28 February 2017


Years of worshipping the sun, sadly means that now one of my main skin concerns is pigmentation and sunspots. So when the Medik8 White Balance Cleanse and White Balance Click Intense Brightening Serum landed on my desk, I was naturally excited.

The Medik8 White Balance Click fight pigmentation, including, dark spots, age spots, freckles, blotchiness, sun damage, uneven skin tone and melasma, all while improving the appearance of overall skin tone. The key ingredient in the serum is kojic acid, which is an unstable ingredient, and hence it pas been packaged in the 'click' system to keep it in a powder form until it is ready to be used, by storing it in a special chamber inside the product lid. When you're ready to use the product, you simply click to release the powder and activate it by shaking the bottle, and then tit stays stable for the following 30days.

In addition, it also contains among others, niacinamide, sepiwhite, L-lactic acid, linoleic acid, L-Leucine, N-Acetyl Glucosamine, all of which helps to whiten and brighten the skin tone, inhibit the melanin formation, boost exfoliation and cell turnover, all while moisturising the skin.

The serum is to be used morning and evening, using 6+ drops on cleansed skin, applying your usual moisturiser on top. Yes, the two 10ml bottles seem tiny, but I was actually struggling using up one 10ml bottle within the 30days the ingredients remained active, which goes to show how concentrated the stuff is.

I found the serum to be very gentle, and non-irritating on my skin, and also working perfectly under makeup, without balling up. As I used the White Balance Click in combination with the cleanser, for an improved effect, I'll get to the results later…

Let's first get onto the Medik8 White Balance Cleanse Brightening Micro-Exfoliator. I'm sure you've heard of, or possibly even tried the much hyped about Dermalogica Microfolicant, well this exfoliating cleanser comes in the same form - a powder that you mix with a few drops of warm water to create a creamy texture which you can then massage onto your face.

The cleanser contains among others Oxy-R (Oxyresveratrol), to help brighten the skin and inhibit melanin production, as well as bamboo extract and volcanic perlite, which are micro-fine particles to help remove dead skin cells and stimulate cell renewal, along with Gluconolactone, a PHA that exfoliates and breaks down stubborn melanin deposits. Finally, it also contains N-Acetylglucosamine to help with wound healing and treat UV damaged, hyperpigmented skin.

This cleanser is so gentle that you can use it daily, even if you've got sensitive skin, and I really love this dual action cleanser that both cleanses my skin and gives it a gentle exfoliation at the same time. According to Medik8, you can use it to remove makeup too, but personally, I prefer to use it in the morning, or alternatively after removing my makeup.

And after each use, I can clearly both see and feel that it leaves my skin so much softer and smoother, and clearly cleansed deep down every single pore, getting rid of all impurities. And consequently I also feel that my skin is less greasy, and with my skin more refined, my makeup also goes on not only easier, but also stays put for longer.

Overall, I have really enjoyed using these products as I feel that my skin tone has significantly improved. My skin looks visibly brighter and more radiant and luminous, and while larger areas of darker pigmentation is still noticeable, these areas are definitely reduced in appearance. Red marks from past blemishes and acne have also reduced, and as a bonus, I also feel that the these products have helped reduced the amount of breakouts that I get thanks to the gentle exfoliation of my skin. So I can definitely see myself giving my skin treatment with the serum from time to time, while the cleanser has quickly become a favourite part of my morning routine, and I'd now hate to be without it.

Medik8 White Balance Click Intense Brightening Serum - RPR: $98 / 2 x 10ml
Medik8 White Balance Cleanser Brightening Micro-Exfoliator - RRP: $69 / 75g

Available from Active Skin, Adore Beauty, Facial Co, RY, Medik8 Online and select other stockists.

* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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27 February 2017


I love coming across new brands and even more so when they are Australian. And today, I've got two amazing ones to share with you, including the nail polish brand Sienna Byron Bay and Neek Skin Organics Australia, which are both available through the online store Biome.

But lets start with the Sienna Byron Bay Nail Polishes. I love the fact that these nail polishes are Australian owned, and made, and the fact that they are 7-Free - which means that hey are free from formaldehyde, tosylamide, DBP formaldehyde resin, synthetic camphor, xylene and toluene, and also do not contain any petrochemicals or synthetic ingredients ,so they are better for both you and the environment. Also worth mentioning is that the nail polishes are also vegan and cruelty free. The bottles are very unique in that they have a timber cap , which has been made from sustainably sourced timber.

I put two different shades to the test; 
  • Tempest - a Classic red shade
  • J'Adore - a dusty pinky-mauve shade with a shimmery gold sheen

The polishes apply nice and evenly, and require two coats for a nice opaque look. I did not have a Sienna top coat, so applied another one (without a doubt loaded with chemicals!!), and in spite of washing my hands frequently throughout the day, manage to get 4+ days wear, before the polish started to chip at the edges.

The nail polishes are a little pricier than most others, but personally I find it is worth spending a little extra to reduce the amount of chemicals you use, and in addition support an Australian company.

Then there's the Neek Skin Organics Australia Lipstick, which is from another Australian brand. The lipsticks are free from parabens, lead, sulphate, phthalate, mineral oil and synthetic fragrances, and contain nothing but natural ingredients including a Vitamin E and Vitamin B-rich Jojoba oil and Shea Butter, as well as sweet orange peel which has natural anti-inflammatory properties. The actual colours come from micas and pigments, and not from synthetic dyes.

The lipsticks come in bamboo timber tubes, which is not only stunning, but also perfectly in line with the company's philosophy and products.

I tried the lipstick in the shade Pash, which is a dusty pink-mauve shade with a hint of mauve - a great nude shade with a touch of subtle sheen. The wear of the lipstick could be a little longer, but I think that's to do with the pale shade, but in terms of comfort, it is so lovely to wear, feeling soft, smooth and so hydrating on the lips. Mid-priced, slightly above most drugstore brands, but again, I feel its justified seeing the products are natural, and Australian too. There are lots of other lipsticks in the range, and I'm definitely keen on getting a few darker shades too.

Sienna Nail Polish - RRP: $25 / 10ml
Neek Lipstick - RRP $28.95 / 4.5g

Available from Biome

* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

About Biome - a store that sells both online, and via their stores in Sydney and Brisbane, with a selection of products ranging from beauty products, toys, food and health products, and home products. Common for the product range is that all products are more earth-conscious, more natural eco products free from nasties, and all while caring for the world we live in, trying to minimise impact and waste.
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25 February 2017


I love when I come across new brands, so today I'm excited to share with you a new discovery, The Harvest Garden. The Harvest Garden is a family owned Australian Business that believes that you should be able to understand ingredients used in products and that what you put on your body is as important as what you put in it, so their products are made without using harmful ingredients or additives, including no synthetic fragrances or colours, no parabens, sulphates or palm oil.

I put a selection of products to the test, including the Herbal Facial Tea, which is described as a cup of tea for your face. The tea comes in a cute tin, and also comes with an adorable little timber spoon. And when you first open it, the most gorgeous scent awaits. The tea looks like a colourful floral potpourri, and it contains among others rose buds and rose petals, calendula flowers, peppermint leaves, lavender flowers, chamomile flowers, cornflower petals, aloe vera extract powder and sandalwood powder. All these ingredients have been put together, for their unique properties, such as being antibacterial to help fight acne and breakouts, soothe and calm irritated skin, speed up healing, reduce - scarring etc - and help give the skin a deep cleanse, deep down every single pore, removing dead skin cells and impurities, while detoxifying the skin. 

The Facial Tea is used by putting two spoon fulls of the mix into a glass bowl with near boiling water, and then placing a towel over your head and breathing in the steam for 5 minutes. This leaves all the pores open, and it is then ideal to follow with a facial mask, which can then really work its magic.

This is a really relaxing experience, and the gorgeous floral scent that evaporates when you pour the hot water over the tea, is just incredible. And while it is warm being under the towel with the steam, sweating it out is really great for the skin (just don’t do it just before going out, as it may leave your skin a tad blushed). I did feel that I got an increased amount of breakouts after the first few uses, but I think they were simply accelerated due to the heat and stem, as they also cleared up a lot faster than usual.


I then follow with one of the Facial Masks from The Harvest Garden I've also been putting to the test.
The Kaolin & Activated Charcoal Facial Masque is made with kaolin clay, activated coconut charcoal, licorice root extract and gotu kola extract, and has been designed to help rid the skin of toxins, drawing out impurities, while also purifying and tightening the pores, as well as it has antibacterial properties so it is great for oily and acne prone skin.

Alternatively I use the Zeolite & Pink Clay Facial Masque with pomegranate & passionflower, which contains Zeolite Clay, Australian Pink Clay, Pomegranate extract and Passionflower extract. It has been designed to help balance stressed and sensitive skin creating a youthful appearance, while also helping to refine the texture of the skin ,but it also draws out toxins and unclogs pores to combat breakouts and minimise scarring.

Unlike most other masks, these comes in powder form, and you need to mix them up yourself, with the liquid of your choice, such as diluted apple cider vinegar or honey, and then you simply apply the paste with the included brush and leave it to dry for 5-10 minutes before removing with warm water.

You only need to use one teaspoon-full mixed with around a teaspoon-full of liquid of your choice to make a paste sufficient for your whole face - so the bottle will last you forever - in fact, you'll get 16 uses in each bottle!

Once dry, you can rinse off the mask with lukewarm water, or use a face washer (just be cautious as they may stain, so be careful with your clothes, and use an old face washer).

Afterwards my skin is left soft and smooth, and clearly clean deep down every single pore, yet without feeling dried out of irritated. With my combination skin, both masks are great for my skin, but I do particularly love the Kaolin & Activated Charcoal Facial Mask, perhaps because my skin is particularly prone to breakouts at the moment, and it seems to draw them out a little better. That said, I do enjoy using both.

I love that they are made using nothing but natural ingredients, without chemicals or toxins, and the idea of making them up yourself is kind of novel, and I really like that too - though it can be a little tricky making sure you make up enough, and not too much, as well as there is a little mess associated with it. But again, knowing they're all natural, make it well worth it. I also love that they come with a dedicated brush to apply them with, with is a lovely touch. 

Overall I have really enjoyed putting these products from The Harvest Garden to the test, and really enjoyed all of them, though the standout without a doubt was the Facial Tea, - mostly because it is a new product I am not used to using, and I can clearly see and feel the benefit the steam facial has.

The Harvest Garden Herbal Facial Tea - RRP: $22.50 / 50g
The Harvest Garden Kaolin & Activated Charcoal Facial Masque - RRP: $30 / 70g
The Harvest Garden Zeolite & Pink Clay Facial Masque - RRP: $30 / 70g

Available from The Harvest Garden

* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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24 February 2017


Today I'm going to talk about a brand called La Mav Organic Skin Science. La Mav is an Australian owned and made brand, and all products are organic, with a high percentage of ingredients certified organic. The products are also toxic free and vegan, an free from petrochemicals, parabens, sulphates, synthetic fragrances and colours, phthalates, talc, PEGs, TEA, DEA, and silicones. Rather the products are made using 100% plant based, naturally derived ingredients loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids and herbal extracts to help repair, rejuvenate, and restore the skin.

Which all sounds pretty good to me. I put a couple of different La Mav Mineral Makeup products to the test..

The La Mav Organic BB Cream, is made using 73% are certified organic ingredients, and it only has a light coverage. I would personally have liked a slightly better coverage, but that said, it does even out the skin nicely, covering minor pigmentation and redness, while leaving a nice glow, thanks to the tiny shimmery particles.

I love that it has anti-ageing benefits, being infused with among others vitamin C, rosehip oil, aloe vera leaf juice, sweet almond oil, jojoba seed oil, and avocado oil, so it cares and nourishes my skin while I wear it. It comes in a convenient pump bottle, and It has a mattifying effect, which I also really like, as it is perfect for my combination skin, as it makes it stay put looking matte all day.

Next up is the La Mav Eye Shadow, which is a loose pigment shadow, which I tried in the shade Champagne, a pale nude shade, with just a touch of fine shimmer - the perfect shade to use as a base for any other shade. These eye shadows are made with 100%natural pure earth minerals, and really are very pigmented. I personally prefer pressed eye shadows, mainly because I often end up spilling some and making a huge mess, but I do like this one -it is easy to apply with a brush, and blends really easily, and also stays put all day without settling into fine lines. There are just four shades in the range, but all looking gorgeous, so I certainly wouldn't mind getting hold of a few extra shades.

Finally, there's the La Mav Tinted Lip Treatment, which is a lip treatment and lip gloss in one, as it has been made with CoEnzyme Q10, Argan Oil, Vitamin E and Sea Buckthorn Oil to help fight the visible signs of ageing. The treatment feels so soft and moisturising on the lips, all while giving a touch of colour. I really love the fact that it is a multi-tasking product that treats your lips at the same time. I tried the shade, Sheer Pink which is a very pale pastel pink shade - a shade I normally wouldn’t select - but it does give a lovely colour on the lips with a nice sheen. I personally like using it on top of a lipstick for extra moisture and shine.

Overall these products from La Mav are really lovely. The standout for me was without a doubt the BB Cream, which I really love as it is so great for my combination skin, keeping it looking matte all day. But that said, the other products are really lovely, so I can certainly see myself checking out the rest of their makeup range, which also includes powder foundations, bronzers and makeup brushes, as well as an extensive skincare range.

La Mav Organic BB Cream - RRP: $39.95 / 50ml
La Mav Eye Shadow - RRP: $22.95 / 1g
La Mav Tinted Lip Treatment - RRP: $24.95 /8ml

Available from La Mav

* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy


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23 February 2017


A little while ago, I got the opportunity to try the Eat Fit Food Clean + Lean program. With two little toddlers, there's no denying that days can be hectic, and even more so at dinner time, when things are often rushed - and consequently, it is easy to fall into the trap of cooking quick fix meals that gets dinner on the table in a hurry. That said, I always make sure that my kids are looked after and eat healthy and nutritious food, and the kids always come first, and sometimes finding the time and energy to do so for yourself, can be tricky. So when I was offered to try the Eat Fit Food program, I was naturally excited.

Eat Fit Food makes food, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, prepared by chefs using the finest quality ingredients from local farmers, and all meals are portion and calorie controlled with zero additives, no refined sugar.

The food is delivered to you in insulated cooler bags - though unfortunately, I live too far out in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, so they company was not able to offer delivery -and I guess, this is my only gribe. Yes, my suburb used to be an old STD code, but it is no longer, and is classified to be within the Melbourne, so really feel the company need to readdress this issue.

Anyway, the food comes in plastic containers, ready to be tipped onto a plate, heated in the microwave and then eaten.

And I have to say that I was very impressed. Everything looked incredible, and so healthy to.

The meal plans change all the plans, and when you sign up, you basically select the meals you want, so you can be sure that you'll only get food you want and like.

I got a of food already selected for me, and still I was absolutely loving it. Some of the things I had during the five days included;

  • Corn fritters with tomato jam and baby spinach (breakfast)
  • Baked eggs florentine with pinenuts and tomato jam
  • Cocoa pops with vanilla cashew milk

  • Chicken, pea, broccoli and white bean goodness bowl with shaved coconut
  • Spicy beef burrito with salsa, tomato, sour cream and tasty cheese
  • Portugese crusted salmon with ancient grains, cumin coya and Dutch carrots
  • Butter chicken with sweet potato, broccoli, brown rice and cucumber raita

  • Thai Prawn laksa with capsicum, snow peas, bean shoots and coriander
  • Quinoa and black bean salad with lime dressing
  • Smoked salmon and green pea quinoa pasta with parmesan and macadamia kale pesto
  • Tandoori Chicken with north Indian slaw and mango, mustard seed yoghurt

  • Fruit
  • Eat Fit Food Cleanse Bar
  • Trail Mix
  • Apple and banana bread with psyllium
  • Crackers with semi-dried tomato hummus
  • Beetroot, goats cheese and pine nut macaroon
  • Lemon, ginger and tahini protein balls

Common for all meals, were that the serves were decent, so every meal left you fully satisfied until the next meal. And everything was simply so fresh and healthy, with gorgeous flavours.

My biggest issue is that I snack a lot during the day, especially during my 'down-time' when my two little boys are taking their nap - but with the Eat Fit Food program, I was simply so full, and the allocated healthy snack was enough for me to not want more.

I didn't expect a huge change, and while I did not weigh myself before and after the program, - over the cause of the five days, I found that I generally felt better and wasn't as tired and drained, in short, I think, because I ate healthier - and consequently I also felt that I was less bloated.

The program really reinstated that eating healthier food has an amazing effect on your body and well-being, with benefits after just a few short days - and it has helped me re-think my eating habits.

The Eat Fit Food is not the cheapest programs, and yes, you can cook cheaper yourself, but if you're short of time, or simply want a kick start to a healthier lifestyle, then I highly recommend that you give Eat Fit Food a go. They are several programs available, including cleanse, so there's bound to be something that matches your requirements and health goals. There are also heaps of tips and suggestions on their website, as to how much water you should drink, how to snack etc, which is very useful.

For more information visit Eat Fit Food online

* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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22 February 2017


I used to be very active, exercising a long, constantly on the move. Then I had kids. And yes, I do still love, in fact, chase them around all day long, but wouldn't exactly call it exercise, something that I am keen to change. And that's where the Fitbit Alta comes in. You see, this fitness wristband is the perfect motivator…

This Fitbit Alta fitness wristband, is actually a watch, but with heaps more functions, including; 
  • Tracking of activities all day long
  • Tracking of sleep
  • Reminders to move
  • Call, text and calendar alerts
This means that the watch tracks your every move throughout the day, including steps, distance and calories burned, how many minutes you are active -and when you are not!
And it also gives you friendly reminders to move throughout the day, to encourage you to move and exercise more, as well as it also tracks your exercises for you, and send you frequent emails so you can keep track of your workouts, and use them to help improve.
When you’re on the go and haven't got your smart-phone nearby, it also gives you notifications at a glance, so you can keep moving without stopping to pick up your phone.
The watch can also help you get a better sleep by tracking how long and how well you sleep, so you can see your sleep trends, and help create a better routine. And you can even set an alarm in the Fitbit app and the watch will vibrate to wake you.
But it doesn't stop there, the Fitbit syncs wirelessly to your computer and phone, and you can also log your food, for a complete tracing of your health.
The watch itself is very slimline and comes with a rubber band that can easily be replaced and swapped for other colours, including black, turquoise or blue or even metal or leather ones for a most stylish look -and the actual face of the watch lights up by double tapping it, or turning it towards yourself. And you can also change the clock face, and pick from a variety of layouts from vertical or horizontal to see your workout stats just how you like them.
Needless to say that the Fitbit is sweat and rain resistant, so it will still go the distance at a sweaty gym session.
The whole idea of the Fitbit is that being healthy is not just about exercising, it is about all the time, 24/7 - your every move, activity and exercise, including what you weigh, how you eat, and how you sleep - and this all helps determine your overall health, and when you reach your goals.
And the progress reports you can see online, on the phone and via graphs on the app, along the way, are designed to help you stay motivated. The Fitbit even rewards you badges along the way as you reach your goals to help encourage you to reach your daily or hourly goals even faster.
And you can even compete with friends by sharing stats and send direct message and compete in Fitbit challenges via the leaderboard on the app.
I am seriously really loving this Fitbit. Even on the days I feel I am not moving a lot, I am surprised at how much I actually am throughout the day, so in that way, it is helping me feel a lot better about myself - but still, I know it is far from enough, and the reminder to make me move, is really handy, and certainly very encouraging too. And overall, the Fitbit really is motivating me to be more active, and continue to beat my own goals, keeping me accountable of my every move. And all while looking super sleek and stylish on my arm too, regardless of if I'm in exercise clothes or 'normal' clothes!
Fitbit Alta - RRP: $199 
Fitbit Alta Replacement Band - RRP: $49 
Available from JB Hifi, Myer, Officeworks and Harvey Norman
* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.
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20 February 2017


Rimmel London has done it again!! Just over ago, Rimmel launched the Only 1 Lipstick (you can see my post here), with the claim that these lipsticks were the only lipsticks you needed in your life, offering everything you needed including high impact colour, moisture, comfort and wear - and to this day, I still love these lipsticks. Since then, the trend of having matte lips has settled in - and now Rimmel has followed troop and launched the Only 1 Matte Lipsticks.

These lipsticks come in similar packaging as the original lipsticks, only these are not shiny black, but rather matte red, and still with the little band signifying the shade of the individual lipstick. However, while I love the packaging, I would have preferred if the top wasn't slanted, as it makes it tricky to store them standing up so you can see the coloured dot in the bottom, so while the shape of the packaging looks stylish, I would personally have preferred if the top had been flat too.

The lipsticks are very comfortable to wear, and as promised, they do not feel drying on the lips, and do not settle into fine lines either as you wear them, but they actually feel very moisturising, which is very rare for a matte lipstick. They also have a great wear, longest for the darkest and boldest shades, where I managed to get 4+ hours before I felt that I needed to reapply, and like most other lipsticks, they don't like it if you eat or drink.  

They are also very pigmented, and again even more so for the darker bolder shades, and generally, just one swipe is sufficient for a full colour-payoff, leaving the lips with a velvety matte finish. They have a gorgeous fruity scent, which I really like, but if you're sensitive to strong scents, you may find it a tad much.

Top, L-R: 200, 610, 110, 120, 500, 810
Bottom, L-R: 700, 750, 800

There are nine shades in the range, which includes; 
  • 200 Salute - a pale dusty pink nude shade. I really wanted to love this shade, but unfortunately find it doesn’t match my skintone, and make me look too 'washed out' 
  • 610 High Flyer - a dusty, pinky mauve shades, that is just gorgeous. Pale enough to look casual, but dark enough to add colour. The perfect everyday shade.
  • 110 Leader of The Pink - lighter, slightly "Barbie-ish' pink shade - beautiful on most, but personally I prefer more red shades.
  • 120 Call the Shots - a bright pinky-red shade, that is just stunning, and perfect to brighten up the face. I love it.
  • 500 Take the Stage - a classic blue-toned red shade, that looks just stunning. I think this is my favourite of the bunch.
  • 810 The Matte Factor - a deep berry toned pink, that again looks stunning, and is very wearable.
  • 700 Trendsetter - a pale peachy brown nude shade - which again, unfortunately I find it too pale for my skin.
  • 750 Look Who’s Talking - a dark slightly brownish red wine shade, that is absolutely stunning. I love this shade, another favourite.
  • 800 Run the Show - a bright medium purple shade. This is a fun shade if you're after something a little different, but I'm a little too conservative for this one, sadly. 
Overall, I am really impressed with these shades, and from the 9 different shades, I naturally have a few favourites which is only natural - but generally I also find the colour range very broad, so there is something for everyone, whether you're after a pale nude, or a bold dark red, or a slightly out-there purple shade.
I admit to not usually being a fan of matte lipsticks, simply because they often don't feel comfortable to wear, but Rimmel has really hit the nail with this formula as they are so comfortable to wear, while giving you that nice velvety matte finish. Definitely worth checking out.
Rimmel London The Only 1 Matte Lipstick - RRP: $15.95 
Available from Priceline, variety stores, and select pharmacies
* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.


16 February 2017


Today I am going to talk about a brand that is completely new to me, Pur Minerals, putting the Best Sellers Kit to the test. The products from Pur Minerals are eco friendly, with the brand committed to using natural and responsibly sourced ingredients full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals - all put together so they not only look great on your skin, but also nourish and help treat any skin concerns at the same time.

If you're new to a brand, trial kits with sample sized products are always fantastic, as it allows you to try several products without the expense of getting full sized products. The Pur Minerals Best Sellers Kit 5-piece beauty-to-go Collections contains five of the brand's most popular products for you to try, and even a little how-to guide in case you need it. The kit includes;  
  • Correcting Primer Prep & Perfect - 10ml
  • 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup - 4.3g
  • Mineral Glow Bronzer - 3.4g
  • Chisel Brush
  • Big Look Mascara with Argan Oil - 5g
The Correcting Primer contains ingredients such as shea butter and vitamin B3, as well as salicylic acid, which is perfect for my breakout prone combination skin, as it helps to unclog the pores - a refreshing change from primers which I often find clog my pores up! But using this primer means that it helps keep the skin free from imperfections, while also improving its elasticity and evening out the skin tone by lightening dark spots. The light primer is easy to apply, and really leaves the skin soft and smooth and hydrated too, and makes it so easy to apply your foundation, which also stays looking fresh for longer with the use of this primer. I am so in love with it, that I have to get my hands on a full sized tube.
The second step is the 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup, which is a foundation, powder, concealer and sun protector all-in-one. And to be perfectly honest, I admit that I am not usually a fan of powdered foundations, mainly as I often feel that I cannot get the coverage I need, and when I try to build it up, it turns dry and cakey. But this one has me convinced otherwise.
The powder foundation is applied with the included Chisel brush, by circular motions, and layering as needed. I tried the shade Golden Medium, which is a good match for my medium beige, slightly summer-tanned skin tone. The foundation is very light, and gives a nice medium coverage, but you can easily build it up slightly too so it also covers most pigmentation and redness, while still looking natural.
The Chisel Brush is so soft and gorgeous, and designed to apply the pressed foundation as the top is a flat-headed brush that makes it blending it into the skin seamless.
The third step is the Mineral Glow, which is a mineral bronzer that adds glow and radiance to the skin. The shade is a nice medium shade and it has a lovely golden glow, without being too shiny or glittery, but rather just a touch of shimmer that adds such a gorgeous healthy and luminous sun-kissed glow. For once a bronzer that doesn’t make your skin look orange, but rather gives it such a natural glow. It can also be applied using the Chisel Brush.
The final step is the Big Look Mascara, which is actually a full sized product, making this kit great value. The mascara comes in a gorgeous pink packaging, reminiscent of a lip gloss, and I must admit that I thought it was at first sight!
The mascara has spiky plastic bristles that easily grabs every single lash, even the tiny ones in the corners of the eye, and gives them both length, thickness and curl, and separates them nicely too - and from the very first use. Not one of those mascaras that is absolutely hopeless for the first dozen uses clogging your lashes together. But rather it gives your lashes a lovely fanned look. I also like that you can build it up for quite dramatic lashes, and the fact that the mascara has been infused with argan oil so that it protects the lashes and hydrates them at the same time. No wonder this mascara is a best seller!
Overall I have really enjoyed putting these products from Pur Minerals to the test. They are lovely to use, make the skin look great. I particularly loved the Primer which is so perfect for my combination skin, the bronzer which gives my skin such a radiant glow, and then the mascara, which was just great from the word go. I also loved using the Chisel Brush, and know I'll be using it over and over. That actually only leaves the Foundation - and while I did enjoy using it, and find the little compact great when you're on the go, I'm still more partial to liquid foundations, and wouldn't mind putting a few from their range to the test.
Pur Minerals Best Sellers Kit 5-piece beauty-to-go Collection - RRP: $59 
Available from Myer
* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.


15 February 2017


Last year we moved into our new house. And I cannot begin to say how much I love our new house, that we had designed and built, just the way we want it. I love our monochrome colour scheme with the slightly raw industrial feel with the polished concrete floors.


Apart from, you guess it, beauty products, one of my other passions are home wares, and I am always on the hunt for stylish and simple things that will look great in my home. Not just today and tomorrow, but long-term. So I always look for cleverly designed classic things that I won't get tired of looking at in a hurry.

One of the things I've been loving lately is items made from concrete or cement - the simplistic raw look is so lovely, and needless to say, looks perfect in my house. Including the Haven Reed Lantern, which is an industrial inspired range.

The lantern is made from cement and has a stunning design, that looks just incredible on the table outside, or as I'm using it when we're not in the garden, on display inside.

The lantern has a glass tube insert inside where you can place a candle, (and stop it from both blowing out, or spilling!), and it simply has such a raw minimalistic design, and it is the perfect way to add a touch of raw industrial edge to any indoor or outdoor space.

Haven Urban Forged Reed Lantern - RRP $39.95

Available from Bunnings, or for more information visit Haven Inspired Entertaining

* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.


14 February 2017


If you're stuck for Valentines Day gift ideas for the girl in your life, maybe because she has absolutely everything she needs, or maybe you're just running out of time to go shopping, then why not give a gift of pampering with gift card from Spa & Wellness.

You simply purchase a digital Spa & Wellness gift card, and add a personalised message, and after you've paid, the gift card is automatically emailed to the recipient. But if you prefer, you can also purchase an actual gift card at any of the participating places. The gift card is valid for use at 500 different experiences Australia-wide, ranging from beauty treatments such as facials, waxing, spray tans, hair cuts, and manicures, spa treatments such as massages, but there also places you can go for things such as hypnotherapy, physiotherapy and kinesiology or even gym glasses such as yoga, Pilates, swimming and various other activities, or you can simply search here.

And needless to say that there are also 100s of participating spa and wellness places Australia-wide, (which you can search through

What's also cool, is that regardless if it is an actual gift card or a digital one, you can always go online and check the gift card balance and also the expiry.

This is really a brilliant idea. Not just as a Valentines Day gift idea, but all year round when you feel like you need or want to pamper someone special - I really love that treatment options and experiences are literally endless, you not limited to just one particular salon or place, so there really is no risk associated with this, as she is sure to love it as she can do whatever she wants with it.

Spa & Wellness Gift Card - RRP: as much or as little as you like, you decide!

Available from
Spa & Wellness or from participating salons or from Coles, Woolworths, Target and Big W

* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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13 February 2017


I love makeup, which also means that I love a of different brands. But one of those brands always on my favourites list, is Jane Iredale, as I have simply not tried a product yet that I didn't love. So today I thought that I'd run you through some of my absolute favouries..

Let's start at the beginning with the Jane Iredale Smooth Affair, which is a primer and skin brightener. It contains anti-ageing properties that increase luminosity, even skin tone, and minimise the appearance of pores, along with other natural ingredients including apple and grapefruit extract to maintain the skin's elasticity and promote luminosity and radiance, aloe leaf juice to soothe and calm the skin, green and white tea leaf Extracts, Royal Jelly and algae extract, for their anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory benefits, olive Leaf Extract to promote epidermal cell renewal, and honeysuckle extract to help purify the skin. I love how this primer not only make my skin look more even, it also makes it easier to apply my makeup smoothly, and I also find that I need to use less foundation to make my skin look even, which in itself results in a more natural and nicer look too. On my combination skin, my makeup also lasts longer without the need for touch ups, and as a bonus, it cares for my skin while I wear it.

When I need a simple and casual everyday look, I reach for the Jane Iredale Dream Tint Tinted Moisturiser. The tinted moisturiser in the shade Medium Light, has a very pale, almost greyish tint, but surprisingly it is a perfect match to my medium beige skin tone, and it blends in perfectly. It has a light coverage with a matte finish, and it covers minor redness, pigmentation and blemishes and smaller scars, while still looking very natural.

If I feel like I need a little more, than I just can't go past the Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals. This foundation looks amazing with its golden coloured beads inside the clear bottle. But once you pump it out, the foundation mixes with the gel that is made from aloe vera, lavender floral water and vegetable glycerin. The beads themselves are liposomes entrapping large amounts of active ingredients, which are then time-released onto the skin to increase delivery into the epidermis by up to 40%. The beads contain minerals, as well as other ingredients including L-Sodium hyaluronate acid, olive squalene, seaweed lipids as well as coenzyme Q10, vitamin C, vitamin K, willow bark extract, chamomile, calendula and seaweeds, which help diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles, minimising enlarged pores while evening skin tone, and providing lightweight, comfortable coverage.

The foundation, once mixed, has a mouse-like consistency, and applying the foundation is a little different, as you have to get used to the liposomes absorbing into the skin, before it sets. It has a light to medium coverage, that evens out the skin tone and hiding minor flaws, redness and dark spots and it leaves the skin looking so healthy and radiant. 
Sometimes I follow with a quick dusting of Jane Iredale Amazing Base on top of either Liquid Minerals or Dream Tint, to set the foundation, or to add a tiny more coverage on areas where I feel I need it. I have the Amazing Base put into a Jane Iredale refillable brush, which is also often to be found in my handbag, when I'm out and about all day, as it is the perfect tool for touchups too. The powder foundation made from micronised minerals, is it is a bit of a multi-tasker as it can be used both wet and dry as a concealer, foundation, powder and sunscreen all in one, and because it contains algae extract, it also helps reduce inflammation, soothe sensitive skin, and rebuild the skin's lipid film barrier. The powder goes on fine, but can easily be build up, and cover blemishes, redness and pigmentation, and it gives a nice radiant healthy look. 

To add glow to my face, I absolutely love the Jane Iredale Rose Dawn Bronzer. This quad of golden bronze and copper-toned shades, is a true multi-tasker too as it is suitable to use on both the eyes, cheeks, and as a bronzer all over the face and décolleté for a nice glow, or using the lighter shades, it can be used as a highlighter. And it can even be used on the lips with a touch of clear lipgloss on top! Incredible right! I mostly use it as a blush or all-over face powder. It has a subtle shimmer that comes from 24-karat food-grade gold flakes, which gives a natural and subtle radiant glow.

To set my makeup I love the Jane Iredale Pommisst Hydration Spray. This fresh fruity scented spray is a hydration spay that has added pomegranate extract, which gives the skin a dose of anti-ageing botanicals and antioxidants to protect the skin from UV rays. This spay helps set you foundation and give it a dewy look, and can of course also be used throughout the day to freshen up the skin or add a boost of moisture.

Next up is my lips, and here it is no secret that I love lip crayons, so it is no wonder that I am so in love with the Jane Iredale PlayOn Lip Crayon. I tried the shade Hot, which I a bold classic red shade, which is so stunning. It is quite pigmented and stays put for hours. The crayon makes it super easy to apply, and feels so lovely and hydrating on the lips thanks to containing vitamin E and castor seed oil to sooth and nourish. It is available in several other beautiful shades, and going by how much I've been using this one, I think I'll need to get my hands on a few more. 

Alternatively the Jane Iredale Pure Gloss Lipglosses are so lovely. These lipglosses are flavoured with blackberry and pomegranate extracts and smell so delicious. And they feel so incredible on the lips too, containing ingredients that cares and hydrates your lips, including Moringa butter and lotus flower wax extract. Considering they are lip glosses, they last surprisingly well on the lips, leaving them non-sticky, and with a shiny finish and a lovely colour.

I've put a trio mini pack - Champagne On Ice - to the test, containing three cute mini versions, in the shades Lovely Bubbles, a clear with tiny silver shimmer, You Go To My Head, a clear with golden shimmer, and Lips On Crystal, a deep red, which is also my fave, and I think I'll have to get my hands on a full sized one - but that said, the two clears are perfect to wear both on their own, but also on top of any lipstick for a high gloss. 

I've also put a couple of other small lippies to the test, including the Lip Drink, which is beautifully scented lip balm that feels so lovely on the lips, and leave the lips soft and smooth. It is perfect on its own, or can of course be used under any lipstick or gloss too. It is also available in a couple of tinted shades, which I've already got my eyes on too. It has a gorgeous zesty scent that I've quickly become addicted to.
Also I've tried the Just Kissed Lip & Cheek Stains, which are stains that adjust to your skin's chemistry to give you a custom shade that will flatter your skin's undertone. They are loaded with moisturisng ingredients, including bees wax and rose flower wax. I tried the shades Forever Red, an orangy-red shade, and Forever Peach, a peachy-orange shade, which both give a stunning blushed cheek and just stained lip. I prefer the red, simply as its slightly bolder, but come winter when my skin is a bit paler, I know the peach will become a favourite too.

Finally, I admit that I am not the biggest user of self-tanners, but I do love the Jane Iredale Tantasia, which is a moisturising natural bronzer and self-tanner for both face and body. It not only gives you an instant healthy radiant glow, it also develops over just a few hours to a lovely tan, that can be intensified by using it a few days in a row. Unlike most other self-tanners, which often develop an unpleasant scent (and hence why I don't like using them!), this one has a lovely zesty citrus scent. 

Jane Iredale Smooth Affair - $78 / 50ml
Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals Foundation - RRP: $91 / 30ml
Jane Iredale Dream Tint - RRP: $78 / 30ml
Jane Iredale Tantasia - RRP: $56 / 50ml
Jane Iredale Rose Dawn Bronzer - $90 / 8.5g
Jane Iredale Amazing Base - RRP: $83
Jane Iredale Refill-Me Refillable Loose Powder Brush - RRP: $49
Jane Iredale Pommisst - RRP: $49 / 90ml
Jane Iredale Champagne on Ice Pure Gloss Kit - $55 / 3 x 3.6ml
Jane Iredale PlayOn Lip Crayon - $35 / 2.8g
Jane Iredale Lip Drink - RRP: $32 / Full Size
Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip & Cheek Stain - RRP: $50 / 2.8g, Full Size

Available from Adore Beauty, Facial Co and RY

* Some products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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11 February 2017


I've been using an epilator on my legs for as long as I can remember, and I mean decades. So I was naturally excited when the new Braun Silk-epil 9 SkinSpa landed on my desk.

This Braun Silk-epil 9 SkinSpa is without a doubt the most advanced epilator that I have used to date. First of all because it works both wet and dry skin, which means that you can use it in the shower or bath for extra comfort.

The epilator has pulsating active vibrations to stimulate the skin for a more gentle epilation. It also has 40 micro-grip tweezers to catch even more hair, even very short hair as short as 0.5mm, while the head of the shaver rotates to adapt to the body's contours to make the shaving even easier and more comfortable too.

It also comes with two exfoliation brushes, a blue one for deep exfoliation to help avoid those dreaded ingrown hairs, and a purple exfoliation head for more sensitive areas, and for a more refined and silky soft and smooth skin. These brushes have been developed for the whole body, except for the face. The brushing actions have more than 3000 micro-vibrations per minute to help remove both dry skin and improve the appearance of the skin.

But it also includes standard shaver head, which is designed for a fast and close shave of legs, underarms and bikini line, as well as contour trimming and cutting hair down to 55 mm length using the trimmer cap too.

In addition It also comes with a high frequency cap and a sensitive skin contact cap included, making it a total of 6 extras. 

The shaver has two speed settings for your personal preference (if you're new to using an epilator, the lower setting may be a little less 'painful", while I've been using one for so long, that it's full steam ahead for me.

The Braun Silk-epil 9 SkinSpa is quick to charge as it only takes about 1 hour for a full charge, and then it has up to 40 minutes of battery life, which is more than sufficient to shave both legs.

Overall I really enjoy using this Braun Silk-epil 9 SkinSpa, and compared to other epilators I've used over the past decades, I really love that this one is a wet/dry one, as I find it even quicker and easier to use in the shower, not only can I easily wash away all the small hairs, but I also find that the warm shower helps open the pores in my skin, so it is not only quicker to shave, but also less painful.

It also quickly and easily grabs all the tiny hairs, so I don’t have to run the shaver over the skin repeatedly to remove them, and the included extras are super nifty too. I particularly love the exfoliation brushes, which really do make my skin feel incredibly soft and smooth, and I also believe that buffing away the dead skin cells makes it quicker to shave my legs as it is easier for the shaver to grab individual hairs, as well as I feel that regular use of the exfoliation heads helps eliminate ingrown hair too, which is an extra bonus.

So all in all this really is an incredible shaver. No, at $299 this is not cheap, however if you compare it to regular wax treatments in a salon, it will pay for itself in no time, plus you'll have the convenience of doing it in your own home when it suits you. 

Braun Silk-epil 9 SKinSpa - RRP: $299
Available from The Shaver Shop, Harvey Norman, Myer, David Jones and selected national retailers

*Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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9 February 2017


Today I'm going to talk about a UK brand, Treaclemoon, which has been around for a while, but has just arrived in Australia. Treaclemoon makes a beautiful selection of Bath, Shower and Body with delicious scents. 

The Treaclemoon Bath & Shower Gels come in a large selection of scents including Iced Strawberry Dream, The Raspberry Kiss, My Coconut Island, Dusted Cocoa Heaven, One Ginger Morning - and I tried the Those Lemonade Days, Warm Apple Pie Hugs, and That Vanilla Moment.
The shower gels come in a large 500ml clear bottles that show the brightly coloured shower gel. The bottles have a flip lid on them, and as the only negative, I would have loved to see them come with a pump, especially considering their large size. The bottles have quirky and funny texts on them, which I think is really cute - you find things like this on the Warm Apple Pie Hugs bottle "memories of a cozy kitchen where sunlight danced and played… it felt like the whole world was cocooned in glorious apple pie heavenliness".
The actual shower gel has a nice consistency, not so runny that you waste half as it runs out of your hands, and not so thick that it feels like a lump on your skin, but just right! They create a lovely soft lather, especially if used with a loofah, and the scents are just gorgeous and so fresh, and without being too overpowering or sickly sweet. They gently cleanse the skin, and without drying it out too, something fragranced shower gels often do. And I love how the scents continue to linger in both my bathroom and on my skin after each shower.
  • The Warm Apple Pie Hugs is a peachy-pink bottle and it smells like fresh apples mixed with vanilla, just delish!
  • The Vanilla Moment is a pale peach bottle and it smells like vanilla
  • The Those Lemonade Days is a yellow bottle and it has a refreshing citrus scent
Of the three, my favourite is without a doubt the Those Lemonade Days, but only because I've got a thing for citrus scents, so it really hits the notes, but the other scents are lovely too.
Then there's the Treaclemoon The Raspberry Kiss Hand & Body Lotion, which is a also a clear bottle, showing the pink body lotion. The lotion has a light consistency and absorbs quickly and easily into the skin without greasiness, and does leave the skin feeling soft and smooth, and with the scent lingering behind. This works great for my normal skin, and also throughout the day on my hands, although if my hands are dry, I do find I need something richer. I like that this comes in a pump bottle as it makes so much easier to use.
And when you do need something Treaclemoon Body Butter is perfect. I also tried it in the Raspberry Kiss, which only has an every so faint pink colour. The scent is the same as the Hand & Body Lotion, though I don't find it quite as strong, which I actually prefer. It comes in a tub with a pink label, and the actual moisturiser is thick and creamy, and really good for those dry legs. Considering its thicker consistency, it absorbs surprisingly quickly into the skin without any greasiness or tackiness. I've personally like using the Body lotion on my upper body, and the Body Butter on my legs, as they seem a little more moisture.
The products are also very well priced, and even more so when you consider the super-sized bottles, and the bright colours look great in the bathroom too.
And actually the shower gels have won awards overseas for best budget shower gels, which goes to show how lovely they are!!
So overall these are really lovely products, and I love their fresh scents - though again my fave without a doubt was the Those Lemonade Days, simply due to its zesty and uplifting scent - but that said the other scents were lovely too, and with so many different scents, there's something for everyone and every preference. I certainly can certainly see myself purchasing the Lemonade Shower Gel and a few other products in that range, as well as I wouldn’t mind putting a few more different scents to the test as well..
Treaclemoon Bath & Shower Gel - RRP: $12.95 / 500ml each
Treaclemoon Hand & Body Lotion - RRP: $14.95 / 350ml each
Treaclemoon Body Butter - RRP: $14.95 / 250ml each 
Available from iglamour

* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

8 February 2017


With a toddler running around my legs, these days it is rare that I have much more than 5-10 minutes or so to do my makeup before my little boy has pulled everything out from the bathroom cabinets. So most I rely on products which will allow me to apply my makeup quickly. Here are my current picks; 

I use a tinted moisturiser, the Dream Tint from Jane Iredale which gives me a lovely even skin tone and a lovely dewy matte look with a lovely glow all while still looking very natural. It is very moisturising, so on hot and humid summer days I don’t even need to apply a moisturiser first (but I’d never skip my serum!), and as it also comes with SPF15, that side is covered too! (I have previously reviewed this Dream Tint and you can see my full review here!)

I then use the Physicians Formula Bronze Booster, which works to both contour the face, and add a touch of a bronze healthy look to my face (and if I feel like it, to my décolleté and shoulders as well!). The palette contains two bronze shades so depending on my mood I can either use both of them together, or even separately. The bronzer also has a touch of golden shimmer, adding a touch glow to my face.

If I have time, I like to add a touch of highlighter to the top of my cheek bones – it simply adds a touch of glow and life to my dull tired face. And this Mineral Illuminser from Scout Cosmetics is my current go to product. It is made from natural minerals it adds such a lovely natural and healthy glow, all without being too shimmery or glittery. (RRP: $44.95)

On my cheeks I love using the Ere Perez Cheek and Lip Balm in Holy. In the compact it looks to be a dark berry shade, but once on the cheeks it has a lovely sheer velvety finish that is so natural as if you’ve just pinched your cheeks! And if I want a darker effect, I simply just add a little more. It is quick and easy to apply with your fingers, and any remains you can simply wipe over your lips for a lovely stain, although I do love applying it with the incredibly soft Ere Perez Multipurpose Brush that is perfect blending for all creamy products. RRP: $32.95)

On my eyes I use the Wild Shadow Pots from Max Factor in either Savage Rose, Auburn Envy, or Burnt Bark. These eye shadows are very pigmented, and just a quick wipe is all it takes for a casual everyday look. I often just use one colour on its own, but if I do have a little more time, combine two or three of them.

To line my eyes I use the Super Liner Silkissme from L’Oreal Paris. The black eyeliner, glides on smoothly and easily, without any pulling or dragging. It gives an intense look with a nice shine that lasts all days, even when my eyes are watering. (RRP: $22.95) Above the lash line, I currently like using the Instant Liner from Clains. This eyeliner makes it so easy to draw a precise and fine line, while providing intense pigment that simply doesn’t budge or fade during the day. 

And of course I cannot skip mascara, and my current pick is the Scandal Eyes Rockin’ Curves from Rimmel London. The large curved brush on this mascara makes it so easy to get to even the smallest of lashes, evenly coating them, and giving them both volume and length as well as a nice curl. No lash curler needed! (RRP: $16.95)

Next is the pout, as of curse you cannot skip the lips. And like most others I really love the crayon style lipsticks and balms, and my current picks are the Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balms from Covergirl as they are just so easy to apply also on the go later in the day thanks to the twist-up pen. I love shade Mauve Twist, which is a lovely dark nude mauve shade, or Berry Twist when I feel like something a little bolder as it is a brighter fuchsia pink shade. The both go on sheer, although you can build up the colour, all while still leaving a nice glossy shine to the lips. And they double as lip balms too, as they are so moisturising on the lips containing both shea and mango butter. (RRP: $12.95)

Unless I’ve already run out of time, I also prefer doing my brows before I run out the door. They are victims of serial over-plucking so a little help from the Colour Riche Eye Brow Pencil from L’Oreal is needed. With this pencil it is so quick and easy to fill in any gaps to define the brows, while the convenient brush at the other end helps style them into place! (RRP: $22.95)

So there you go, my current picks of products that are so quick and easy to use when you are in a hurry, but still want to apply your makeup..

Tried any of these products? Which products do you reach for when you are in a hurry?

*Product was kindly provided for consideration, and has reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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