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6 April 2021


Nothing will ever beat that post salon-treatment feeling - but for me, with two little kids, finding time to go isn’t always easy - I love that at-home DIY beauty devices have come such a long way. I’ve been loving the new Microdermabrasion Kit from KALINNI Skin Co.


22 March 2021


Livani Haircare 

As with my other beauty products, I am increasingly looking for more natural alternatives - but while it may be a lot better for our environment, natural products are sadly not always performing very well - and when it comes to my long, wavy coloured hair, it is often left looking dry, dull and very frizzy. But that was until I tried Livani…. 

Livani creates a range of luxurious high quality natural haircare, using premium natural active ingredients for effective, yet gentle products. I’ve put a few of them to the test…


21 March 2021


Mei & Co Skincare

I love coming across new beauty brands, and even better when they are hand-made in Australia and cruelty free using 100% natural ingredients such as Australian Oils, Fruits and Extract, Aromatherapy Oils and natural preservatives such as Lemon Myrtle Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Olive Leaf, Thyme & Rosemary Extract. They contain no chemical nasties, including no phosphates, SLS or parabens,

I’ve put the full Mei & Co skincare range to the test…


2 March 2021


Once upon a time, my hand bag was loaded with countless lipsticks, lip glosses and makeup for touch-ups during the day - today, not so much any more. And all because of COVID, and going out now mostly requires a face mask covering half your face, rendering most makeup, and most definitely lipstick no longer as necessary. In its place, next to the face mask, is now always a bottle of Sanitiser. It has simply become a way of life. 

But we all know by now, that sanitiser isn’t just sanitiser. Yes, there are rules and regulations to ensure their efficacy - yet still, many are, to put it nicely, simply NOT nice. They smell horrid and they and are so drying for the hands. 

Enter Touch Sanitation Solutions - the Australian made and owned brand that develops sanitising solutions. 

I’ve put the Touch 24-Hand Guard Alcohol Free Sanitiser Foam to the test. The Touch 24-Hand Guard has proven to sanitise and stay active on the hands and offer protection for up to 24 hours. It also has added glycerin to help retain moisture and protect against skin irritations.

Unlike many other sanitisers on the market, Touch 24-Hand Guard has a unique MikroGuard+ Technology, which creates an antibacterial protective layer that kills or inactivates up to 99.99% of a wide range of germs and harmful bacterial.

Having two little school kids - and two dogs - I love the fact that it is independently lab tested and offers up to 24 hours of protection from germs, as well as it is vegan, alcohol free and non-toxic, so I know it is safe to use around my kids - as well as safe, should one of our Labradors sneak in a little lick or two!

Being alcohol free also means that it doesn’t have that strong chemical scent, but rather it has next to no scent, which I really like.

I also like that it dispenses as a soft foam, as I find it makes it much easier for little kids to use. It also dries quickly without any greasiness or stickiness, and hands are left so soft after use.

Needless to say, that we are big fans!!!

In additional to the Touch 24-Hand Guard, Touch Australia also makes Surface Sanitisers and Business solutions.

For more information, visit Touch Australia

The Touch 24-Hand Guard Alcohol Free Sanitiser Foam is available in various sizes from 50ml to 5litres - RRP: $8.95 to $129

Available from Touch Australia

Note, this post has been sponsored by Touch Australia, and products have been kindly provided - yet they have still been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy, with reviews honest and based on personal opinion and experience. Note that The Beauty & Lifestyle Hunter is not a professional or expert, so please do not substitute these opinions as professional advice.

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6 January 2021


I admit, I am addicted to beauty products - but if there is one thing that I love just as much, and if anything I have actually loved even longer, it is home decor. I am Danish after all, so I think that a love for design runs in my blood, so I simply love collecting special pieces for my home that I know I'll love for a long time.

We have a new large contemporary home, and some very large class that are still bare, looking for the right artworks to fill them… But I’ve now come across the coolest artwork wetsite ever - Photowall...


10 December 2020


The other day I talked about some great gift ideas for the kids, and today I’m continuing with some ideas for the kids, but with eco-friendly and educational toys, from small Australian businesses! All available from Fairy Fun Toys


2 December 2020


Finding the right Xmas pressies is always a tricky one… yeah, I’m sure other kids are just like mine and love anything new that they get. But finding that great gift that will continue to get play time, even weeks and months later - that’s the presents that I personally always strive to give to my boys. I’ve got a few great examples here… 

First up is the most adorable one of them all, The Balloon Dog Squeakee. And yes, the plastic dog, looks exactly like he has been made of balloons. But he is so much more than that. He can make over 60 sounds and movements, and the more you play with him, the more he comes to life. I could keep going on and on about all the things he can do, so here’s just a few… if you tickle his tummy, he’ll be very happy, you can train him with the blue squeaker toy - one squeak and he’ll sit, two squeaks and he’ll beg, and three squads and he gets excited. You can also feed him with the pump and he might pee or fart (a clear winner with my boys!!!). And if he’s left alone for too long, he will bark to get your attention, and eventually sit. Continue to leave him, and he’ll drop down and fall asleep… snoring! Oh, and he also responds to your voice, the louder you tell him he’s been naughty, the more he will squeak, and eventually he will pop and deflate. Such a fun toy, which is sure to be a huge suggest. And one that doesn’t have to be fed or walked after all!!! Suitable for children aged 5+.

The Balloon Dog Squeakee - RRP: $100
Available from all good toy stores 

For the car loving boys, there’s this cool Boom City Racers Fireworks Factory, which has been designed for speed.

The playset is the ultimate way to race as it is a 3-in-1 transforming playset with three ways to play. The collectable cars rip out of their fireworks rocket launcher and explode apart on impact!

Kids can also race their friends on the side targets to be the first to set off the rockets, use the ramps to create epic 2-way aerial jumps, or hit the middle target to explode the Fireworks Factory.

The Boom City Racers cars are designed for speed thanks to having a super fast flywheel inside. The playset comes with one exclusive ‘Da Boss’ car, but you can also purchase extra cars individually to add to the collection. Suitable for children aged 4+. 

Boom City Racers Fireworks Factory Playset - RRP: $40
Boom City Racers Single Car pack - RRP; $12
Available from all good toy stores 

My boys are typical boys and love dinosaurs - and cars - so needless to say that the Vtech Switch & Go Dinos is a massive hit. My big boys got one a few years ago for Xmas, and it still gets lot of play time, so in my opinion, a great toy. This new version, which comes in a few different models including a Triceratops, Therizinosaurus and this one, Seeker the T-Rex. 

The Dinos can quickly transform from vehicle to Dino in a few easy steps, so kids thereby get two twos in one!!

Depending on whether you have it transformed into T-Rex mode or Off-Road Car mode, it makes different sound effect as you push it along. And you can also push the action buttons to activate dinosaur facts and sound effects. You can also customise The Dino by choosing from a selection of cool driver and dinosaur faces displayed on the LCD screen, and when you push the different buttons, it activates fun phrases, interesting dinosaur facts and great sound effects. The Action Button on the back, also makes the Dino's claws move, as well as playing dinosaur sound effects, as well as the mouth also light up when the Action Button is pushed. Seriously the coolest toy for little boys!! Suitable for children 3 to 8 years. 

Switch & Go Dinos Action Crew - RRP: $30
Available from Kmart.

Finally there are these cool WOW! Pods, the. Newest way to display your favourite characters.

The cool characters live in a hex-shaped pod with built in UV lights, and you simply swipe to bring the pods to life as the character pops and the light reveals hidden images. 

There are so many different ones to collect, including Marvel, Harry Potter, and DC’s Super Friends, with various characters from each collection, and with collections from Disney Pixar, Disney Princess, Disney Frozen and Disney Classic joining soon - so there’s also characters to collect for both boys and girls!! 

So you can simply keep collecting pods and link them together in any way you like, to create a unique shape of display wall of WOW!!

They absolutely take my boys room’s to a whole new level. Oh, and I love that the light automatically switches off after 30 seconds
Suitable for 5 to 15-year-olds.

WOW! Pods - RRP: $29.95 each
Available from leading independent toy stores. 

* Some products may have been kindly provided for editorial consideration, and have been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy, and reviews are 100% honest and based on personal opinion and experience. Note that The Beauty & Lifestyle Hunter is not a professional or expert, so please do not substitute these opinions as professional advice. 

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30 November 2020


When it comes to all those extra little Xmas pressies for the kids, calendar presents, stocking fillers, and presents for friends, if there is one store you can be sure covers all your needs, it’s Smiggle. All kids just love going into the stores for a browse, and check out all the newest gadgets and gizmos and not to mention stationary They always have so much with cool stuff all kids will love, and in the lead up to Christmas, there’s even more to check out.. 


27 October 2020


Keeping up with all the traditions and events that kids like, from easter, Christmas, along with Halloween, can become a costly affair. But thankfully when it comes to Halloween, the Reject Shop is always a one stop shop and has you covered this year, and without it costing a fortune. 


13 September 2020


Today I’m excited to be talking about Liptember, and a campaign dedicated to raising funds and awareness for women's mental health, covering issues such as depression, anxiety during and postnatal depression.  

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