16 April 2018


I love a good liquid eyeliner, but without being a pro, it can be hard to find a good one, one that doesn’t smudge, but stays put all day, and of course makes it possible to draw a super fine line. I have tried a lot of different ones over the years, always on the search for the perfect one, so when the newest eyeliner invention from Revlon landed on my desk, needless to say I was rather excited and couldn’t wait to put it to the test.

The new Revlon ColorStay Exactify Liquid Liner has a wheel-tip technology, which is much similar to a pizza wheel-cutter. The eye liner promises to to make an unprecedented smooth, straight and no-skip line, as the wheel tip gives easy control.

Revlon also promises that you’ll get a precise, exact line, that waterproof, smudge, smear and fade-proof, lasting up to 24 hours. The eyeliner also promises to be highly pigmented with a vinyl finish. All sound pretty good to me. So what are my thoughts…

Before using the eye liner you firstly have to it a good shake, otherwise it will come out very thin, and far from pigmented.

Again, I am far from a pro, and I have to say that the new style wheel applicator does take a little getting used it. If you rush it, it will end up looking terrible (but then, don’t most eyeliners), and when you’re successful, you will get an amazing super fine, crisp line. I did find the wheel a little sharp, so I feel it really requires your full attention when applying it (and not like me, usually with two little kids crawling between my legs). 

three fine lines, and a rushed messy one!!

I did find that the wheel only holds a small amount of product, which does help with the super fine lines, but on the negative, it does mean that you may have to dip it into the tube several times for each eye to get sufficient product, and when doing so, it can be hard to retrace a perfect line, as per the picture above.

Once applied, the eyeliner dries quickly, and once it has, it really does stay put throughout the day, and as promised, without fading or smudging - even on my sensitive eyes that easily waters. But at night, it removes easily with eye makeup or micellar water. I actually find that it dries quicker than most other eye liners, which again means you have to concentrate on getting it right the first time, as it is almost impossible to smudge any mistake you make.

There are four different shades available; 

  • Intense Black - a matte black
  • Sparkling Black - a shimmery black
  • Mulberry - a shimmery medium reddish-brown shade
  • Mermaid Blue - a shimmery teal shade
I am quite conservative when it comes to my makeup so my preferred shades would be the intense black, and for night time, I’ve also enjoyed the Sparkling Black for a though of shimmer. For some reason, I haven’t used a brown liquid eyeliner for years, not really sure why, as I actually do like how it gives a somewhat softer and not so intense look. Definitely one I will be reaching for on more casual days. Finally, there’s the Mermaid Blue shade, and while this teal-aqua shade is gorgeous, unfortunately it is just not my style. 

Overall I really do love how you, with a bit if practise cab get such a super fine line and that it really does stay put all day without smudging, even on my greasy eyelids. Yes, I may reach for my usual eyeliners on the days where I am in a hurry, but when I’ve got the time, I know I’ll be reaching for these, and can easily see myself repurchasing.

Revlon Colorstay Exactify Liquid Liner - RRP: $25.95 / 1ml

Available from Chemist Warehouse and Priceline

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