31 March 2016


During the many months I was at the Children's Hospital with our little baby I received a beautiful parcel of some new product launches from Maybelline to coincide with spring and summer 2015. Unfortunately I was simply to distracted to post about these, until now. One of the new products were the Maybelline New York Color Sensational Rebel Bloom Lip Color..

Top to Bottom: 700, 705, 710, 715, 720, 725, 730, 735, 740, 745

These Color Sensational Rebel Bloom Lip Colors are promoted as a range of bright pastel colours that 'rebel', and I really like that they add an unusual pop of vibrant colour to the pastel shades otherwise seen in early spring.

The range is available in 10 shades, which include;

700 Barely Bloomed
705 Blushing Bud
710 Petal Pink
715 Hibiscus Pop
720 Power Peony
725 Lilac Flush
730 Orchid Ecstasy
735 Rose Rush
740 Coral Burst
745 Peach Poppy

L-R: 745, 740, 735, 730, 725, 720, 715, 710, 705, 700

Personally I am not a huge fan of too pale lipsticks, so again, I really like that these pastels are brighter than usual pastels. Yet still, my favourites of these 10 shades are without a doubt the darker shades 735 Rose Rush and 740 Coral Burst, along with an classical dusty rose shade, shade 705 Blushing Bud.

The formula has been honey nectar to give the lips a smooth look and add moisture to the lips.

And they do feel lovely and moisturising on the lips, although they could be more moisturising for my personal liking, but at least they are not, and do not feel drying on the lips which is really the main thing.

L-R: 745, 740, 735, 730, 725, 720, 715, 710, 705, 700

But what I really like about these are that they are very pigmented, just one swipe is enough for full colour intensity, and with a nice sheen.

They also have a fairly good wear on the lips, longest with 4+ hours for the darker shades such as shades 730 Orchid Ecstasy and 735 Rose Rush.

The lipsticks have a faint vanilla scent, which I am not a huge fan of as I find it a little odd and artificial, but as this is quite subtle I can certainly live with it.
They all come with a pinky-purple casing that almost matches shade 725 Lilac Flush. This gives them a bright and girly look too, as well as make them easy to spot in an over-crowded handbag. I also like that each has a colour-matched sticker at the end so if you have several shades you can easily find the one you are after. 

Overall this is a lovely range of lipsticks, and I dare say that there is something in this range to suit every taste and occasion, whether you like something pale and neutral, and varying shades of pink, fuchsia, purple and red shades.

The Maybelline New York Color Sensational Rebel Bloom Lip Color have an RRP of $16.95 each, and are available from Priceline, select pharmacies and supermarkets.

* Some products may have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.
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30 March 2016


Today I like to share with you some eyeshadows which have been my go-to's lately, especially on those mornings where I have a very early start taking our little baby for check-ups at the hospital..

The Sisley Paris Phyto-Eye Twist is a crayon-style pen that can be used as bot eyeshadow and eyeliner, although personally I always 'just' use it as eyeshadow and use my regular eyeliner as well.

It has a rounded tip that makes it easy to quickly glide over the lid, and as it is quite pigmented, just one swipe is more than sufficient for me, as I generally prefer just a simply look, although you can of course swipe a few more times if you want to build up the colour even further.

The stick is beautiful and creamy, so you can apply it without dragging or pulling, and I like that after applying it, I do have a few moments where I can quickly blend it with my finger for the desired look. And there is never any need to sharpen it, as you simply twist it to reveal more product when needed. And let me not forget to mention the funky black and white zebra printed pen!

Liken all other makeup products from Sisley, I love that thought has been put into the products and they are enriched with plant based active ingredients, including green tea, white lily and camellia which helps protect the delicate and sensitive skin on the eyelids.

With combination skin and subsequent greasy eyelids, getting eyeshadow to stay put is usually a battle, but I have to say that Sisley has got it spot on, as even without using a primer first, the Phyto Eye Twists simply stays put all day long, no fading, sliding or settling into all those fine lines that are sadly creeping it. They really are waterproof as claimed, yet they are so easy to remove at night with either eye makeup remover, or micellar water.

The Sisley Paris Phyto Eye Twists are available in 8 shades;

1 Topaze
2 Bronze
3 Khaki
4 Steel
5 Lagoon
6 Marine
7 Havana
8 Black Diamond

L-R: Topaze, Bronze, Havana

The colour range is considerably small and ideally I'd love to see a few more colours added, including a few paler ones for highlighting.

I've got the brownish shades, Topaze, Havana and Bronze, and love every single one of them, although when I use just one shade, I tend to use the two lighter shades, Topaze which is light brown and Bronze which has a bronze shade with a greenish tint. Havana is more of a dark chocolate shade, and I love using it when creating a bolder look.

I am seriously in love with these Sisley Phyto Eye Twists, and know that I will repurchase again and again.

The Sisley Paris Phyto Eye Twists have an RRP of $55 each and are available from Sisley Paris counters and from Sisley Paris Online
* Some products may have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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29 March 2016


The March Lust Have It Box arrived the day before Easter, which was very lovey, plus always nice when the box actually arrives in the relevant month! Here's what was inside and my thoughts...

What They Say

Lust Have It boxes regularly contains products worth $60+ for only $19.95/month! Monthly box filled with 5 to 6 premium beauty samples. Delivered to your home or work each month for you to try.

RRP: Lust Have It Box (monthly) RRP: $19.95, Eco Box (quarterly) RRP: $29.95 – but if you use my unique code LIFESTYLE at the checkout on the Lush Have It website, you are eligible for $5 off your first box from Lust Have It, and at the same time you’ll also be supporting Beauty & Lifestyle Hunter, as I will get a few dollars too if someone subscribes using this code.

Available from Lust Have It 

What I Say:

Like previous months, this months’ products arrived in a pink mesh bag. I don't mind those bags, but have so many of these by now that I'm starting to not know what to do with them, so really I'd love it if Lust Have It changed the style again for a bit of a variety. This months bag included four full sized items as well as a deluxe sized sample. 

Be A Bombshell Mechanical Eyeliner in Radiance - Full Size (RRP: $20)
By now I have received quite a few items from Be A Bombshell Cosmetics in the Lust Have It boxes, and while I don't mind the products that I've tried so far, I guess the novelty is wearing off a little and essentially I'd love to see other new brands included instead. This eyeliner in the shade Radiance is a purple/eggplant shade, and being as conservative as I am, sadly I doubt that I'll ever wear it!!

Sebamed Liquid Face & Body Wash - Deluxe Size, 50ml (RRP: $14.95/300ml)

I have heard of this brand, but never actually tried any of the products. The wash claims to be good for normal to sensitive skin as it has a PH value adjusted to healthy skin, so it is super gentle and perfect for sensitive skin. I don't particularly have sensitive skin so don't really have a need for this, so not really super excited about this one. But at least my husband often complains about dry or irritated skin on his body, so I think I'll pass it on to him. 

Glazel Visage Single Matte Eyeshadow - Full Size (RRP: $15)

A new brand I've never come across before. YAY, that's always exciting. I got the eyeshadow in a matte violet shade, which is pretty enough, but again, as I'm quite conservative and prefer nude or brown shades on my eyes, I will never use this, which is a bummer. But for those who will, at least it matches the purple Be A Bombshell Eyeliner. Mellow Cosmetics Matte Lipstick - Full Size ($18)

Jersey Shore Spa Anti Ageing Whole Body Balm - Full Size (RRP: $20)

Another new brand yay! That is, I have actually heard of Jersey Shore before, but never tried any of their products so still exciting. This Anti Ageing Whole Body Balm comes in the shape of a lip balm! Have to admit that I re-read the card, as surely this cannot be a body balm! But yup, and in fact, it can be used in the hair too. Enriched with among others jojoba oil, vitamin E and Argan Oil, it claims to deeply condition, nourish and hydrate. Look forward to trying this one out!

Ruby Slanted Fine Eyeliner Brush - Full Size (RRP: $22.40)

Another brand that I have not come across before (I know that the Ruby Shoes brand has recently launched a makeup line, but I'm unsure if this is from that brand!). Anyway, the brush looks great, and I don't actually have a slanted eyeliner brush in my collection, mainly because I always use liquid eyeliners in pen format, so never really had a use for one, but regardless, still handy to have in your brush collection.

So there you go, the contents of this months Lust Have It. Value-wise this box is definitely worth its money, but unfortunately, this month I just don't the products that valuable to me. I will enjoy using the Jersey Shore Body Balm, and don't mind the brush (although would naturally have preferred another style that I could have used immediately!). The Sebamed will be passed on, and the eyeliner and eyeshadow I really don't know what to do with! But I'm sure others will be very pleased with this month's selection.

Of course I can fully understand how difficult it must be for Lust Have It to put together the monthly box that is suitable for everyone, and to everyone's taste. I just wish that there was some sort of customisation available - If I'd only received the eyeliner and the eye shadow in more 'user-friendly' shades, then I would have been a happy camper too - Like I was last month. I have my fingers crossed that next months box will be better again!

* Some products may have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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24 March 2016


Today I’d like to talk about an amazing moisturiser – the Pure Nano Hydrating Gel from Skin Inc. I got this and started using it in the latter month of my pregnancy, I then gave birth to our little boy and tried to get settled in at home with a newborn and a toddler – and before we knew it, our world was turned upside down and our baby ended up in hospital where he (and I with him) stayed for the next 4.5months. Needless to say that my blogging came to a bit of a stop. This Pure Nano Hydrating Gel is one of those products I never got around to writing about... Until now..

Anyway, here are my thoughts..
This Pure Nano Hydrating Gel is a bit of a multi-tasker as it both repairs, hydrates, tones, protects and primes your skin, so it’s suitable for use under makeup too. It has a very light gel formula which is water-soluble and contains a mixture of seaweed extract and vitamin C that are encapsulated in nano capsules to improve delivery of  nutrients into your skin, while pearl extract and ceramide complex whiten, nourish and hydrate.

It has the following benefits;
  • Anti-oxidising
  • Brightening
  • For oily/acne-prone skin
  • Hydrating
  • Plumping
  • Smoothing
  • Strengthening
The gel absorbs instantly into the skin, leaving it so soft and moisturised, and it is absolutely perfect for my combination skin, but I can also imagine it working perfectly on even oilier skin types as it is so lightweight and non-greasy too.  
It is recommended that you wait a few minutes before applying makeup, but as it absorbs so rapidly, you can actually get on with it more or less immediately. And it does make applying your makeup so easy, as it simply glides on your skin as it is so soft and so smooth.

After using it for a few months as a day cream, I am really enjoying using this cream, and if it wasn’t for the hefty price tag, I’d purchase it again in a heartbeat, but sadly my income as a stay-at-home mum (read none!), simply doesn’t justify it. However if it only did… the cream has left my skin soft and smooth and so deeply moisturised too – sometimes you think that greasy skin doesn’t need a lot, but this just goes to show that it does, as my skin is clearly more plumb after using it, and I also feel that it is possibly making my skin less greasy and I definitely also feel that it is brighter and clearer too, and it makes my skin look so healthy and glowing!
The moisturiser comes in a convenient and large 60ml pump bottle and the moisturiser itself is very concentrated as only a tiny pump is more than sufficient to cover the whole face.

The only think that some may find a negative, is the lack of any SPF – but personally I don’t mind, as the days I’m outside I just layer a sunscreen on top, and otherwise my skin much prefer products without SPF.
Again, this is the first product from Skin Inc that I’ve ever tried, and I absolutely love it, and pretty keen on exploring the rest of the range.

RRP: $162 (60ml) – Available from Luxola 
* Some products may have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

23 March 2016


Today I’d like to share with you my thoughts on the newly launched L’Occitane en Provence Shea Butter Cleansing Oil;

What They Say:
Discover a new way to cleanser your skin with shea oil. This silky texture, enriched with shea oil, leaves skin perfectly cleansed and fresh, with no oily residue. Without disrupting the skin’s moisture balance, it helps to remove all impurities and makeup – even waterproof.

RRP: $35 (200ml) – Available from L’Occitane

What I Say:
With combination skin prone to breakouts I have not always thought that cleansing oils were ideal for my skin. How very wrong I was. And during winter, my skin does tend to become a little drier, so even I need to step up the moisture levels. The new cleansing oil from L’Occitane contains 5% shea oil that helps keep your skin soft and hydrated while removing all makeup. The cleansing oil does naturally feel oily on the skin at first, but once rinsed off it doesn’t leave behind any oily residue at all, nor does it dry out the skin and leave it feeling tight.

To use, I pump a couple of pumps of the oil into my hand and massage it onto my face to loosen up makeup, dirt and grime, before adding a little water to emulsify and make it turn milky, massaging for a further minute or so before finally rinsing my face. And my skin is left incredibly soft and smooth, and every last bit of makeup removed, even my otherwise longwearing waterproof mascara, and that without any rubbing or pulling at the sensitive eye area. And all with just one cleanse – although I always like to double cleanse, following with a ‘treatment’ cleanser.
The cleansing oil has a nice consistency that is neither too thick or too runny, and it has a lovely and powdery shea butter fragrance, that is so soft and delicate that you can only love it.

The L’Occitane Shea Butter Cleansing Oil comes in a tall see-through pump bottle that is easy to use. As well as the shea butter, it also contains sunflower seed oil, baobab seed oil and vitamin E, to help care for the skin.
Overall this is a really lovely cleansing oil, and I love how quick it is to use and how easily it removes all my makeup, so if you like cleansing oils, I highly recommend that you check out this new Shea Butter one from L’Occitane, even if you’ve got dry skin, you won’t be disappointed.

* Some products may have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

18 March 2016


About 10 or so years ago Marc Jacobs launched Daisy, and it quickly be came one of my favourite scents. Not long after Lola was introduced as a completely different scent. Since then, Marc Jacobs have launched countless fragrances, but most, if not all of these have all been different takes of either Daisy or Lola, fresher, fruitier, you name it. Until now that Marc Jacobs is finally bringing out a brand new scent, Decadence. 

And as soon as you the bottle you'd have to agree that it is decadent, as the actual bottle as been inspired by one of Marc Jacobs hand bags.

The emerald green square bottle comes with a cap with an exotic python design, and has heavy-duty gold chain and a long black silky tassel. It basically looks like a luxurious feminine handbag. Too pretty to put away in its box (which by the way is also incredible with its dark green velvety feel and gold embossed logo) - but so far I've resisted temptation and stored it away from the clumsy fingers of our 2.5 year old, also knowing it will keep much better if it is stored in a dark cool place as opposed to our warm sunny ensuite! 

Now on to the actual fragrance. The Marc Jacobs Decadence contains among others: 
  • Top Notes: Italian Plum, Saffron and Iris
  • Heart Notes: Bulgarian Rose, Lush Orris and Jasmine Sambac
  • Base Notes: Liquid Amber, Vetiver, Papyrus Wood
This Decadence fragrance is very fresh and fruity when you first apply it, but dries down to a more woody and powdery scent. Thanks, I believe, to the plum and the saffron, it is a heavier scent (than ie. Marc Jacobs Daisy), and as I generally prefer fresher scents, Daisy does remain a favourite, especially for daytime wear.
That said, this is an incredibly beautiful scent. It is so feminine and luxurious scent, that is rich, dark and mature, and hence perfect for that special night out, as well as I feel that it is more suitable for use during winter than during the hot summer. Being a bit heavier, I consequently also feel that it is not as suitable for young girls as say Daisy that is lighter and fruitier.

The composition of the scent, however also means that it has got an incredible longevity, and in fact, if I spray it on my neck in the morning, my husband has told me he can still smell it the next morning, after a full day and a full nights wear. Now that's incredible.
Overall, I am pleased to have added Decadence to my collection and I will continue to enjoy both admiring the bottle and wearing the scent for years to come. As anything from Marc Jacobs, everything from the scent to the bottle is truly unique. If you'd like to stand out from the rest, then it's definitely worth checking out.
Marc Jacobs Decadence Eau de Parfum: $190/100ml, $150/50ml, $100/30ml
Marc Jacobs Decadence Body Lotion: $65/150ml 
Marc Jacobs Decadence Shower Gel: $55/150ml
Available from Myer, David Jones, Sephora, and selected pharmacies.
* Some products may have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.
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16 March 2016


You'll probably remember that I've previously declared my love for home-grown Aussie brand, Jurlique, in particular the Hydrating Rose Mist, the hand creams, sun creams and lip balms, so today I'm going to talk about the Purifying Mask and the Blemish Cream.

Recently my skin has gone a little bonkers. While I've always struggled with breakouts, in recent years I've managed to keep them under fairly good control. Until recently where a particularly stressful period in my life, made my skin flare up like it hasn't for a long time. I reached for several products, among those the Jurlique Purifying Mask and the Jurlique Blemish Cream.

Keeping my skin cleansed deep down every pore, is a vital step - including doing the weekly or twice weekly face mask to really draw out those impurities. The Jurlique Purifying Mask is a purifying and refining treatment mask designed specifically for oily skin. It gently exfoliates the skin while controlling and rebalancing oiliness and helps lift away and absorb impurities and excess sebum from the skin and pores.

The actual mask is a clay mask that contains potent botanical extracts including among others sesame seed oil, almonds and oat bran to exfoliate, and lift away the impurities while extracts of wheat bran, carrot root, green tea, grapeseed and tumeric helps protect the skin against environmental aggressors.

It is recommended to be used weekly and left on the skin, avoiding the eye area for approx 10. I do admit to using it twice a week for a few weeks, simply as my skin was so bad. And while I did not notice an immediate effect of the mask, I did after each use both seen and feel that my skin was incredibly soft and smooth, and pores appeared smaller. Often masks designed for oily skin really dry out the skin, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that it wasn't the case with this one from Jurlique. Since regularly using this mask, my skin has luckily almost cleared up again. As I've used countless of other products in the fight of the blemishes, it is naturally a little tricky to exactly say how this mask has performed. However, I am convinced that it has helped make my skin considerably less greasy, and consequently it has helped prevent my pores becoming clogged up and the blemishes appearing in the first place.

The mask has a lovely natural scent that you can only love, and I also really like knowing that it is made using the best organic ingredients without all the nasties! 

The Jurlique Blemish Cream is an acne-purifying treatment that contains botanicals and clay to help reduce the appearance of blemishes and redness, while soothing the skin at the same time as it helps rebalance oiliness and sebum in the skin.

The Blemish Cream can be used both during the day and night, but personally I find that it is best used during the day only, for the simple reason that it is slightly tinted, so it actually works as a kind of concealer at the same time. It is easy to blend, and helps even out the skin tone, and covering not only the actual blemish, but also any redness surrounding it. Unlike most other blemish creams I've tried, the Jurlique Blemish Cream doesn't irritate my skin or dry it out, yet still within a day or two of using it, blemished are usually either cleared up or at least significantly reduced in size. I also like that it doesn't have that typical strong chemical scent of most other blemish treatments, and I really like that this Blemish Cream not only covers up breakouts and blemishes, but helps treat them at the same time.

Overall, two fantastic products from Jurlique, that are definitely worth checking out if you too suffer with oily skin and breakouts.

Purifying Mask $80/100ml
Blemish Cream $35/15ml
Available from Jurlique

* Some products may have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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15 March 2016


Today I'd like to talk about the Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti-Ageing Treatment Boosting Cleanser. This cleanser promises to help improve skin texture and boost skin radiance, and I certainly wouldn't my skin improving in either area, so I was very excited to be trialing this cleanser, which is available from ActiveSkin.

The cleanser contains both physical scrubbing beads in the form of bamboo microbeads slough away dead skin cells as well as chemical enzymatic exfoliators to which clean deep down every single pore to refine the skin's surface for a smoother, softer and clearer skin.

The cleanser is called a boosting cleanser as it has also been formulated with idebenone, one of the most powerful antioxidants as well as mushroom extracts which combined help protect the skin from environmental damage. It also contains.

The cleanser is slightly gritty, but personally, while I do like purely chemical exfoliators, I also like to feel the scrubbing particles between my fingers. But consequently I only feel that the cleanser should be used every few days.

Due to the actual scrubbing particles, and as it is consequently not ideal to get it too close to the eyes, I do not feel that it is a cleanser that is suitable for removing makeup, and consequently I have either been using it as a second cleanse, or alternatively as the only cleanser in the morning, where I often use it in the shower.

Used on slightly damp skin, you can almost immediately feel the doing its magic, and after gently massaging it over the skin for a minute or two, and then rinsing it off, you can both feel and see the results. My skin not only is so incredibly soft and smooth, it also has a healthy glow. And all without irritating my skin or making it feel tight or dry.

As for the ant-ageing benefits, it is really difficult to say if the Anti-Ageing Treatment Boosting Cleanser really does live up to its claims - firstly because it is actually only in touch with the skin for a few moments before it is rinsed off, and secondly, because I of course use countless anti-ageing serums and creams afterwards and it is impossible to completely distinguish the unique effects of each product used.

That said, I really enjoy using this cleanser as a scrub every few days as an extra cleanse as it makes my skin feel so soft, healthy and glowing.

This is the first product from the Elizabeth Arden Prevage range that I've ever tried, but considering how much I enjoy using this cleanser, I definitely wouldn't mind checking out some of the other products from the range. 

RRP: $65/125ml - Available from ActiveSkin

About ActiveSkin – if you are not familiar with ActiveSkin, they are an online beauty store stocking over 5000 products. They have a low shipping rate of $6.95, but do offer free shipping when you spend over $95. You can also shop with ActiveSkin confidence as they not only match a competitor’s price, they will beat their prices by 10% of the difference. They also have a cool rewards system where you accumulate points which can be redeemed against future purchases. And if you need a little help selecting products, you can always just give them a call and a Qualified Skin Expert is there to give you advice.

* Some products may have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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11 March 2016


Calvin Klein fragrances are amongst my absolute favourites. I have quite a few different ones, many of which I've repurchased several times. Unlike other brands, I don't think I've ever smelled a Calvin Klein scent that I didn't like and that didn't go straight onto the wish list. So whenever I hear of a new Calvin Klein fragrance launch, I always get very excited, and so I did when I heard news of the new CK2. 

Back in the 90s Calvin Klein launched two unisex fragrances, first ONE followed a little later by BE. I had both, and in particularly liked ONE.

With CK2, Calvin Klein is launching a new unisex, or as they call it, a "gender-free fragrance for a man or a woman without prejudices, to unite and create an experience that can be shared together in love, lust and friendship." As also correctly stated "Life is better when we are 2."

The fragrance is described as urban woody fresh , and contains the following notes; 

  • Top: wasabi, mandarin, violet leaf absolute
  • Middle: wet cobblestones, orris concrete, rose absolute
  • Base: vetiver, incense, sandalwood
Generally I prefer light, citrusy and fresh scents, so this one is right up my ally as it beautiful uncomplicated fresh aqua scent with the citrus lingering . As it dries down, it does get slightly warmer and a bit more musky yet also floral at the same time.
At first sniff, I actually, due to the floral undertone, that the fragrance was suitable for men as well, but after my husband, I did (unfortunately) have to change my mind. On him it is like the musky and woody undertones seems far stronger, and you can hardly detect the rose and violet notes.
The scent itself has a medium longevity, and when applying it in the morning, I do feel that I will need to reapply again in the late afternoon. But that said, I have also been using it on some particularly hot summer days.
The CK2 fragrance comes in a very minimalistic cylinder glass bottle that can sit on the square cap to keep the bottle upside down. I really love this understated minimalistic simplicity which I feel makes it absolutely stunning. There are plenty 'over the top' bottles out there, so this one really stands out with its less is more approach.
I do have to be honest and admit that I prefer the specific female scents from Calvin Klein, however, I still really like using this new CK2 scent and will particularly enjoy using it as we head into autumn. I also know that my husband really likes the freshness of it too, so it appears that I have to hide it somewhere unless I want to share it with him!
The CK2 scent is available as; 
CK2 Eau de Toilette: $99 / 100ml, $79 / 50ml 
CK2 Body Lotion: $19 / 200ml
CK2 Deodorant Stick: $19 / 75g
Available from David Jones, Priceline and selected pharmacies
* Some products may have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.


10 March 2016


As may of you may know, the second part of 2015 was a particularly tough time for our little family. You just never in a million years imagine that your little baby can be that sick when you heart the doctors say the word 'life threatening'! Gulp. It's that sort of thing that you never think can happen to you, only the neighbour, so when it does, your world naturally comes crashing down. And my body's response to intense stress was to make the skin break out! 

Now, skin breakouts are not new to me. I've struggled with my skin since I was a teenager, and still to this day where I'm now so old that anti-ageing products are a must, my skin plays up. Over the years I've tried more or less all products under the sun, but haven't really had major success with any. The most successful one has been using a gentle cleanser with my Clairsonic twice a day. Except, this time, it just wasn't quite enough, so when I was offered to trial the Medik8 Beta Moisturise Skin Balancing Mattifying Moisturiser and the Beta Gel, I happily accepted... 
The Medik8 Beta Moisturise Skin Balancing Mattifying Moisturiser is a very light, non-greasy daily moisturiser with active ingredients to provide continuous hydration and anti-inflammatory properties whilst controlling shine and oil production, for a clearer and more blemish free skin. 
Some of the key ingredients in the moisturiser are; 
  • Prebiotics/Probiotics - Prebiotics stimulate the growth of probiotic organisms. These can help balance the skin's bacteria levels and decrease blemish-causing bacteria and hence help prevent future breakouts.
  • Niacinamide, also known as Vitamin B3, - Helps to reduce sebum production, retains essential moisture, reduces redness and irritation and exhibits anti-inflammatory action, as well as assists with exfoliation and prevents pore blockages.
  • Beta-Glucan - Assists in skin renewal, supports the skin's natural defence mechanisms
  • Ethyl Linolete - Sebum regulator, anti-inflammatory
  • Cinnamon Extract - Helps regulate sebum production and maintain bacteria proliferation. It also helps reduce acne lesions and promote a blemish-free complexion
The moisturiser is of course also free from parabens and is also fragrance free so it is also suitable for sensitive skin types.
The moisturiser is so light and absorbs instantly into the skin, leaving it feeling fresh and moisturised, and you can immediately both see and feel its mattifying effect, which on my skin lasts all day. This also means that it is perfect for using under makeup, as it simply makes my skin stay put all day, even without the use of a primer. And when use as a night cream, I also don't wake in the morning with the feeling that my skin is greasy, which is such a lovely change too. But of course, what's better is that the moisturiser works behind the scenes to help control the oil production in the skin and reduce both existing breakouts and prevent future ones.
Don't let the tiny tube of the Medk8 Beta Gel Blemish Gel fool you. It may be small, but it is jam-packed with blemish fighting active ingredients that promises quick results.
Some of the key ingredient in the Beta Gel are;
  • Dioic Acid - helps reduce sebum production
  • Azelaic Acid which is a deeply penetrating anti-inflammatory and has Comedolytic properties
  • Salicylic Acid which helps clear blocked pores and prevents congested skin
  • Niacinamide (vitamin E), which exhibits anti-inflammatory action to help reduce irritation and the appearance of redness.
The Beta Gel not only helps heal existing breakouts and prevent the formation of future blemishes thanks to the salicylic acid which clears blocked pores and removes dead surface skin. And , it also helps calm the redness and irritation that often come with blemishes too.
The Beta Gel promises to work fast, and believe me when I say that it does! When I apply it before going to bed at night, I can already see a significant difference the next morning. Blemishes are simply not only smaller in size, my skin also seems far less red and irritated. But it is not only the actual blemish that reduces and vanishes a lot quicker than normal, those annoying dark marks you always get after breakouts, also seem to be significantly smaller too.
I love that the gel can be used on both individual blemishes and on larger problem areas, and the clear gel absorbs super quick into the skin without leaving it feeling sticky or tacky. And I really like that I can also use it on top of my makeup during the day if needed, and no one would ever know! And unlike most (if not all) other blemish products I've previously used, this Beta Gel does not dry out the skin! At all!
As I've been using the Beta Moisturiser and the Beta Gel together, it is obviously difficult to distinguish some individual benefits, but that said, they obviously work perfectly together, and combined, they have in no time helped get my skin back to a more normal state, and consequently I wouldn't hesitate purchasing either product again.
The moisturiser is at $75 for a 50ml tube, I find, quite reasonably priced for such a high quality product, while I do feel that the Beta Gel is a tad pricey at $79.50 for a small 15ml tube. You obviously only use the tiniest bit to cover a blemish, but still! That said, it has made my blemishes fade a lot quicker than with any other blemish gel, and for that reason, I will without a doubt purchase it again when I run out!
Medik8 Beta Moisturise Skin Balancing Mattifying Moisturiser, RRP: $75/50ml
Medik8 Beta Gel Blemish Gel, RRP: $79.50/15ml
Available from: Active Skin, Adore Beauty and RY

* Some products may have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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9 March 2016


Today I'd like to talk about a newly launched range from L'Occitane En Provence called Verveome Agrumes, or Citrus Verbena.

The range includes a number of body products, as well as shampoo and conditioner and a fragrance. I'll be talking about the Shampoo, Body Milk and Eau de Toilette..

Verbena is a lemony herb that grows in Provence, and in this range, L'Occitane combines this naturally zesty Verbena with lemon and grapefruit to create a fresh, sparkling and zesty fragrance. And as my favourite scent without a doubt is zesty citrus, I was sold even before trying the products!!!

The L'Occitane Verveine Agrumes Fresh Shampoo is a shampoo that is intended for daily use, as it is so gentle that it cleanses your hair and scalp with drying it out or irritating it. The Verbena extract along with the lemon essential oil helps restore the softness, shine and vitality of the hair. And as well as leave my hair feeling very soon and clean, without being squeaky, it also leaves it with the most beautiful fresh scent that keeps lingering for hours after I've washed my hair My long hair, seriously in need of a good hair cut, does require a little more moisture than this shampoo offers, but then again, it's nothing that a good intense hair masque can't fix!

The L'Occitane Verveine Agrumes Fresh Body Milk is such a light body milk that absorbs into the skin immediately, yet in spite of its thin and light consistency, it surprisingly still manages to leave my skin feel deeply moisturised, soft and smooth. It of course also contains the verbena extract, as well as the lemon essential oils and grapefruit extract, and I absolutely love how it leaves my skin with such a beautiful zesty fragrance, so beautiful that I cannot stop smelling my own skin.

Finally, the L'Occitane Verveine Agrumes Eau de Toilette, is such beautiful zesty and fruity fragrance that also has been enriched with the verbena, along with orange extract as well as lemon and orange essential oils. It is such a uplifting and energetic fresh scent. The nature of the fragrance makes it very light, and I think that most would probably find it best used during spring and summer, although personally, I love using light and fresh scents all year round. Light scents usually don't have an as long wear as more heavy ones, yet I still feel that it has a good wear of several hours, although I do feel the need to reapply at the end of the day, but that said, I think it pretty standard for most Eau de Toilette. And using the matching Body Milk with the Eau de Toilette helps extend and enhance the scent of both of them.

Overall, I really enjoy using these products, it is a beautiful extension to L'Occitane's already large product range. In particular I enjoy using the body and the Eau de Toilette, and can see myself reaching for these again and again over the coming months, also especially if I feel like I need a bit of an 'energy' boost in the mornings when I'm feeling extra tired.

As mention above, there are other several products available it the range, and I wouldn't hesitate repurchasing the body milk and the Eau de Toilette, as well as one of the hand creams wouldn't go astray!!

Shampoo, RRP: $26/250ml
Body Milk, RRP: $39/250ml
Eau de Toilette, RRP: $72/100ml

Available from L'Occitane

* Some products may have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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8 March 2016


Another product that I received just before our little baby ended up in hospital for 4.5 months and I consequently did not have the concentration or time to write about, was the beautiful Yves Saint Laurent Couture Variation Eye Palette.

The YSL Couture Variation Eye Palette came in two different combinations, each containing 10 different shades, Nude and Smokey. I put the Nude, or Nu as it is also called, palette to the test.

The palette contains shades in all imaginable finishes from matte to metallic, from satin to iridescent, and range from a very light nude to a dark chocolate brown hue. And in between there are shades of peach and rose, beiges, mauves, you name it, all shades necessary for a nude eye is simply in this palette, so you can both shape line the eyes with the darker shades, and add volume as well as highlight brow bone and inner corner with the lighter shades. All in addition to making it possible to play with the different finishes in the palette.

In short, the perfect palette for someone like me who more or less wears nothing but beige and brown shades, so with this palette, every single shade is sure to be used, which makes is great value compared to those palettes where there are always a few shades left untouched. 

And the actual eye shadows are a dream to work with too, easy to apply, whether you just want a simple delicate wash of colour, or want to build it up to a more intense dramatic look. Anything is possible with this palette as the it is so pigmented, and therefore it is also equally suited to both day or nigh-time wear.

The shadows have a good wear too, and even on my greasy lids stay put all day without sliding or fading, or settling into fine lines.

According to YSL, the NU palette "works in a gradient of nudes upwards like the notes of a musical scale growing crescendo to include beige, bronze and deep brown. Discrete or provocative. For a day look or a more sophisticated evening one, mix and match or wear the eye shadows on their own as washes".

The Eye Palette comes in a simplistic yet stunning long simple black glossy case with a gold centre bearing the YSL logo. On the inside of the lid, you'll find a full sized mirror. There is also quality double-ended applicator inside the palette, to help you both line and blend the eye shadow to achieve the perfect look.

Not a cheap palette, but again, at such a high quality, and as you will actually use EVERY SINGLE SHADE in the palette, it is absolutely worth every cent. Highly recommended.

Yves Saint Laurent Couture Variation Palette RRP $129

* Some products may have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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7 March 2016


Today I’d like to share with you a newly launched fragrance from Nuxe.

If you’re a beauty fanatic like me, you have no doubt come across the cult product, the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil, and know how amazing it is and how beautiful its scent is. Well, the new Prodigueux Le Perfum, based on this oil, has now been launched. Or should I say, I believe that it was launched quite some time ago in the rest of the world, but sadly, as always, Australia seems to be lagging a bit behind.

Anyway, the Prodigueux Le Perfum Prodigieuse has the following notes;

Top notes: orange blossom, bergamot, mandarin orange and orange
Middle notes: rose, magnolia and garden 

Base notes: vanilla, coconut milk and pebbles

First up, I am not a lover of coconut scented products, but luckily I cannot detect those notes at all in the fragrance. Rather I smell the fruity warmth from the orange and orange blossom, magnolia, gardenia and the bergamot, all some of my favourite scents. It supposedly also contains ‘pebbles’, but not really sure how to interpret that, or how pebbles are supposed to smell!!

I normally prefer light, fresh and fruity scents, but I am also one of those who absolutely love the Nuxe Huile, and the comforting scent that it was, and I love how the Le Parfum matches that and brings with it and stronger and more longer lasting scent.

It is an eau de parfum, and hence, of the category that it is stronger and hence has more concentrated ingredients in it, and therefore should last longer – it doesn’t quite last as long on the skin as I would have liked, but yet, much better than most eau de toilettes , and it is still vaguely there at the end of the day, so after all not too bad.

While the scent again is a lot warmer than most fragrances that I normally wear, it is still not so strong or heavy that I find that it is only suitable for night time wear, I also like using during the day, as it is still so subtle.

I have lost count of how many Huiles I have gone through by now and doubt that this perfume will be my last either – and if you too are a fan of the Huile, then I highly recommend that you give the Prodigieux a try too, you won’t be disappointed.

RRP: $69.95/50ml - Available from Adore Beauty, RY, Priceline

* Some products may have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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5 March 2016


Today on the blog it is all about the Shea Ultra Soft Cream from L’Occitane en Provence;

 What They Say:

Nourish and protect your skin from head to toe with our Shea Ultra Soft Cream. Made with 10% Shea butter, this moisturizing formula is quickly absorbed. Scented with the tender and voluptuous fragrance of a rose heart, skin is left feeling soft and lightly perfumed.

This cream is made with shea butter from Burkina Faso, harvested in a sustainable and fair trade partnership with the women who produce it. Available in Rose Heart, Vanilla Bouquet, Zesty Lime
RRP: $34.00 each (100g) – Available from L’Occitane en Provence

What I Say:
If you’re a regular reader of my little blog, you’d know that I adore the products from L’Occitane en Provence, and these Shea Ultra Soft Creams are no exceptions. They are available in three different scents, Vanilla Bouquet, Rose Heart and Zesty Lime, and I’ve tried out the first two, and have my eyes on the Lime version as well as I just cannot resist a zesty citrus scented product!

Anyway, I don’t normally have particularly dry skin, but it always tends to become a little drier during the colder months of the year, and that’s when I particularly love to use the Shea Ultra Soft Cream.
The Creams come in cute metal jars with screw lids, and only the colour distinguishes them, the vanilla one is yellow, Rose is pink while the Lime one is green!

You might think that the cream is thick and heavy, but on the contrary, common for all of them is that the cream is light, almost whipped in consistency. This also means that the cream is easy to spread across the skin and it absorbs super quickly into the skin, and leaving the skin soft and smooth, and without any greasiness or stickiness. And the skin remains moisturised all day long so there is no need to reapply. But what’s even better is the creams leave the skin beautifully and lightly scented, and this scent lingers on the skin for hours afterwards, while still being so subtle that it doesn’t clash with your perfume.
Both the vanilla and the rose scents are gorgeous, although my favourite of the two wold have to be the vanilla. Still, I have to admit that I’m not normally a huge fan of rose scented products as I feel it can sometimes smell a little like potpourri, or a little like grandma, if you like – I have to admit that L’Occitane has got it just right, and even got the rose scent just right and not too heavy, but rather ‘young’ and fresh!

Regardless of the scent, it is a beautiful body cream, and I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to purchase again…especially that Lime version which I’ve got my eyes on….
* Some products may have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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4 March 2016


The January Lust Have It Box arrived yesterday, here's what was inside and my thoughts...

What They Say

Lust Have It boxes regularly contains products worth $60+ for only $19.95/month! Monthly box filled with 5 to 6 premium beauty samples. Delivered to your home or work each month for you to try.

RRP: Lust Have It Box (monthly) RRP: $19.95, Eco Box (quarterly) RRP: $29.95 – but if you use my unique code LIFESTYLE at the checkout on the Lush Have It website, you are eligible for $5 off your first box from Lust Have It, and at the same time you’ll also be supporting Beauty & Lifestyle Hunter, as I will get a few dollars too if someone subscribes using this code.
Available from Lust Have It 

What I Say:

Like previous months, this months’ products arrived in a mesh bag, although this month it is red and this month it included three full sized items and three deluxe sample sizes as well two shampoo and conditioner sachet samples. 

Be a Bombshell Mascara - Full Size (RRP: $21)
This mascara claims to be a richly pigmented volumising mascara that also offers a multidimentional look. This sound pretty good, so looking forward to trying it, and in spite of having countless other mascaras waiting to be used, another one certainly doesn't go astray.

Lanolips Everyday Hand Balm - Full Size (RRP: $22.95)
Love Lanolips so the mere inclusion of this makes this month's bag great value for me. There was the option of the hand balm or the ointment, but personally, although I've already gone through a few tubes of this cream, pleased to have received the hand cream, so win win.

Mellow Cosmetics Matte Lipstick - Full Size ($18)

I have, through Lust Have It, tried a few different products from Mellow by now, and generally I've liked it, so I should be pleased with the inclusion of a full sized lipstick, which is something I haven't tried from their range. However, unfortunately I got a shade called Candy Gloss, which is a bright blue toned fuchsia shade, which I unfortunately just don't feel suits me. There was also the alternative of receiving a blush, and naturally I wish I'd received one of those in stead!

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream - Sample, 15ml (RRP: $24.95/50ml)

I can't remember the last time I actually tried any of the skin care products from the Body Shop, so do look forward to seeing how this one stacks up, although claiming to be an intensely moisturising cream, I can fear that it is too rich for my combination skin, but will certainly be putting it to the test.

The Body Shop Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil - Sample, 7ml (RRP: $24.95/50ml)

This is a very little adorable bottle of facial oil that promises to rehydrate parched skin for an all day glow. I have heard and seen a lot about this new range from the Body Shop so look forward to trying it out.

The Body Shop Indian Summer Fig Eau de Toilette - Sample, 1.5ml (RRP: $36.95/50ml)
Wow, fragrances from the Body Shop have come a long way too, think its about time I go in-store and explore their new ranges! This is nice refreshing green scent, perfect for spring and summer wear. I'm notorious for not using small fragrance samples, as I simply always forget, but this one does smell lovely, so I'll be sure to actually try it on properly.

Garnier Fructis Full and Luscious Shampoo and Conditioner - Samples, 2 x 10ml (RRP: $5.95/250ml each)
I have already tried full sizes of this shampoo and conditioner, so as such these samples do not excite it. That said, I did enjoy using them as they not only smell incredible, they really also did make my hair look fuller and very shiny and healthy too, just as promised. The only reason I haven't repurchased is because I'm trying hard to use up the countless of bottles of shampoo and conditioner already in my stash first.

Overall, I am very impressed with this months Lust Have It box. Again, the inclusion of the Lanolips hand Balm did it for me, everything else included is just a bonus. Of the other products I will be looking forward to trying out the Be a Bombshell Mascara, the Body Shop Oil and Eau de Toilette. If I have to be negative, my only issue is that there are three products from the Body Shop, and while I clearly need to get up to speed with their current product offering, for the sake of exploring new brands and products, which these beauty boxes are all about for me, I would have loved to see a little more variety by a least one of the products replaced by another brand.

That said, well-done on what is already proven to be a great start to this year's Lust Have It boxes!
* Some products may have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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