16 May 2013

Product Review: Jane Iredale PureGloss in Gold Fling

Lately I must admit that I have been more prone to using lip glosses, rather than lipsticks. I find that it is not only more suitable to a suitable to a casual look, but it is simply also so much easier to apply on the go without the use of a mirror. Here are my thoughts on the *Jane Iredale PureGloss in Gold Fling;

What They Say:
"For lips that speak louder, try the ultimate Jane Iredale PureGloss for Lips - shiny, soothing, protective, and, of course, super sexy! The tingly mint and ginger flavour plumps lips without using chemicals".

RRP: $40 (5g) – Available from Adore Beauty

What I Say:

Jane Iredale is known for being one of the first to supply a line of mineral makeup that had skincare benefits.

The Jane Iredale PureGloss claims to plum the lips without the use of chemicals. It has a base of organic vegetable oils, with added botanicals including extracts of green tea, grape seed and pomegranate to provide staying power, moisture and nourishment to the lips. And it does not use any petroleum-based ingredients unlike many other lipglosses and balms.

The lipgloss comes in a small squeezable plastic tube, with a gold lid and a sponge applicator so it is easy to apply.

In the tube, the colour Gold Fling looks very gold and shimmery, which initially did worry me a little bit, but once on the lips it just has a gorgeous subtle golden shimmery sheen, without being too glittery.


And the gloss feels so comfortable and smooth on the lips, and without feeling sticky. When you apply the lipgloss, you get a slight tingling feeling in the lips, from the plumping ingredients in the lipgloss. Some may find this feeling a little strange, but as it is only slight, I don’t mind at all, and besides this feeling doesn’t last very long. But it does make my lips a little fuller.


Compared to other lipglosses, it has a fairly good staying power of a couple of hours, but like most other lipsticks and especially lipgosses, it doesn’t last through a lunch, and hardly through a drink either (with most of the lipgloss stuck on the mug or glass!). And once the lipgloss is off my lips, they feel soft and moisturised, clearly having benefited from the natural ingredients used in the lipgloss.

The gloss has a sweet minty  scent, and although it also contains ginger root oil used for flavour, it actually has next to no flavour.

The Lipgloss is a bit on the expensive side at $40 for such a small gloss. However, as it feels so lovely to wear, looks gorgeous on the lips, keeps the lips in top condition, all while containing so many natural ingredients and chemical free, that I feel that it is worth the splurge for use on special occasions.

*This product was kindly provided for consideration, and it has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Have you tried any of the products from Jane Iredale? What is your favourite lipgloss? And what is the most you would be prepared to spend on a lipgloss?



  1. This looks lovely on the lips :) my favourite lipglosses are the mirenesse lip moisture ones!

    1. Yeah, it does look lovely, and it feels fantastic too.
      I have heard a lot about the Mirenesse lipglosses, but Im yet to try them!


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