7 April 2018


I am a serial over-packer, each time I go overseas I log around way more especially skincare and makeup than I really need, but it doesn’t stop there, but handbags are also always overflowing with too many things, making my handbag so heavy. But thanks to Pressplay Cosmetics, you can now have everything you’ll ever need in the palm of your hand - literally…

Pressplay Cosmetics is based around a Capsule, which is only a touch bigger than the plus-sized iphones, and it fits nicely into a handbag or clutch, it even comes with a grey dust bag to protect it. It comes in either a glossy white or glossy black design, with golden features, and both look absolutely stunning, and very stylish and luxe too.

I would have liked the lid to close a little more securely, already after using it for a short period of time, I find the lid a little lose, and I can fear the tubes may slide out if upside down in my handbag. The compartment for the powder can be a little tricky to open until you get the hang of it. But otherwise it really is a beautifully designed and well-throughout case. 

Inside the Pressplay Capsule, you can put all your necessities, six in total as well as a powder.

The Pressplay makeup collection includes 27 different products ranging from face paint, lipgloss, foundation, concealer, highlighter, translucent powder, bronzer, blush, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow pen, face cream, sun cream, hand cream and hand sanitizer, where all the liquid products come in unique tubes, and the powders in little discs that click into capsule at the bottom, where the lid also functions as a mirror. 

Seriously so clever, and I really love that you can simply swap and change the products depending on your needs, and I also love that the products are cruelty free and do not contain parabens.

I put a selection of the products to the test..

Lets start with the Pressplay Arthur Hand Cream, which comes in a pack with three tubes, each with 7ml, so you have a few backups. This hand cream is also free from parabens, sulphates, mineral oils and artificial colours or fragrances. It instantly helps relieve dry hands thanks to the added shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, avocado oil, and macadamia oil, and absorbs into the hands without any greasiness. It has the most divine fresh citrusy scent from the added lemon myrtle and pink grapefruit oils. It comes in a glass tube with a little pump, which I really like.

Then there’s the Pressplay Face Paint, which is a designer to be a versatile multi-functional product. It can be used on the lips as a lipstick, but depending on which shade up pick, it can also be used on cheeks, as a bronzer, or for contouring. It is so pigmented that you seriously only need a little. It has a lightweight consistency and feels lovely on the skin thanks to the added vitamin E, and while it has the consistency, it doesn’t dry and set like one. On the lips, it feels comfortable and hydrating, and has a good wear of a few hours. And when used on for instance the cheeks or for contouring, it blends easily.

I tried the shades Justin and Roman. Justin is a gorgeous nude shade, that you definitely could use as both a lipstick but also for contouring, while Roman is nude shade with a pinkish tone, which therefore makes it suitable for both the lips, but also as a blush. Of the two, Roman would be my favourite, but that’s only because I generally do not feel that too pale lips suit me, and as I tend to wear bolder lipsticks, which is also why I’ve got my eyes on a few of the darker shades from the range including the bold red Francesco, and the dark berry shade Julias, alone with the mauve Roberto

I also tried the Pressplay William Eyebrow Pen, which is a mid-brown Pen with a felt tip, in similar style to a liquid eyeliner. It is not quite as pigmented as I would have liked, though it can be because I ideally should have tired a shade slightly darker. But regardless, it is easy for filling out the eyebrows, leaving you with a very natural look, which I really like for those casual days I don’t feel like being too made up. 

The Pressplay Christopher Mascara promises intense lashes with a lasting formula, that is easy to apply, separating and lengthening the lashes. It is a light mascara, and it is really easy to apply without any clumps thanks to the tapered wand that also makes it easy to reach those tiny lashes in the corners, and after a few coats it does give the lashes a nice definition and length, but without being too dramatic, so again, this one is great for those casual days, or for touch-ups on the go. It does stay put all day, even on my sensitive eyes that easily water, yet removes easily night with waterproof makeup remover.

The Pressplay Alexander Liquid Eyeliner is a waterproof, 24-hour, long-lasting waterproof eyeliner. This eyeliner has a super fine felt tip that makes it easy to draw a thin and very fine line to define your eyes, which I really like. It is quite pigmented so you only have to trace once for a solid line, and as promised, it really does stay put. The super fine tip does mean that I don’t find it as suitable for thicker and bolder lines, but again, I really don’t mind that, but it also means that it is perfect for natural every day look.

Finally, there’s the Pressplay Leonardo Translucent Powder, which comes as a little tin with adhesive on one side so it can be stuck it into the capsule, and stay put. It comes with a little blotting sponge, which is naturally great when you’re on the go, but if using at home, I do prefer to use a makeup brush. But this translucent powder is ivory shade, and is perfectly for taking away the shine from my nose and forehead throughout the day, leaving it with a lovely matte finish.

This really is such a brilliant idea, and I am really impressed with both the design and the quality of the products. The products are a little on the pricier side, especially considering the smaller sizes, but this is really such a unique idea. I love that you can continue to customise the capsule to include just what you want and need on a daily basis, or when travelling. No more overflowing handbags, and no more leaked products as things are held in place inside the capsule. The products are also really lovely to wear and use, and I will definitely continue to use them, especially when I am on the go, and would certainly love to add a few more things to my collection to have a larger variety, including as mentioned above, a few more of the darker face paints, as well as lipgloss and highlighter. Definitely worth checking out.

Pressplay Capsule - RRP: $39
Pressplay Hand Cream - RRP: $26 / 3 x 7ml
Pressplay Face Paint - RRP: $26 / 5ml
Pressplay Eyebrow Pen - RRP: $29 / 1ml
Pressplay Liquid Eyeliner - RRP: $26 / 0.6ml
Pressplay Mascara - RRP: $25 / 5ml
Pressplay Translucent Powder - $29 / 5g

Available from Pressplay Cosmetics

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