4 May 2013

Product Review: Suigo JoiShair Ultimate Control Shampoo, Conditioner, and Absolute Volume Keratin Volumizer

My hair is long. Quite long actually. And for as long as I can remember I have had it coloured at the hairdresser several times a year. And then there’s the daily use of a hair dryer or straightener. So needless to say that my tresses often are in need of a little extra TLC, so I’m always on the chase for products that can keep my hair in a good condition. Here are my thoughts on the *Suigo JoiShair Ultimate Control Shampoo, Conditioner, and Absolute Volume Keratin Volumizer;



What They Say:

Ultimate Control Shampoo: "With special intensifying formula, this product can strengthen hair, helps prevent hair from breaking, mildly nourish scalp, strengthens hair follicle, repair hairs elasticity and lustre".

Ultimate Control Conditioner: "Mild cleansing conditioner for renewing strength and fullness. The gentle formula supports the hair structure and conditions without overloading the hair".

Absolute Volume Keratin Volumizer : "Designed to smooth, strengthen and moisturise hair, leaving hair more manageable and beautiful. Nourishment penetrates into hair fibre, leaving your hair stronger and silkier."


Shampoo: $22.60 (260ml), $31.50 (680ml), $38 (1litre)

Conditioner: $22.60 (260ml), $31.50 (680ml), $38 (1litre)

Absolute Volume Keratin Volumizer: $39.95 (500ml)

- Available for purchase at select hair salons

What I Say:

I have to be honest and admit that I have never ever heard of Suigo haircare before, so as I always do when I come across a new brand, I do a little research.

Suigo has the philosophy that their products needs to be naturally derived, clinically tested for their effectiveness with no inflated promises, pleasing to the sense, and reasonably priced to enable every day use.

The Suigo products are developed using the finest raw materials from Japan to create a natural haircare range made from 100% natural ingredients. Always keen to minimise the amount of chemicals that I use in my beauty products, I love the sound of that.

According to Suigo, the all products incorporate an exclusive method, called High Affinity System (H.A.S), where the ingredients reach the centre of the hair fibre, and hence prepares the hair for optimum absorption of the active ingredients. This is done by using proteins identical to those found in the hair structure so that they can be assimilated as if they belonged to the hair itself. Small molecules-sized particles are also used to ensure penetration into the hair fibres, and finally particles with positive charge are generated, which adhere to the molecules with a negative charge found in hair damaged by the effects of the sun, pollution or dryness.
Sounds impressive, and pretty high-tech, doesn’t it!

The Suigo Ultimate Control range, plant-infused range containing among others keratin, bean protein, Madagascar longoza and Sumac nut oil to help strengthen the hair, restore condition and elasticity, and prevent breakage.


The Ultimate Control Shampoo is thick and creamy, and easily turns into a thick creamy lather. It rinses out easily, and in spite of normally only washing my hair every second day, just one wash is more than sufficient to leave my hair feeling clean, and soft, and without if feeling dried out or too squeaky clean.

I follow with the Ultimate Control Conditioner which is also thick and creamy – almost like it is an intensive conditioner. Yet it instantly absorbs into my hair, and after just a few minutes I rinse it out. It is easy to rinse out, and not one of those conditioners where you keep rinsing and rinsing and it feels like you just cannot get rid of the residue. And afterwards my hair is so easy to comb, and once left to dry naturally it is so silky soft and shiny that I cannot help but continue to run my hands through it. The ends of my hair seem to be thoroughly hydrated, yet without the rest of my hair feeling weighed down.

As for preventing hair breakage, I have to admit that I have not noticed any major change, although my hair still continues to look and feel shiny and healthy.

Both the shampoo and the conditioner have a very gentle and subtle and natural scent, which I really like, and is a nice change from other shampoos and conditioners which are often too strongly (and not to mention artificially) perfumed. And once dry, my hair still has a slight subtle scent, which in no way is overpowering.
The Suigo JoiShair Ultimate Control Shampoo and Conditioner are great products, with results that match, if not outperform many other salon brands of shampoos and conditioners. And at just $38 each for a large 1 litre bottle, these products are cheap, and in fact not much more expensive than many supermarket products which in turn are loaded with chemical nasties.

The Suigo Ultimate Control Absolute Volume Keratin Volumizer is different from any other type of hair treatments that I have tried before, as it needs to be applied to newly washed, towel-dried hair, and after being massaged into the hair, it needs to be heated for 20-30 minutes, before it is then rinsed out.

I have to say that this is a little more involved and time consuming than other hair treatments that I usually use. And I also have to say, that I try not to always use the hairdryer when I dry my hair, simply as it is so long, and it still takes so long to do, and by letting it dry naturally at least a few times a week, I am hopefully also protecting my hair from further damage. So suddenly to have to use my hairdryer to dry my hair for 20-30 minutes while the treatment penetrated, only to then have to rinse my hair again, did seem put me off a little.

But the purpose of heating up the hair with the treatment in the hair, is of course intended to help the keratin in the treatment penetrate the hairs even better.

So of course I still decided to give it ago – and am I glad I did… because afterwards – when I had rinsed my hair, and then let it dry naturally (no way I was going to completely dry my hair with the dryer twice in one day!), my hair was left possibly softer, shinier and healthier looking that it has for quite some time - in fact very comparable to having a treatment done at the hair salon, yet just a lot cheaper and in the comfort of your own home!


The actual Volume Keratin Volumizer is a very thick cream that spreads easily into the hair, and like the shampoo and the conditioner, it has a pleasant but subtle natural scent.

However, while I really loved how effective this mask is, I cannot imagine myself doing this treatment on a regular basis (and even more so with a baby due in just a few weeks) – but on the other hand, it is a fantastic product to have at hand when you feel that your hair needs that little bit of extra care.

So all in all I have really enjoyed using the Suigo JoiShair Ultimate Control Shampoo, Conditioner, and the Absolute Volume Keratin Volumizer, as the results just speak for themselves – so I will be enjoying using the rest of the products, and definitely consider purchasing again in the future.
* Product was kindly provided for consideration, and has reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

I have a few more Suigo products from the Rose Hair Spa to review so tuned…

Have you ever heard of Suigo haircare products? What’s your favourite shampoo and conditioner? And hair treatment? And how often do you give your hair an intensive treatment?




  1. These sound good, especially the treatment. I'm always on the lookout for strengthening and repairing haircare.

    1. It is great, and totally worth taking the time to do!!

  2. Never heard from this brand before, too! And you must have really healthy hair when you colour it since a long time and treat it in many ways ... my hair is - as still mentioned - really sensitive, so I don´t colour and treat it. And my hair doesn´t like new products, so I think I won´t test it, although you write that the treatment might be good ;)

    Wish you a wonderful rest of the weekend, dear Karina ♥

    xx from Bavaria, Rena


    1. Thanks so much Rena! I am not sure if this brand is available in Germany, maybe not! I do try to look after my hair, and I have not had it coloured while pregnant, so while Im desperately needing a colour touch-up, my hair is liking being spared of the chemical treatment!

      Hope you'll have a lovely weekend too!


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