake them for being made of glass. But what’s even more unique is that they ae all featuring bamboo lids, which make then look absolutely stunning – and very appropriate for the natural and organic products.
Overall, I am really enjoying using all the products that I’ve tried as they are all lovely, but if I had to select a few favourites, it would have to be the Botanical Loose Mineral Foundation, the Cream blush, the Eyeshadow Palette and the Lipstick. – But in saying that I wouldn’t hesitate purchasing either of the products again or try some of the other products from the range, which also includes a lipgloss, individual eyeshadows, and a liquid eyeliner.

All the Organic Skin Co products are available from World Organic 
* Some products may have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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