21 May 2013

Product Review: Innoxa Invisible Lip Shaper

As I’ve been wearing more lipglosses than lipsticks lately, I have to also admit that I have not been wearing a lipliner. Regardless of how well the colour matches, I just don’t feel it looks that nice with a sheer gloss. Here’s my thoughts on the *Innoxa Invisible Lip Shaper;


What They Say:

"Innoxa Invisible Lip Shaper is a lip liner that softens and contours the lips. It can also be used as a lip primer before further application."

RRP: $14.95 – Available from Myer, Priceline, and select pharmacies, or from Innoxa Online

What I Say: 
Using a lipliner does help a lipstick stay put for longer, and not to mention prevents the colour from bleeding. I don’t know about you, but I have more lipstick colours than I can count, and it is at times hard to keep up also having matching lipliners.

Enter the new Invisible Lip Shaper from Innoxa. The Lip Shaper is, as the name suggests, completely invisible, so there is no longer any need to worry about not matching your lipliner to your lip colour!!

It comes in a pen that you keep twisting as you use up the liner, so there is never a need to sharpen it. It has a nice and soft formula that is easy to work with.

When filling in your lips with the Invisible Lip Shaper, it not only helps your lip colour stay put for longer, but it also prevents the colour from bleeding, and without drying out your lips. And because it is invisible/clear, you can use it with your lipgloss too, to make it stay in place longer. And nobody will ever know.

All in all, this is such a brilliant multifunctional product. You can use it with any colour lipstick you want, so no longer the need to have countless of different coloured lipliners floating around (and admit it, that you never ever use up!), but you can also use it with lipglosses, preventing the not so nice looking bleed, and making the gloss stay looking nice for longer. At $14.95 this is a fantastic buy, and I wish I’d come across it sooner. Well done Innoxa!

* Product was kindly provided for consideration, and has reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy. 

What do you think of an invisible/clear lip liner? How many different colours of lipliners do you currently have?



  1. This looks great! What a great idea!

    1. Yeah, so simple, yet such a great idea, isn't it!

  2. I'm totally gonna pick this up on pay day :)

    1. Great to hear that I've managed to convince you. Hope you love it as much as I do!

  3. I have this and I love it. I don't use dark colours and this is the perfect option for the lighter colours that I use. Definitely worth having :-)

    1. I so love this lip liner, I don't know what I did before I got it!!! Highly recommended!


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