2 May 2013

Industry News: ORLY Launches the MASH UP! Collection

As we head towards autumn and winter, usually fashion trends state that the bright colours are stored away, and the dark, sombre and dull colours come out.

Not according to ORLY, who dares you to break these rules by launching a new electric collection MASH UP! which inspired by vivacious fashion and zany digital prints, these new shades are all the right kinds of wild and wonderful and are certain to give your pointers the attention they deserve.

The colourful new MASH UP! collection includes six daring shades:
  • Choreographed Chaos: Bubblegum pink chrome
  • Harmonious Mess: Lavender crème
  • Mayhem Mentality: Vibrant orange crème
  • Sparkling Garbage: Saturated green with holographic glitter
  • Pretty Ugly: Teal shimmer
  • Beautiful Disaster: Magenta chrome

"Contrasting bold colours with digital graphics and prints is a statement look this season, from clothes, makeup, hair colour and of course, nails" explains ORLY Australia Ambassador and celebrity manicurist, Fiona Hay

The new ORLY MASH UP! collection will be available from August, at an RRP of $18.95 eachm from select pharmacies and from ORLY Online. 

I love the look of these new MASH UP polishes, and especially like the Harmonious Mess, Mayhem Mentality, Sparkling Garbage, and…
And how cool are those names!!

What about you, what do you think of this new range from ORLY? Which colours do you like the most? And what do you think of wearing bright colours during winter?



  1. Loving the green and baby blue colour xxx


  2. I have Sparkling Garbage and Choreographed Chaos already and love them both!

    1. You are one lucky girl!! I look forward to seeing your review of them!

  3. Love the bright orange~ Mayhem Mentality~
    Found you thru BBloggers Global Blog Hop~ now following :)

    1. It is a beautiful colour too, isnt it, and love that name!!
      And thanks for visiting and following my blog, I will make sure to check out yours too!!


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