28 February 2013

Product Review: Dr Lewinn's Line Smoothing Complex S8 Hydrating Day Cream

Unfortunately I have hit the age where anti-ageing is starting to be a primary skin concern. As we all know, drinking lots of water, eating and being healthy and using sunscreen daily are all important things you can do in order to prevent ageing, but sadly not enough on their own – good anti-ageing skincare is also required, so I am forever o on the hunt for effective products. Here are my thoughts on Dr Lewinn's Line Smoothing Complex S8 Hydrating Day Cream;


What They Say:
Dr Lewinn’s Private Formula Line Smoothing Complex S8 Hydrating Day Cream is an anti-ageing treatment moisturiser to help reduce visual signs of ageing and keep skin hydrated throughout the day. Suitable for all skin types, it contains Caviar Extract to nourish and stimulate skin as well as Hydro-boost Micropatch with Aqualance to provide continuous hydration through its slow release system. It also contains anti-wrinkle peptide Snap-8 and Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer.

RRP: $89.95 (30g) – Available from Priceline, Myer, David Jones, and select pharmacies

What I Say:
In spite of being at the age where I need to use an anti-ageing cream, having combination skin prone to breakouts, always makes me worry when try an new cream, as often they are simply too heavy and concentrated, and leave my skin feel greasy and congested. So it was with a little fear that I started using the Smoothing Complex S8 Hydrating Day Cream.

The Smoothing Complex S8 Hydrating Day Cream claims to:
  • Provides intense and continuous hydration
  • Be nourishing and repairing
  • Reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Alternative to Botox®

My first impressions of the cream, is that it feels amazing on the skin. It is so light and silky that it doesn’t feel like you are drowning the skin in it, yet it feels so hydrating. It just glides onto the skin and absorbs instantly and leaves my skin feeling soft and without any greasy or oily feeling at all.

The cream comes in a plastic jar with gold lid and purple top, which makes it look very luxurious. It has an impressive dispenser system, where you have to press down on both sides of the pump lid and the cream pops out on top. And just one small pump is needed, as the cream is so concentrated.

I really like this feature as it not only helps you get just the amount of cream you need without wasting any, but as the dispenser has an airlock system, it also prevents bacteria from intruding onto your cream, keeping it fresh for longer.

In saying that, the packaging does look a little deceptive, as the size of the jar makes it look like you are getting at least 50g of cream, when you are only getting 30g.

The cream is infused with Snap-8, which is an alternative to "painful injections" and is potently reducing lines and wrinkles. It is also containing caviar extract, which is very nourishing and help minimise the visual signs of ageing, and provide continuous hydration throughout the day.

The cream has a subtle scent. You can smell the caviar but it's not unpleasant, just a subtle scent of the sea, which quickly fades once absorbed into the skin.

So did the cream live up to its claims? After having used it for a few weeks, I have to say that my skin feels soft to the touch and smooth at the end of the day. I also noticed that my skin tone was more even, well hydrated, and simply looks healthy and glowing. And luckily I didn’t experience any breakouts either. In terms of lines and wrinkles, I have to say that I have not noticed any dramatic change, although one particular forehead wrinkle does seem to have lessened slightly in size, so with continued and long-term use, I would expect to see further results. But is it an alternative to Botox? – I have never had Botox, and at this stage have no plans to, so I have no idea what to compare it to!!
My only criticism is that the cream doesn't have SPF, although on the other hand, I do suspect that SPF is what often what makes my skin break out!!

At $89.95 the cream is a little pricey for just 30g, however, it is a luxurious cream, which feels fantastic on the skin, and with long-term use is an effective anti-ageing moisturiser with fantastic results.
*This product was kindly provided for consideration, and it has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.


Have you tried any of the skincare products from Dr Lewinn’s? What is your primary skin concern?


27 February 2013

Product Review: Palmolive Naturals Multi Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

Having long hair, which has been coloured countless times, and not to mention withstand daily sessions with the hairdryer and straightener, I am continuously on the lookout for a shampoo and conditioner which will help look after my hair. Here are my thoughts on the *Palmolive Naturals Multi Repair Shampoo and Conditioner;

What They Say:
"Palmolive Naturals Multi Repair Shampoo and Conditioner helps to reform damaged tresses in just seven washes. The formula aims to help repair multiple signs of damage. Enriched with 100 per cent natural propolis extract, both shampoo and conditioner help to revitalise exhausted hair".

RRP: Shampoo (400ml) and Conditioner (375ml) $4.99 each – Available from Priceline, Select Pharmacies and supermarkets

What I say:
My first impression of the Palmolive Naturals Multi Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, is how gorgeous they both smell – a very pleasant floral scent, so I was looking very forward to using the product.

With the name 'Naturals', it straight away makes me think that the products contains natural ingredients. So I decided to inspect the ingredients closer, and can see that it contains propolis extract, which is a natural substance found in tree resin, and often harvested by honeybees. The propolis ingredient is meant to make hair shinier and stronger. It is intended for damaged and brittle hair.

The white pearlescent shampoo froths up very easily, and with only a very little shampoo needed. So definitely no need to shampoo a second time. Afterwards I add the thick and creamy conditioner to the lengths of my hair, and leave it in for a few minutes before rinsing it out.

It is a little difficult to completely rinse out the conditioner, as it is almost as if my hair remains a little greasy no matter how long I rinse. Once towel dried, my hair is very easy to comb, and it smells fantastic. And once dry, it looks shiny and healthy, and the usual frizz in my hair seems to have reduced considerably. And my hair still smells great – even my husband noticed the nice fragrance.

The shampoo comes in a large orange bottle with a flip lid at the top, while the conditioner which comes in an orange tube is designed to stand on the flip-lid.

Unfortunately, the shampoo and conditioner also contain harmful additives and chemicals such as sulfates, phosphates, and parabens, and unfortunately the conditioner also contains dimethicone, a silicone, which is has the purpose of making it easier to comb tangled hair, as well as to give hair a brighter shine. It simply forms a lubricating coat around each strand of hair so that a comb will move through the hair with less resistance. Sadly after continued use, I do find that, although my hair looks healthy and shiny, the products are starting to build up a little in my hair, making feel very heavy. And in spite of not using the conditioner on my scalp, but only in the lengths of my hair, I also find that after a while I start to get little pimples around the hairline.

And at just $4.99 each for such large bottles, the Palmolive Naturals Multi Repair Shampoo and Conditioner really are a great value for money for supermarket/drugstore products, and they should not be compared to salon products 4-5 times more expensive. So all in all it is a good shampoo and conditioner, which makes the hair feel soft, look healthy and shiny and not to mention smell great, so if you have dry and damaged hair and are looking for bargain products, I highly recommend that you try these products – you’ve got nothing to lose!
*These products were kindly provided for consideration, and it have been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.


Have you tried any of the haircare products from Palmolive? What is your preferred supermarket/drugstore shampoo and conditioner?


26 February 2013

My big personal secret....…what's caused change of shopping habits..

My shopping habits have changed, and my makeup, skincare impulse buys and even more so, my sneaky shoe purchases have been replaced by a new addition..

You see, I have been hiding something very personal for quite some time now…

Last year was a tough year. It felt time was just ticking by and I didn’t achieve what I had set out to achieve. Although, one of the positive things that did come out of it, was starting this blog, simply as a way of distracting myself...(something that I now wish I had done a lot sooner!).

You see, after years of trying, we finally embarked on the journey of IVF as the only hope of ever having children. And so started the countless of doctors and specialist visits. Even before the treatment could start, there were preliminary tests including blood tests, ultrasounds, and not to mention a laporoscopy, and those of you who have had one, will know it is not very pleasant, especially the recovery!

Then came the actual IVF treatments, and I very quickly felt like a pin-cushion from having to inject myself with hormones twice a day – and I can’t exactly say that I was thrilled at the thought of pricking myself with a big needle, but after the first one, it was actually surprisingly easy! And besides, it had to be done, it was the only way. And then there were all the numerous additional blood tests and ultrasounds, and not to mention the admission for the actual egg collection. It almost felt as if we were living at the hospital as we started to get to know all the names of the staff!

Then came the big day of the embryo transfer, and then we had to wait the long two weeks to see if it was positive. It wasn’t! Needless to say that we were devastated. How long was this journey going to be? Was it ever going to end? Was I ever going to get pregnant?

We were then faced with a two month long wait, before we could start a new round of IVF ….more needles, more hospital visits, more blood tests and ultrasounds – and of course, more, heaps more money out of the bank account…

After the embryo transfer we again had the two week wait, and this time, we had the fantastic news…it was positive. I was actually pregnant. We were so happy….but sadly it was short-lived, and four weeks later at the 8-week ultrasound, it was discovered that our little jelly bean had stopped growing and the heart stopped beating. I had miscarried.
This meant more visits to the doctor and going to the hospital to have the curette to have the miscarriage removed. Needless to say that I felt pretty mediocre and empty afterwards….!

And then we were faced with an even longer wait of several months before my body recovered and returned to 'normal' again and we could start thinking about yet another round of IVF… but finally it came, and yet again, as sadly we had not been so lucky to have any spare embryos that had been frozen, I was a pin cushion injecting myself twice daily with hormone injections.

Then finally came the day of the embryo transfer….and I was so devastated when the doctor at the very last minute decided to cancel the transfer as he feared that I would develop ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, something which in severe cases can be life-threatening. 

The six healthy embryos would be frozen, and one to be transferred a few months later when I had fully recovered. So yet again, we left the hospital feeling very sad and depressed, not exactly what we had hoped for. And a further blow came later that afternoon, when we got the call from the hospital telling us that only one of the six embryos had been suitable for freezing! The odds were certainly not in our favour!

Then came another long wait of a few months, until finally the day came where we went in for the embryo transfer. I was a mess. Just the thought that the one frozen embryo we had left might not actually survive the thawing process. But the embryo, which we started calling Number Six, simply because it had come from petri dish number six, survived, and the transfer went ahead as planned.

Then the long two week wait started before the blood test, and time was just ticking by. I tried to be positive and optimistic, but it was difficult at times - but finally came the day when I went in for the blood test. And then came the long wait until the afternoon for the hospital to call with the result - if felt like a lifetime! But to our relief it was positive – I was pregnant again.

Because of the previous miscarriage earlier in the year, I admit to having been more anxious the last few months….and consequently we decided not to tell anyone at all about my pregnancy until the first and most risky period, the first trimester had passed….
But I’m now so excited to be able to share that I am in fact just over 23 weeks pregnant…..that’s right 23 weeks….over half way there!! And the little guy, yep, it’s a little boy, is starting to keep me awake at night as he is moving and kicking around. We are just so ecstatic happy, and we so can't wait to meet him in a few months time.

And as for my previous shopping habits…as I no longer feel comfortable in high heels, can’t fit into 'normal' clothes any more, and have had to re-think the skincare products that I use - well that means that my shopping habits have now been replaced with shopping for baby gear, and I’ve only just started as the list of necessary items seems endless....and not forgetting all the 'too-cute' items that I just cannot resist buying..

Over the next months I may do the odd pregnancy or baby related post here and there, but I will do my best not to get too carried away and turn this into a baby blog, - but do let me know if I do - this is after all a beauty and lifestyle blog!!

I’d love to hear your tips for a first time mum? Any products (beauty/or baby) that are must-haves? And any that are a complete waste of time and money?

Product News: MAC launches Rihanna Collection

I think I can say that we all love MAC cosmetics, and we all get excited when new collections are launched.

MAC is known for collaborating with various stars, most recently with Carine Roitfeld, and now Rihanna has landed a deal with MAC cosmetics allowing her to develop new colour collections that will come out later this year.

There will be a total of four distinct colour collections under the name RiRi MAC, which will all be launched in 2013, so it is thereby also the first time that MAC has done such an extensive collaboration  spanning over several collection, as so far partnerships with celebrities have only lasted for one collection.

The four collections of the collaboration, which include a total of 31 items from lipgloss, blush, nail polish, eyeshadow, false eyelashes and more lipsticks! Each of the four collections has its own vibe, look, special makeup packaging.

The RiRi Hearts MAC, kicks off with a signature red lippie based on the brand's famous staple, Ruby Woo. The RiRi Woo lipstick will be available from early May, and will be sold with all four chapters of the collaboration.

In addition to “RiRi Woo,” the first collection will include two additional lipsticks, a powder-blush duo and a Lustre Drops shade.

In spite of the first collection being launched in the US in May, it is yet unknown when we might be so lucky and see this collection in Australia!!
What do you think of this new MAC collection by Rihanna? Are you keen to get your hands on any of the items? And do you even like Rihanna?


Product Review: Dr Lewinn's Liquid Loofah Mineral Body Scrub

I love a good body scrub. It helps keep my skin soft and smooth, is perfect to use before a self-tanner to ensure a better and more even result, and helps avoid ingrown hairs. Over the years I have tried quite a few different body scrubs, here are my thoughts on the Dr LeWinn's Liquid Loofah Mineral Body Scrub;

What They Say:

Contains a vitamin-enriched formula that conditions & nourishes, leaving skin soft and smooth. Excellent for combating hardened skin areas and removing dead skin. Dr LeWinn's Liquid Loofah Mineral Body Scrub helps release in-grown hairs and revives tired feet and softens hardened heels. Ideal skin preparation for self-tanning lotion. For best results, use when showering with an exfoliating glove.

RRP: $29.95 (150ml) – Available from Priceline, Department Stores, and Select Pharmacies

What I Say:
I instantly took a liking to the Dr Lewinn's Liquid Loofah Mineral Body Scrub, as it is based on natural oils and fruit based exfoliators, which include among others loofa and apricot seed powder to exfoliate, and sweet almond old, apricot kernel oil to moisturise, nourish and protect the skin, and peppermint and spearmint leaf oil to refresh.

It comes in a very handy to use tube, which I really like as it is so easy to use in the shower, and also avoids water getting into the product. And it has been designed to stand on its flip lid, which means that the product drops down in the tube as you use it, making it easy to completely empty the tube.

The Liquid Loofah Mineral Body Scrub claims to:
  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Softens hardened skin areas
  • Conditions and revitalises
  • Total body treatment
  • Releases ingrown hairs

And I have to say that I found that it did what it claimed to do and using it just a few times each week, it has made my skin feel lovely and soft after use.

This scrub is beautiful to use as it is based on very fine grains, which also makes it feel very gentle on the skin, yet it is extremely effective in removing dead skin cells to give me smooth and glowing skin. After using it, I can see my skin is glowing and invigorated, from both the exfoliation as well as the ingredients in the body scrub.

And since using this I have found a massive improvement in the condition of my body both feel and look noticeably softer, smoother and more glowing. Moisturiser absorbs more quickly, and my self-tanner applies more easily and gives me a nicer and more even results. And not to mention, I seem to be getting less ingrown hairs, and less breakouts and pimples on my back. Bonus all around!

The body scrub has a blue-green coloured, which is a little unusual, but at the same time it is very practical as I can see where I have missed spots.

It has a rustic minty scent, very similar to toothpaste, which I really like as it is quite refreshing, and it adds bit of zing to your shower routine, perfect for when you’re feeling a bit tire, as it leaves you feeling re-energised. It is like a wake-up call in the morning! But once you rinse it off, this minty scent quickly disappears, so no need to worry that it will clash with your perfume.

All in all, this is a great body scrub, that lives up to its claims. In fact, it is one of the best that I have ever used; so finely grained, yet so gentle and effective.
*This product was kindly provided for consideration, and it has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

What is your favourite body scrub? Have you ever tried the Liquid Loofah Mineral Body Scrub from Dr LeWinns? Or maybe you have tried other products from Dr LeWinns?

25 February 2013

Product Review: TRESemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo

It really hasn’t been that long since I discovered dry shampoo. To me, nothing beats freshly washed hair. But then I had a shoulder surgery, and knew that it would be difficult to wash my long hair, let along comb it, so I bought a dry shampoo, and haven’t looked back since. I no longer wash my hair every day, and it is so much nicer and healthier as a result. And since then, I have tried a few different brands of dry shampoo, here are my thoughts on *TRESemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo for Oily/Straight to Normal Hair;

What They Say:
Zap oil and odour in between washes with this new dry shampoo. The unique formula gives hair a clean look and feel with gorgeous volume, even when you don’t wash.

RRP: $11.49 (161g) – Available from Priceline, Select Pharmacies, and supermarkets.

What I Say:
I have really taken to the dry shampoos, as when using them, I only have to wash hair every second day, saving me some much needed time in the mornings or when I am in a hurry.

  • Formula with mineral clay soaks up excess oil and impurities to leave hair looking refreshed.
  • Volumises normal to oily hair that becomes limp in between shampoos, giving hair added body and bounce.
  • Perfect for colour-treated hair, it reduces the need to wash as frequently, which helps prevent colour from fading.
  • Contains Citrus Extracts to neutralise odour and enhance clean feeling

The TRESemme dry shampoo has a nice refreshing scent from the included citrus, which I really like as it is one of my favourite scents, and it leaves the hair smelling fresh through out the day, and definitely living up to the claim of neutralising odours. It comes in a nice looking black spray can, with a lime green lid.
This dry shampoo from TRESemme is different from other dry shampoos that I have tried, as it is a wet-to-dry formula, however, it is still very easy to use. After shaking the can vigorously before , it applies in a very fine mist, making it easy to control how much product you get, as well as direct it towards to roots to remove oil on the rest of the hair to add volume as well. It is then recommended to leave the product in the hair for 1-2 minutes to allow it to dry as well as allow it to remove oil, after which you brush through the hair to remove excess, and then style as usual.

In spite of being wet, it dries into a powdery form fairly quickly but I still find when brushing it through my hair with a brush or my hands afterwards is very easy.

My advice is to use only a little bit, and add more if needed in in the scalp area, as if you use too much, it clumps up in the hair. And as so little is needed, this can dry shampoo will also last longer than other dry shampoos because not as much is needed to disguise oily roots.

Afterwards my hair looks less greasy, and has more volume at the roots than normal, but sadly, as with all other dry shampoos, I also find that it makes my hair look a little matte and dull. So I also find that the name ‘Fresh Start’ is a little misleading – as although my hair doesn’t look as greasy after using it, because of the matte and dull look, it will never look as fresh as when just washing your hair. And the results are lasting, as in the end of the day, my hair still looks nice and full of volume, and the grease still hasn’t returned to the roots of my hair.

When scrunching up my long hair while the dry shampoo is still wet, it almost works in the same way as a salt spray, giving my hair beachy waves.

All in all, I would call this more a styling product than just a dry shampoo because it is so different in it's formulation, and I actually also find that it works better as a styling and volume product than as a dry shampoo. And interestingly, TRESemme has also it listed under styling products, and not shampoo on their website, which to me indicates that they also feel that it is more a styling product. Regardless, it just means that the name ‘dry shampoo’ is a little misleading. But it is a great product to have at hand, especially if you like me, are always looking to add volume to your hair.
*This product was kindly provided for consideration, and it has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Have you tried the Fresh Start Dry Shampoo from TRESemme? Do you use dry shampoo? Which one is your favourite?

Product News : Estee Lauder Launches Pure Color Nail Lacquer Heavy Petals Collection by Tom Pecheux

I don’t it’s any secret anymore, but I love Estee Lauder products, including their nail polishes. They always have the most amazing and intense colours, and the quality is fantastic. So I was very excited when I found out that Estee Lauder is now launching a limited edition collection of Pure Color Nail Lacquer Heavy Petals Collection by Tom Pecheux.

"This collection is inspired by my love of the palette of pastels that fills the city of Paris in Spring" - Tom Pecheux

This season, nails are immersed in a world of ethereal, dream-like hues that capture the spirit and romance of Paris in full bloom. The Pure Color Nail Lacquer Heavy Petals Collection by Estée Lauder and Creative Makeup Director Tom Pecheux is a profusion of pastels inspired by the playful mood and kaleidoscope of colour that emerges from the city of Paris as it blossoms to life in Spring.
"In nail there is a lot of fantasy and colour and nothing is more rich in color and sensation than Paris in Spring,”stated uTom Pecheux. “For this collection, I thought of amazing bouquets from the flower markets, the pretty pastels of children’s carousels and the pops of color from macaroons".

Bursting with energy and vibrancy, Heavy Petals is a fanciful palette of fresh shades that expresses the beauty of the spring season. This whimsical collection makes a modern statement for nails that conveys both femininity and style.


Coral Cult

Lilac Leather
The new Pure Color Nail Lacquer Heavy Petals Collection, which will have an RRP of $38.00 each, will be available at all Estée Lauder counters nationwide and at Estee Lauder Online from March 3, 2013

In spite of this collection being a spring collection intended for the European spring season, and that we are not (sadly) heading towards autumn here in Australia, I still love the pastel nails, and love wearing it for as long as possible and delay the dark and sombre autumn and winter colours. And how gorgeous and pretty are these pastel shades!!

What do you think of this new nail polish collection from Estee Lauder? Which colour is you favourite? Are you keen on wearing pastel colours as we head towards autumn?

24 February 2013

Nicole by OPI Launches A Modern Family Collection

I like watching comedy shows on the TV, but I have to be honest that I easily tire of them. But one that both my hubby and I so far continue to enjoy watching is A Modern Family. So I was thrilled when I heard that Nicole by OPI now has a Modern Family collection where each nail lacquer represents the colourful and quirky personalities of the characters.

I love the OPI nail polishes, as you can always rely on the best quality and a fabulous colour range, and very importantly that they do not contain DBP, Toluene, or Formaldehyde.


The Modern Family collection features 14 from a classic taupe grey named after patriarch Jay, to a sparkly pink hue fit for little Lily!
The collection includes from left to right;

My Jay or The Highway – a sophisticated pale taupe grey
Back in My Gloria Day – a rich sexy plum

Stand By Your Manny – a beautiful pale blue
Alex by the Books – a subtle yet intelligent mint green

Basking in Gloria – a rich ruby red that is saucy and spicy
Haley Good Looking – a feminine pink glitter that will always have admirers

Am I Making Myself Claire? – a delicate shade of lilac
Luke of the Draw - an adventurous gunmetal grey

A Like Haley Story – a fabulous coral pink
I Do De-Claire – a frosty rose pink


A Phil’s Paradise – a desirable slate grey that will SELL, SELL, SELL
What’s The Mitch-uation – a more serious shade of Olympic Blue

She’s Lily Something – a fantasy land filled with glittery pink, confetti and stars

Candid Cameron – this year’s Pantone Colour of the Year, Emerald Green

The Nicole by OPI Modern Family collection will be available for a RRP of $14.95 each, from 14th March 2013 from selected pharmacies, Hairhouse Warehouse, Petra Haircare and from Nicole by OPI Online.

I really like the colours A Phil’s Paradise,  What’s The Mitch-uation and Candid Cameron, and I will definitely be checking those out when they hit the stores next month!

What about you, what do you think of this Collection? Any of the colours caught your eye? And do you even watch A Modern Family?



23 February 2013

Product News: Nicole by OPI Launches Selena Gomez Collection

I love OPI nail polishes, including the range Nicole by OPI. They are of such great quality, continuously bring out new and amazing colours, and very importantly they are 3-free, namely free from the chemical nasties DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde.


So am always very excited when I hear of new collections being launched, including when I heard that Selena Gomez is now joining the likes of the Kardashians and Mariah Carey with the launch of her own exclusive range of Nicole by OPI nail lacquers.

Sweet, funky, flirty and fun best describes the 14 shades of lacquers inspired by actress & singer Selena Gomez. The colour palette carefully selected captures her sweet yet spunky personality, from soft pink and peach hues to bright glitter and confetti lacquers. This diverse colour range offers the right hue for every occasion and every mood.

The collection consists of 7 bright hues and 7 glittery shades.

The Glittery shades:

The Glittery shades from left to right;

Heavenly Angel: Wow in a bottle, iridescent shredded glitter. 

Confetti Fun; A multi-coloured rainbow glitter in a shimmery base.

Inner Sparkle: We all need a bit of this - a soft feminine pink and lilac hex glitter mixed with small gold glitter. 

Kissed At Midnight: A pale gold glitter with a hint of silver in a clear base. 

Mi Fantasia: Not unlike its name, this blue and purple holographic glitter will bedazzle.

Stars At Night: A silver holographic bar glitter in a clear base. The strips reflect in the sunlight creating a rainbow effect.
Sweet Dreams: An aqua, silver and purple confetti glitter in a clear base

The opaque shades:

The 7 opaque shades from left to right:

Hit the Lights: A bright creamy yellow that makes you crave spring

Love Song: A pretty violet with just the slightest hint of a shimmer

Naturally: A bubble gum pink that is so delicious you will want to eat, this lacquer has a slight shimmer.

Pretty In Plum: A shimmery vibrant red purple that almost glows, even in the shade!

Scarlett: A fuchsia pink shimmer. The shimmer verges on duo chrome where the pink shifts to gold in the sunlight.

Selena: This is the peach we’ve been waiting for, a peachy pink. Flattering to most skin tones.

Spring Break: A bright fuchsia pink, ideal on your toes for that tropical island retreat.

The Selena Gomez range of Nicole by OPI will be available from 14th March 2013, at an RRP of $14.95 each, from selected pharmacies, Hairhouse Warehouse, Petra Haircare and from Nicole by OPI Online

Personally I’m not such a big fan of the glittery polishes, but I do like the bright opaques including in particularly Pretty in Plum!
What do you think about this new Selena Gomez collection? What colour(s) are you keen on getting your hands on?


22 February 2013

Product Review: Philips Lumea Precision Plus

I am sure I am not the only female with more body hair than I like…! And we all have our favourite ways of getting rid of this unwanted hair whether it's shaving, depilatory creams, waxing or epilating. Personally I prefer epilating, as I feel I get the same result as waxing, something I have not yet dared try myself, and epilating I can do at home, where and when it suits me.

But although the epilator pulls out the hair by the roots, every 2-3 weeks the hairs keep coming back again, so when I was asked to trial the *Philips Lumea Precision Plus, an at home IPL hair removal system that permanently removes unwanted hair, I happily accepted. Here are my thoughts;

What they Say:
"Philips Lumea IPL hair removal system works wonders to prevent the reappearance of hair on face as well as body. Gentle pulses of light, applied regularly, keep skin silky-smooth every day".
For full information, visit Philips
RRP: $1299 – Available from The Shaver Shop (currently on special for $799)

What I Say:
It’s has now been a while since I received the Philips Lumea device, so I have had a good chance to get it to the test. If you have not seen my initial post and thoughts on the Philips Lumea, you can see it here.

The Philips Lumea Device
The actual Philips Lumea Precision Plus looks almost like a hairdryer or a handheld barcode scanner. On the handle you turn it on, and then set the light intensity level according to your skin and hair colour. There are little buttons around the edges that act as a safety switch.

I found the device light and easy to use. A burst of light will not be released unless the applicator is in full contact with your skin and you have to push the trigger. It also has a green ready light on the back of the device which is easy to see and lights up when it is ready to go.
It has five adjustable light energy settings to ensure gentle but effective treatment, across a variety of skin tones and hair colours. Used correctly, Philips Lumea's IPL treatment is safe and gentle to use even on sensitive skin and sensitive body areas.

The device has an integrated UV filter to protect skin from UV light, so no glasses are needed while using it. However, there is a very bright red light that comes with each zap, so my personal advice is still to look away while zapping.

The Philips Lumea Precision Plus comes with two attachments; a large body attachment and a smaller precision attachment which is equipped with an extra integrated light filter and enables a safe and convenient application on the upper lip, chin and sideburns, as well as sensitive areas on the body, such as the underarms, the bikini area and hard-to-reach areas.
I also find that it is a bonus that no replacement parts needed, as it is equipped with a high-performance lamp which does not require replacement. The lamp can generate over 100,000 flashes, which means you can maintain results for more than 5 years.

The unique cordless design means that it is easier to get to difficult to reach areas without having to work around a cord.
It comes very professionally packaged and includes an instruction manual, a cleaning cloth and a travel bag to keep the device safe.
The treatment works best on light skin with dark hair, simply because white reflects light and black absorbs it.
Lumea Precision targets the melanin in the hair, it is not suitable for treatment of light blonde, white, grey or red hair, as the hair simply doesn’t contain sufficient melanin to have any effect. It is also not suitable for those with too dark skin and hair, as the skin and hair may simply absorb too much light and heat that skin reactions may occur.
Consequently it is most suitable for those with light to medium toned skin, and with naturally dark blond through to black hair. Within a few days, the hair will start to fall out and not grow back.
It is also not suitable if you have any skin irritations, diseases, if your skin is sensitive to light, or easily develops a rash or allergic reaction. It is also not suitable for use while pregnant or breast feeding.

To remove the hairs, the light window is then placed on the surface on your skin and the light is then absorbed by the dark hair and kills the hair off at the root. As hairs are in different stages of growth, and only those in the growing phase are susceptible to the light treatment, for optimal results, the area needs to be treated every two weeks, 4-5 times. And by then, most of the hairs should have fallen out.

I concentrated on treating my underarms and legs and thighs, and found that it took 2 minutes to do both armpits, and around 15-20 minutes to do both my legs and thighs on both legs. And of course the great thing is that you can do it on the couch while watching TV.

I cannot deny that there will be some pain, and even more so if you are zapping an area with heaps of hair. Generally, the less hair, the less pain it will bring, although treating more sensitive areas will also feel more painful. Treating the legs, I kind of just felt a quick and short warm feeling, while it hurt a little more doing the armpits, probably because the hair there is thicker, and the area is more sensitive too. But all in all, I felt that it is almost like getting waxed, an intense but short sharp pain, which to me was a bearable and also because it only lasts for a second or two.

The Risks

The Philips Lumea claims to be very safe for both face and body, but of course skin irritation is concern. After shaving, your skin must be clean and dry, no lotions to be applied. It is also advised not to use any products containing alcohol 24 hours following treatment, as well as avoid sun exposure for 48 hours after the treatment.


According to the instruction manual, you should start off with the absolute lowest setting suitable for your skin type first, which for me was a 4/5, so I started with 4 being gentler of the two on my legs, just to be safe!

It didn’t hurt but just felt quite warm on my skin, and following the treatment, I did not have any redness or issues.

Using the Philips Lumea Precision Plus does take both patience and commitment. You have to keep up the treatments from the start, or you will be back square one. And if you have large areas of hair you wish to remove it does take quite some time, which does get a little boring in the end (hence why I have used it in front of the TV!)

The device does have some weight to it, weighing 550gms, so after a while the hand does get a little tired from the weight, as well as from repeatedly squeezing the button at awkward angles trying to reach all areas.

I did find that not all hair shed immediately or 100%, so patience is definitely required. I did learn that exfoliating the skin a few days after the treatment helped and encouraged the hair to shed faster.

I started to see the hair shed around the 2nd week of first application, and after 4 sessions on the same areas I estimate that the hair had reduced by about 70%, and after the 5 sessions around 80%. Some hairs haven't grown back but there are still more than I would have thought – but all in all, I definitely have less hairs than when I started out, which is definitely a great bonus.

But as with all laser/light treatment it is recommended to continue with the treatments to prevent hair regrowth. You may be hair-free now, but as there is a chance of the hair growing back eventually, spot treatment can easily be done to maintain results.

Retailing at $1299.95, the Philips Lumea Precision Plus is not exactly cheap, but when you realise that a single IPL treatment at a salon can be around $350, and you also need to have numerous treatments there, you will very quickly save yourself some money by purchasing your own device.
Obviously this will always be a more expensive hair removal system than say a shaver and shaving cream – but that is also completely different ball game, where you will continue having to shave your legs ever few days. And as I have noticed that I considerably less hairs, and as I assume that with a few more treatments, I will have next to no hairs growing back, and hereafter only need follow up treatment now and again, the Philips Lumea Precision Plus is definitely an effective device, which will save me a lot of time not having to remove hair in the future!
*This product was kindly provided for consideration, and it has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

What do you think of IPL hair removal? Would you consider doing it at home? What’s your preferred way of removing hair?

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