31 December 2014


Wishing everyone a very happy, healthy and safe New Year. 

Personally I've had a big 2014 moving house three times and getting pregnant, but 2015 will be just as amazing with the extension of our family with arrival of our baby in the May and moving into our new house.

New Years resolutions - I rarely make any, as I can never keep them.... what about you?

And how was your 2014? And what do you have on the cards for 2015???

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30 December 2014


I think girls around the world have fallen for the Maybelline Baby Lips Lip balm that hit the market a few years ago. So comfortable on the lips and oh so affordable. So it is with joy that I can now share the new Maybelline New York Baby Lips Electro Pop Lip Balm*, here are my thoughts:

What They Say:
The creamy, sweetly scented formula is enriched with honey, collagen, shea butter and vitamin E to hydrate lips, leaving them supple and smooth. The electric colour pigments deliver a bright tint of colour and shine that is sure to put some pep in your steps. Available in three shades.

RRP: $3.95 each – Available from October 2014 at Priceline, Supermarkets, Variety Stores and Pharmacies

What I Say:
The Baby Lips Electro Pop Lip Balms are available in three shades;

  • Oh! Orange – Orange shade with orange flavour and scent
  • Pink Chock – Fuchsia Pink with Watermelon flavour and scent
  • Berry Bomb – Purple with Berry Flavour and scent

L-R: Oh! Orange, Pink Chock, Berry Bomb

As with the original Baby Lips they apply so easy, and thanks to the formula, they moisturise the lips for hours, and consequently they are so comfortable to wear.


L-R: Oh! Orange, Pink Chock, Berry Bomb

When I first saw the colours of these new lip balms, I thought that there was no way I’d ever wear those neon colours, but when on the lips, the colour apply a very subtle sheer tint, so in fact I prefer the darker shades as they show more colour, with my favourite being the Pink Chock, closely followed by Berry Bomb, colours that I’d probably otherwise not wear had they been in the form of lipglosses or lipsticks!


L-R: Oh! Orange, Pink Chock, Berry Bomb

And while the moisture remains on the lips, the colour does wear off after a little while, and generally doesn’t survive through eating or drinking.

The Baby lips are all flavoured and scented, but all very subtle, so you can love them!

L-R: Oh! Orange, Pink Chock, Berry Bomb

Overall these new Baby Lips are a fantastic addition to the existing ones, and with the subtle tint, they are absolutely perfect for casual days out! I have already popped one into my handbag, and can definitely see these becoming favourites over summer and hence that I will repurchase again and again, and at under $4 each, you can afford to. Well done Maybelline!

What do you think of these new Baby Lips Electro Pop Lip Balms? Keen on trying? What shade do you prefer? Fan of Baby Lips?

*Product was kindly provided for consideration, and has reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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29 December 2014


If you are a regular reader of my blog, I am sure you may have noticed that something has been up at the Beauty & Lifestyle Hunter blog since my recent trip to Europe…. The daily postings have slipped from time to time over the last few months, actually rather frequently...

Our now 18 month old boy can be blamed for a lot – he simply takes a lot of my time during the day, and as he rarely takes a nap that is much longer than an hour, it leaves me with very little time to myself (and to much-needed housework!), and consequently also to blog! I do try to get ahead over the weekends and prepare a few extra posts, take photos etc., but you can only do so much when you also have other commitments and when you also want to spend some quality time with your family!

But my little boy is not to blame for everything – there is another reason – I have not been feeling that well for the past two months – quite frankly, I’ve been feeling pretty average - you see, I’m pregnant – yep, that is right, just over 18 weeks now! And this time around, I have been really hit hard with the morning sickness that has struck at all times of the day – which has made it hard to also look after a toddler – and has left me so drained that I have simply slept during the day when he has been down for his nap = absolutely no personal time to blog!

You may recall that my story about how we were struggling to fall pregnant the first time and had to go through rounds and rounds of IVF and miscarriage too (If not, you can read all about it here) – so we were happy having just one happy healthy boy, but had made the arrangement to start IVF again once I returned from my Europe trip, and just give it a few goes and see what happened.

And then, I found out that I was pregnant, au natural! Needless to say that we are both extremely happy. It is an absolute miracle that we never thought would be possible. And what a relief not having to go through countless hormones injections, hospital visits, days of stressing, feeling average from the medication, and of course not having to fork out the almost $4000 for each IVF round after your Medicare rebates! (just imagine all the lipsticks and shoes you could buy for that money!)

I actually realised that I was pregnant while I was in Europe when I was starting to feel a little unwell, but didn’t get tested until I got back to Melbourne, and then found out that I was in fact 7 weeks pregnant – so I had already been 3 weeks pregnant when I flew over to Europe, I just never knew, although I was suspecting it for the last two weeks in Europe!
Luckily the morning sickness is has more or less gone now, and I have not been sick for over two week now, wooohooo, so fingers crossed that will be it, and I can start to gain some much needed energy again.

So what does this mean for the Beauty & Lifestyle Hunter blog…. Well it will continue on, but at some stage, daily posting may be reduced to posting just a few times a week depending on how things are going. I thoroughly enjoy my little space on the web, and love all the positive feedback, and just as importantly all the friends including both fellow bloggers, readers, brands and PRs, that I’ve made through the past 2+ years of blogging, and I would hate to give that up.

However, I will start to make some slight changes, and bring in some more baby and parenting contents, including pregnancy and baby products, baby clothing and toys, and you never know, maybe even a picture or two or a growing bump.. here's one when I was about 16 weeks pregnant, and already showing a fair bit (and a lot more than I did with my little boy at that stage), although this picture and the top I am wearing does make me look even bigger than I really was at the time.

We plan to find out at my 20 week scan in the middle of January if we are having another boy or if it is a girl – but I may just keep that to myself until baby arrives in the end of May 2015….

But still I’d love to hear your thoughts – do you think I’m having a boy or a girl? Do you believe in the old wives tale that extreme morning sickness means it is a girl? Let me know in the comments below, I'd love to hear...

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28 December 2014


I have known about the brand Avon for quite some time, but never actually tried any of their products until recently. And I certainly have never tried any of their fragrances, so when their newest launch, Avon Femme Eau de Parfum* unexpectedly arrived at my doorstep, it naturally made my day. Here are my thoughts;

What They Say:

Introducing Avon Femme, the alluring new fragrance that captures the very essence of glamour. As cameras flash and stars sparkle, captivate from day to night with this passionately rendered fragrance that releases your inner elegance and lets you shine like a star. Opens with the freshness of pink grapefruit and pear set against the sexy tones of jasmine petals. At the heart of the fragrance sits a delicate bouquet of pink petals, dew-kissed magnolia, gardenia blossom and water lily creating a glamorous and feminine scent. Delectable amber woods and peach mingle with silky musk notes to enhance the scent’s depth and feminine finish. Are you ready for your close up?

RRP: $59.99 (50ml) - Available from Avon

What I Say:

This fragrance promises to make you ‘feel like a star every day’ with its fruity floral scent.

The fragrance has the following notes; 

  • Top notes: pink grapefruit, violet and plum
  • Heart: jasmine, wild orchid and magnolia
  • Base: amber, peach skin, musk and woody notes

I generally prefer light and fresh scents, especially in spring and summer, so this Femme Eau de Parfum from Avon does hit the right notes, especially with its pink grapefruit that gives it a nice fruity freshness, along with the floral jasmine and magnolia. It does also contain amber and woody notes according to the description, but luckily they are very faint, as neither is amongst my preferred scents. As the scent dries down, it does also have a warm peachy and slightly powdery scent.

The scent, as most Eau de Perfums, lasts fairly well, and I after spraying it on in the morning, I can still detect it in the end of the day, although it is very faint, so if you do need go out, I do feel that an extra spray or two is required by the mid-afternoon.

The Femme Eau de Toilette comes in a diamond shaped bottle with a share ‘diamond cut’ lid, which is simply and stunning and clearly showing the pale pink liquid. It comes presented in a stylish black box with silver dots and stars scattered all over the box, and while it looks love, it does somewhat remind me of Xmas!

All in all it is a lovely scent from Avon, which is perfect for a casual outing or every day wear during spring or summer.

*Product was kindly provided for consideration, and has reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Ever tried any of the fragrances from Avon? Or any products from Avon for that matter? Any recommendations?

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27 December 2014


Last week I was so lucky to be invited to the GAP Xmas Workshop Gingerbread & Christmas Ornament Decorating at Chadstone Shopping Centre along with my little 18 month old boy. When I first got the invite, I thought that he would be way too little to be able to participate, but as I quickly discovered, I was very wrong!

The event arranged by GAP at Chadstone Shopping Centre, and the kids can decorate their very own gingerbread people with yummy and colourful treats, sweets and sprinkles.

It took a little while before my little boy got the gist of what to do, but after watching Mummy and the other kids showing him what to do, he was very quickly covered in icing and with smarties and other lollies spread around him, as he was trying to stick on as many as he possibly could.

Afterwards it was time to move to the other table to decorate Christmas ornaments. My little boy did need a little more help here (by probably also because Mummy didn’t want him covered from head to toe in paint), so I did the initial painting of the ornament, while he hereafter decorated it with lots and lots of glitter. In fact, he thought it was so fun shaking the little glitter shakers that the whole table and he was completely covered in glitter afterwards!

Afterwards we went to get his photo taken with Santa at his workshop, but sadly he wasn’t fond of sitting on a strange Santa’s knee, so it was a little tricky getting even just the tiniest smile on his face.

That night when Daddy came home from work he was so proud showing him his creations with a massive smile on his face, and each time he sees his tree decoration on the Xmas tree, he points at it with pride and joy!

So all in all it was a fantastic event, and I am still amazed that it is a free event arranged by GAP. And even in spite of his young age he just had so much fun decorating the gingerbread people and the ornament – and luckily still at such a young age that he had no idea that the decorations were in fact sweets, so he didn’t eat a single one of them (but Mummy made sure to make up for that!!) – So if this event is returning next year, I will be sure to bring my little boy along again, although next year he will hardly be leaving the sweets alone.

*Some images kindly taken and supplied by GAP.

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26 December 2014


My Lust Have It for December arrived on the 24rd of December, so just in perfect timing for Christmas. Fingers crossed that everyone else got theirs in time too! And again, I am very pleased to see that Lust Have it Have managed to stay on top of previous delays, and getting boxes out in time, even in spite of Christmas. Here’s my thoughts on this month’s box;

What They Say:
Lust Have It boxes regularly contains products worth $60+ for only $19.95/month! Monthly box filled with 5 to 6 premium beauty samples. Delivered to your home or work each month for you to try.

RRP: Lust Have It Box (monthly) RRP: $19.95, Eco Box (quarterly) RRP: $29.95 – but if you use my unique code LIFESTYLE at the checkout on the Lush Have It website, you are eligible for $5 off your first box from Lust Have It, and at the same time you’ll also be supporting Beauty & Lifestyle Hunter, as I will get a few dollars too if someone subscribes using this code. Available from
Lust Have It

What I Say:
As per previous months, this month the goodies again arrived in a see-through mesh bag, only this month it is red, presumably because of Xmas. These are the products in bag this month;

Inika Pure Primer - 30ml Deluxe Sample (RRP: $60/50ml)

I have only tried a few products from Inika, but those I have, have been amazing, so I can’t wait to try this primer. I love that it is made from 81% certified organic ingredients. It helps provide the perfect canvas for foundation and helps improve the staying power of makeup. So with the warmer weather and the festivities of the silly season too, it is perfect timing. I love that it is such a generous sample too!

The Cosmetic Kitchen Raw Chocolate Bath Salts – Full Size (RRP: $18.50)

I don’t have a bath, so unfortunately I cannot make use of these bath salts, no matter how delicious they sound. They contain raw cocoa that is said to block free radicals and help detoxify and heal the skin.

Lonvitalite C1 Facial Mask – Full Size (RRP: $9.95)

As most others, I really like the Lonvitalite masks, and how they make my skin feel after use. The C1 mask claims to help with whitening, pigment toning and moisturising the skin, all while helping to keep the skin hydrated and soft. I hope I can find some ‘me-time’ during the holidays to close the door and relax with a mask!

Designer Brands Extend A Brow – Full Size (RRP: $12.99)

This is one of those products that contain little fibres that you brush onto your brows to create a fuller and thicker brow and hence a more defined look. I have tried this type of products on my lashes, and didn’t particularly like it as I felt I got flakes in my eyes, which irritated them, but in saying that, it may be completely different when used on the brows. I hope so, as my brows are the victims of serious over-plucking decades ago, and have never really fully grown out, and I would them slightly thicker.

The Cosmetic Kitchen Raw Chocolate Clay Mask - Full Size (RRP: $24.95/50g)

This is a very interesting mask. It only contains Pink Australian Clay and Raw Cocoa Powder, and you need to mix it with mashed avocado and olive or jojoba oil, or alternatively you can just use water, mixing it into a paste and leaving on the skin for 2-5 minutes for a radiant glow. I always have avocados in the house, so I may just have to try this one out sooner rather than later, as I really love that it is so natural. But as you only need to use about a teaspoon-full of the powder for one application, there is sufficient powder in the bag for heaps of applications, so I would have liked to see it in a re-sealable bag, or even better in a small jar.

So there you to, the contents of the December Lust Have It Box. Overall I am very impressed, also because it actually contains 4 full sized products, and the last one is so large, that it is literally like a full-sized one too. I also like that it contains skincare products to help get your skin ready for the festive season – or maybe help it recover afterwards, LOL. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make use of the bath salts, but I do look forward to trying the other products, especially the Inkia Primer, which is what I am most excited about, although I also like the inclusion of the Lonvitalite Mask and the Cosmetic Kitchen Clay Mask, and I am also very curious to see how the Designer Brands Extend a Brow performs. In terms of value, the products have a combined value of over $100, which is pretty impressive considering the box only costs $19.95 (or just $14.95 if you subscribe using my unique code LIFESTYLE at the checkout on the Lush Have It website). Well done Lust Have It, I can’t wait to see what you’ve got planned for the first box of 2015!!

What do you think of this month’s Lust Have It Box? Are you subscribing, or considering subscribing? Any products you are particularly keen on? And as always, if you’d like to see full reviews of any of the products, do let me know..

*Product was kindly provided for consideration, and has reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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Today I’d like to share with you a new review on behalf of Beauty Directory, Chi Chi Super BB Cream;


What They Say:

Chi Chi's Super Moisturising, Multi Benefit, Anti Ageing BB Cream contains more than 14 Essential Skin Conditioning Agents which guarantee that your skin will look radiant with a natural, healthy looking glow. Formulated with the powerful active ingredient Collguard (anti wrinkle Collagen) and Caviar Extract (highly antioxidant, super moisturising and soothing) your skin will be enriched with a wealth of vitamins and minerals to reduce the signs of ageing as well as Botanical Actives and Hyaluronic Acid microspheres for plumping and optimal looking skin. This two in one "make-up meets skincare" tinted cream formula with SPF 30 may be worn as a "light foundation with benefits" or as a primer to help conceal blemishes, uneven colouring, fine lines, scarring and other imperfections. It will let your skin breathe whilst radiating a healthy lustre. The coverage is build-able and will not cake on the skin.

RRP: $22.95 (50g) – Available from Priceline and Chi Chi Cosmetics Online

What I Say:
I have to be completely honest and admit that while I by now have tried a fair few different BB Creams, it has only been a very few of them that I have really really liked. I have combination skin, prone to breakouts, and increasing pigmentation and scarring from past acne, and generally I find that BB Creams – even those intended for combination-oily skin types, simply won’t stay put on my skin past lunch time, and also basically don’t offer sufficient coverage for my liking!

So I was naturally very interested in seeing how the Chi Chi Super BB Cream performed. Firstly because this is actually the very first Chi Chi makeup product that I have ever tried, and secondly because it claims to be a ‘super cream’. According to the claims, is not just make-up, it is also skincare with anti-ageing benefits.

And being at the age where anti-ageing products is what I reach for, I do like that it cares for the skin while I wear it, although after wearing if for several days, I was yet to notice any difference in the condition of my skin. I also love that it contains SPF30 to protect my skin for the sun’s harmful rays.

So what did I think of the Chi Chi Super BB Cream? For a start, it does give the skin a better coverage than most other BB Creams that I’ve tried, but again, I certainly don’t mind that, and I like too that you can build up the coverage slightly too with an additional layer if required. In saying that, while it does even out the skin tone and cover minor marks, blemishes and pigmentation, it doesn’t cover larger marks or clusters of pigmentation, but then again, I don’t really think any BB cream would! And again, I still feel that I need to use a concealer to hide those bags under the eyes, blemishes etc. But overall it does give my skin a more even skin tone, with a beautiful, dewy look and a nice glow.

It is easy to apply evenly to the skin, both with the fingers and with a foundation brush, and thanks to the pump tube it is easy to dispense just the amount you need.

The actual cream is quite light, and feels quite moisturising on the skin, and consequently, it also gives the skin a nice sheen – which sadly does turn into an oily look after just a few hours. However, I found that using a primer first, and setting it with a powder afterwards, I could prolong the wear till the early afternoon, but then a new powdering is definitely needed. And that is on a comfortable day in Melbourne, so I’d hate to think how it would perform on one of those very hot and humid days!

The Super BB cream has a lovely floral scent that I actually quite like, although it is quite strong, so possibly a little too much for some.

The Chi Chi Super BB comes in a stylish black pump tube, and is very well priced at just $22.95, also seeing it is a rather large tube with 50ml, compared to the usual size of foundations/BB creams which is usually around the 30ml.

Overall I am impressed by this BB Cream from Chi Chi. I have always thought of Chi Chi as a budget brand, with the quality of their products to suit, but I am happy to admit that I was wrong. Very wrong. This BB Cream is of a very high quality, in fact it is up there with others I have tried at twice the money. I like that I gives my skin better coverage than most other BB Creams, and it gives my skin a nice even skin tone with a healthy glow. It is super moisturising on the skin, which unfortunately is not ideal for my skin, especially not during summer when it always get even oilier, so I did find that it didn’t say put on my skin as long as it really should – but I can only imagine that it will be absolutely perfect come the cooler months – or of course if you have a normal or dry skin type. It definitely won’t be my last Chi Chi product!

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25 December 2014


As you may be aware, the Beauty and Lifestyle Hunter is an official Beautydirectory Expert Panelist. The Beautydirectory the only online resource for the Australian and New Zealand beauty industry, including brands, PRs and media including beauty bloggers like myself, and this esteemed Expert Panel, comprises just fifteen best of the best bloggers/vloggers in Australia - and the Beauty and Lifestyle Hunter is one of those! I am still pinching my arm to make sure I’m not dreaming!

Anyway, today I’d like to share with you a new review on behalf of Beauty Directory, The Skin Republic Brightening Vitamin C Face Mask Sheet;


What They Say:
Skin Republic Brightening Vitamin C Face Mask Sheet is a face mask formulated to even out skin tone and reduce the appearance of freckles, age spots and imperfections. It contains brightening, hydrating and radiance-enhancing ingredients, including vitamins C and E, bearberry, mulberry and liquorice. It is also formulated with allantoin to smooth and promote cell replication; rosa centifolia to tighten skin and pores; green tea extract to rejuvenate; coffee bean extract to tighten and reduce the appearance of wrinkles; and cocoa extract to fight free radicals.

RRP: $7.99 - Available from Skin Republic Online

What I Say:
I love cloth masks, but have to be quite honest and admit that I rarely use them, so in fact I have a few up my sleeve waiting to be used. The reason I find I often don’t use them, is mainly due to time, as I find that the pure nature of the cloth mask means that you do have to lie down and relax to avoid the cloth mask slipping off your face – and quite pampering time is not exactly what you have most of when you have a 18 month old toddler running around in the house!

Anyway, onto the Skin Republic Brightening Vitamin C Face Mask Sheet that comes in a plastic pouch that seals in the serum. The mask contains among others Vitamin C to help slow down free-radical damage, Vitamin E to reduce sun damage, reduce skin inflammation, increase firmness, and improve the tone and texture of the skin. It also contains mulberry, liquorice, allatoin, green tea and coffee bean extract, all of which helps bright the skin, increase water contents in the skin and support cells, promote cell replication and healing of wounds and scars, and tightening the skin. 

The instructions say to cleanse and tone your skin first, and then applying the mask leaving it on for 15-20 minutes while resting. Any excess serum left in the pouch can with benefit be applied to the neck, décolleté and hands.

The mask is a little tricky to put onto the face, as it is a little larger than it really needs to be, so until you’ve got it in place, it does seem to slide around a bit. And as it is soaking with the serum, you also have to be careful not to get this into your eyes. Once you got it on, you can just sit back, or ideally lie back and relax until it is time to remove it. And no rinsing necessary. So from that point of view, once you have actually mastered putting it on, it is a lot easier than a messy mud mask. But with the cloth mask you do look a little like an Egyptian mummy wearing it!


The actual mask has a lovely fresh fruity yet floral scent that you can only love. And as soon as you’ve folded out the mask and applied it to the face, you can feel the lovely coolness of the serum working its magic on the skin.

Once you remove the mask after the 15 to 20 minutes all the serum has completely absorbed into the skin, and you are left with skin that is not only ever so soft and deeply moisturised but also glowing with health. As for its brightening claims, I have to say that I am not sure that I have noticed any major difference to the evenness of my skintone, but maybe with regular use you would notice a difference. However, it is definitely livening up my skin and making it look more luminous and radiant for hours after I’ve used it.

All in all it is a great mask and I do love how it makes my skin feel so soft and smooth and glowing afterwards, I only wish I could find the time to relax a little more often so I could actually use them more often! 

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24 December 2014


Wishing you all a wonderful Xmas full of love and laughter, and all the best wishes for a very happy, healthy and safe New Year too. I hope that the Jolly man in the red suit is kind to you and your families.. 
Karina xx


23 December 2014


Just over a week ago I was lucky to be invited to see the inaugural Xmas Pantomime at the Chadstone Shopping Centre along with my little 18 month old boy.


The Chadstone Pantomime is an annual tradition, and this year it is about a young boy called Charlie and his teddy bear Chad as they discover magic and music on the night before Christmas.

You are introduced to the Christmas fairy, and you can sing along to all the familiar Xmas songs along with a candy cane ladies, reindeer's and toy soldiers.

The Pantomime is played out below the interactive Christmas, and is suitable for the whole family, but in particularly children aged three to twelve, although my little 18 month old boy was also thoroughly enjoying the charming tale, constantly staring at the action at the stage, and the bright and colourful costumes, while he was dancing to the tune of the cheerful music. He had so much fun that I will definitely make sure to go next year when he is just that little bit older and will understand what the whole story is about!

The Christmas tree is interactive as when the Pantomime is not on, children can use their own energy by using the special floor pads to dance the tree to life and turn on the red lights of the Christmas Tree.

After the show, which runs for around 20minutes (which is perfect for little ones), you get the opportunity to meet and greet and get your photo taken with the performers. I got a photo taken of my little boy with the cute reindeers, but unfortunately by then, my little boy was so overtired (and hot from sitting in the sun!), that it unfortunately was impossible to get even the smallest of smiles on his face.

The Chadstone Xmas Pantomime is such a great event that is sure to bring you into the Xmas spirit. It is showing almost daily in the lead up to Xmas, on the square in front of David Jones at the Lower Level, and you can book your tickets

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20 December 2014


With Xmas fast approaching, I’ve got another few great gift suggestions for you, these ones from the Body Shop;

What They Say:

Schoolbook of Joy: Light up the life of someone special with this delightful Schoolbook of Joy. Proudly made by our Community Fair Trade supplier in Nepal, and full of some of the world’s finest ethically sourced ingredients, this gift has been hand-crafted in book-shaped packaging in honour of our Children in Education initiative with War Child.

RRP: $36.95 – Available from The Body Shop

Enchanting Eye Palette Dolly Pastels: Dazzle in delicate feminine shades inspired by the latest colour trends! This eye palette comes with a double-ended brush for easy application and the packaging has been designed with a special edition Nordic Christmas theme. Suitable for contact-lens wearers.

RRP: $36.95 – Available from The Body Shop

Geisha Doll Lip & Cheek Stain: This season, our iconic Lip & Cheek Stain comes in a new red shade and the cutest special edition packaging. This dual-purpose liquid stain gives a natural-looking, rosy glow to lips and cheeks.

RRP: $32.95 – Available from The Body Shop 

What I Say:

Let me start out with the School Book of Joy. This gift set is now only made by a Community Fair Trade supplier in Nepal, it is also packaged in honour of our Children in Education initiative with War Child. The gift set contains;

    • Vanilla Brûlée Body Butter, 50ml
    • Vanilla Brûlée Shower Gel, 60ml
    • Vanilla Brûlée Lip Balm, 20ml
    • Vanilla Brûlée Heart Soap, 25g

      And as the name suggest, every single product has the most gorgeous vanilla scent. I know The Body Shop’s Body Butters and Shower Gels are very popular, so these vanilla scented goodies will be a hit under any Xmas tree as well. The Shower Gel lathers up to the most beautiful scented foam, while the thick and creamy Body Butter deeply hydrates the body in an instant without leaving the skin feeling greasy. The hand soap is so cutely shaped like a little heart. I am personally not that fond of hard handsoaps, finding them a little messy, and hence preferring liquid hand soap, but it is also perfect to pop into your clothes drawer to make it smell lovely. Finally, the Lip balm comes in the cutest little tin, and is perfect for the handbag or your bedside table, keeping your lips soft all day and night long.

      The Enchanting Eye Palette Dolly Pastels is the cutest little slim line notebook-sized compact. It is black and comes with a adorable pink lace-style design on the cover.

      The compact contains four eyeshadows; three shimmering, an off-white, a beige, and a warm peachy-apricot, as well as a matte brown shade. The off-white shade is perfect for using as a highlighter, while the beige and the peachy-apricot shades are perfect for using on the lid, and finally the dark brown shade is perfectly suited to use to line and define the eye, and use on the corner of the eye for a smoky effect.

      The compact has a large mirror on the inside, as well as it comes with a double ended brush, with a sponge in one end and a brush in the other, so it’s perfect to pop into the handbag for applications on the go as well.
      However, the cutest of them all is no doubt the Geisha Doll Lip & Cheek Stain, as it comes in the cutest little bottle designed like an adorable Geisha girl.

      The lip and cheek stain is a warm red shade, but just a few drops on either your lips or cheeks, lives the most beautiful and natural flushed pink cheeks. The stain is very concentrated so you just need the tiniest amount, and you have to blend it out fast or you will end up with darker stains.

      Unfortunately it also stains your fingers a little, but luckily it does disappear once you’ve washed your hands a few times. The Geisha Doll is not the most convenient of packaging to cart around in your handbag, but it looks so gorgeous on your dresser.
      So there you go, some great Xmas gift ideas from The Body Shop.
      *Product was kindly provided for consideration, and has reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

      Have you tried any of the products from The Body Shop? Which ones are your favourites? Can you recommend any?
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      19 December 2014


      Today I’d like to share with you another amazing Xmas gift idea, this one from Jurlique, and it is so amazing that I personally would be so ecstatic finding it under the tree..


      What They Say:

      Hydra Control Body Essentials: Natural beauty starts with deep hydration. Leave your skin feeling soft, supple and perfectly protected with this deluxe package of hydration essentials.

      RRP: $69 (Valued at $94) – Available from Jurlique

      What I Say:

      This gift set includes three full sized products:

      • Hydra Control Perfect Polish Body Scrub, 150ml
      • Hydra Control Moisture Revive Shower Gel, 250ml
      • Hydra Control Ultra-Rich Body Lotion, 250ml

      So with a body scrub, a shower gel and a body lotion, it really does live up to the claim of body essentials!

      When I received the Hydra Control Body Essentials Xmas Gift pack I was instantly impressed. It came in a gorgeous large box that looks like it is made from timber, and I actually had to study it up close to realised that it in fact was a printed cardboard box. It is just stunning. The Box has a Jurlique Xmas themed design on the lid. Inside the three full-sized products sit nicely and protected by red tissue paper.

      The Jurlique Hydra Control Perfect Polish Body Scrub comes in an easy to use tube, and it has is made from pumice, apricot seed powder, olive seed powder and passion flower seed powder, all in a gel consistency. The scrub is very gentle, so you can use it frequently without feeling you’ve scrubbed your body red raw with a too abrasive scrub, but personally I would have liked it to be a bit grittier. And once rinsed off, and it does take a little while to get rid all the little scrubbing particles as they do not dissolve (and consequently also leave a little bit of a mess in your shower!), your skin is left wonderfully soft and without being dried out.

      The Jurlique Hydra Control Moisture Revive Shower Gel comes in a pump bottle with a squarish design, and as always, I love that it is a pump dispenser as it is so easy to use. The shower gel claims to be a rich foaming body cleanser, and that it truly is – it easy lathers up into the softest foam (and even more so if you use a sponge!), that gently cleanses your skin. It contains among others extracts from honeysuckle, daisy and rose.

      Finally, the Jurlique Hydra Control Ultra Rich Body Lotion also comes in the same style squarish pump bottle like the shower gel, which again I really love. And as the name suggests, the body lotion is extremely rich yet it absorbs quite quickly into the skin, leaving it silky soft and smooth, and without any greasiness or residue at all – which is rather surprising considering its rich consistency. Consequently it is also rather concentrated so you only need to use a little. And it seriously keeps your body nourished and hydrated all day long, with no need to reapply.

      All the products have the same floral scent that comes from the included botanical ingredients, and as it is such a natural scent, you can only love it!

      You can of course purchase the products individually, but buying this gift set not only saves you money, but you also get the beautiful box that you can reuse to store other little things such as jewellery.

      *Product was kindly provided for consideration, and has reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

      Ever tried any of the products from Jurlique? Do you have any recommendations?

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