1 November 2014


Over the years I’ve tried countless of haircare products and brands, and one that always stod out as one of the best was Kerastase. So when I was asked to trial some newly launched products I happily accepted. Here are my thoughts on the Kerastase Discipline Bain Fluidealiste Sulfate Free Shampoo* and the Discipline Maskertine*;

What They Say:

Kérastase Discipline Bain Fluidealiste Sulfate Free Shampoo has been designed for chemically treated and over-processed hair. The soft, creamy, pearlescent formula contains morpho-keratin™, which acts as a surface protector and conditions the hair fibre. The shampoo also helps to preserve the longevity of colour pigments and extends the shine for colour treated hair.

RRP: $42 (250ml) – Available from Select Hair Salons

Kerastase Discipline Maskertine is a deep conditioning hair mask helps restore moisture and rejuvenate damaged hair. The hair mask has been formulated with nourishing lipid agents, which helps to condition and soften the hair. The hair mask is best suited for very damaged and thicker hair types.

RRP: $60 (200ml) – Available from Select Hair Salons

What I Say:

This new Discipline range of products has been launched to mark the 50th anniversary of Kerastase Paris, with the products designed to tame even the most unruly hair while restoring and repairing, creating shiny, smooth, fluid hair.

Discipline helps to tame the hair fibres on two different levels: in-depth for a solid structure and on the surface for flawless finish.

Hair fibre is restored in three actions:

1. Fibre replenishment with amino acids naturally found in the hair; glutamic acid, serine and arginine

2. Fibre smoothing with a wheat protein derivative

3. Fibre strengthening with Ceredmide R 

Hair is then repaired with polymers for two benefits:

1. Hair surface regulation and smoothing, just like a top-coat

2. Anti-humidity action with a second skin water resistance

Sounds pretty high-tech to me, but sounds pretty darn good to me!

The Kerastase Discipline Bain Fluidealiste Sulfate Free Shampoo is made for sensitised and over processed hair, containing Morpho-KeratineT that acts as a surface protector preserving the intensity of the pigments and extends the shine of colour treated hair - and as I’ve just had my hair coloured, which I was so overdue for, timing couldn’t be better.

The shampoo itself is pearlescent, thick and creamy, and unlike most other sulfate free shampoos it actually lathers up quite easily. And just one wash is sufficient to make my hair feel clean, without making it squeak, which I don’t really like when that happens. And even before I use conditioner, I can feel that it is silky soft.

The shampoo is very concentrated and you only need to use a little, even in my long and thick hair, and even though I only wash my hair about every second day, one wash is also more than enough to make my hair feel clean.

The Kérastase Discipline Maskertine contains a high concentration of nourishing lipid agents, to offer in-depth damage repair. The packaging unfortunately doesn’t state how long the mask needs to be left in the hair for optimal results, so I have tried using it for just 4-5 minutes as well as about 15-20min.

And while it of course gives the hair a very intense treatment left in for longer, after just the 4-5mins I can really feel the goodness of the mask being absorbed into my dry hair. It is easy to rinse out, and you don’t feel you have a greasy residue left behind that you just cannot rinse out.

My hair is so easy to comb, and once left to dry naturally, it feels so silky soft and smooth that I cannot stop myself from running my hands through it. And it is not just soft, I also seem to have significantly less frizz and flyaways, and even the look of broken hairs sticking out throughout my long hair that was previously visible, not seems to be smoothed down as well. The ends no longer feels dry and damaged. And then there’s the shine. It simply looks so incredibly shiny and healthy.

And I can’t stop smelling it either, as luckily the beautiful floral scent remains in the hair for long after it has dried.

And even on the second day, which is when my hair is often looking the most fizzy, my hair is still looking shiny and clean, and with considerably less frizz than normal.

The shampoo comes in an oval shaped bottle and the mask in a tub, both in a pretty girly peachy-pink shade with rose-gold screw lids. On the shampoo, while I love the bottle, I would have preferred if it came with a flip lid as I generally find that easier to use in the shower when you’ve got wet hands. And as for the mask, while the tub is easy to use and you can use up every last bit in it, I always find that I get water into them, and hence they get diluted (maybe I should just learn to turn off the water as I apply the mask, hmmm), so I would generally prefer and find a tube much easier to use.

Unfortunately both products also contains silicone, but luckily I have so far not noticed it build up or weigh down my hair.

Kerastase make some big promises saying that the products will help discipline and give you more obedient hair, and I have to say that Kerastase really has nailed this one. I have never had particularly unruly hair, but my hair really easier to manage. It seem to have more bounce, without weighted down, and it has less frizz so I feel I need to use less styling products, and it simply just looks and feels healthier. Highly recommended!

*Product was kindly provided for consideration, and has reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

What do you think of this new range from Kerastase? Does your hair need to be disciplined?
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  1. I'm totally not satisfied with the hair care products that I'm using at the moment, so I'm looking for something new, something that would give my hair that oompf! Thanks for this review, sounds quite perfect :)!



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