23 May 2013

Product Review: Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden Crème Soufflé

I don’t normally have dry skin on my body, but being almost 36 weeks pregnant, I have noticed my skin being a bit drier than usual. And of course it doesn’t help that autumn has really set in now (last night it was a mere 4 degrees here in Melbourne, brrrrrrr!). But even when I don’t feel I have dry skin, I never ever skip using a body moisturiser when I’ve showered. Here are my thoughts on The *Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden Crème Soufflé;

What They Say:
"Sanctuary Spa’s Spa Essentials Crème Soufflé instantly softens the skin. It has a whipped texture with mango, jojoba and red seaweed for silky skin. With a nourishing balance of jojoba and mango extract, the soufflé will protect and restore with red seaweed and vitamin E for a soft, smooth finish."

RRP: $19.99 (475ml) – Available from Priceline

What I Say:
I recently reviewed the Sanctuary Spa Salt Scrub, and absolutely loved it, so I also had very high hopes for the Crème Soufflé.

The Crème Soufflé is a light a fluffy cream that contains among others a nourishing balance of jojoba and mango extract with the protective and restorative powers of red seaweed and vitamin E to soak in fast for a smooth, soft finish.

The Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden Crème Soufflé comes in a large cream coloured plastic tub with a bright orange screw lid, which makes it look great in the bathroom too. The tub makes it easy to scoop out the cream, as well as it make it possible to completely use every last bit of cream. Unfortunately the cream had not been sealed with a foil lid, which would nice so you know that it has not been opened and contaminated prior to you purchasing it.

The Crème Soufflé, has a lovely light fluffy consistency that is easy to apply to the body, and spreads easily, instantly absorbs into the skin, making it feel thoroughly hydrated and soft, and without leaving behind any greasy feeling or residue. And the skin stays hydrated for the day, looking and feeling great. It is very concentrated so you only need to use a little too.

It smells absolutely divine of mango, one of my favourite fruits, yet it is still quite subtle, although it does linger on the skin for quite a while afterwards. But as I’m really loving this scent, I do love that it continues to make my skin smell incredible – although does mean that I cannot stop smelling my skin, LOL! In saying that, the scent on the skin, is still so subtle that it doesn’t clash with my perfume.

After using the Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden Crème Soufflé for a few weeks, I am so in love with the cream. My skin feels so soft, smooth and moisturised, and I am still loving the gorgeous scent.

At just $19.95 this is an absolute bargain buy, considering the large tub of cream you get – as well as it is of such a great quality. I will most definitely be buying another tub when I run out. I am seriously in love!
*This product was kindly provided for consideration, and it has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Have you ever used any of the products from Sanctuary Spa? What is your preferred body cream? And do you prefer neutral or scented ones?



  1. This sounds really luxurious! I love mango :)

    1. It really is gorgeous. And I absolutely love mango too!!

  2. The fact it smells of mango has me sold. Ahh I want it! xx


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