13 May 2013

Product Review: Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Smoother

A little while ago I told you about Clarins launching the Body Lift Cellulite Smoother. And well, cellulite targets everyone, skinny or chubby, fit or not – and sadly me too, in spite of always being at a healthy weight, and favouring a healthy lifestyle with healthy food and exercise! And well, being pregnant, and suddenly stopping my normal exercise routine and adding quite a few kilos to my normal weight, doesn’t exactly help either. So I was excited when I was asked to trial the *Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Smoother, here are my thoughts;

What They Say: 
"Jump start your body contouring routine with Clarins. Body Lift Cellulite control is an outstanding skin-care product developed jointly by Clarins Research and the scientific community. The new formulation is the result of a fundamental discovery in the development of adipose (fatty) tissue and is the first body care product that targets both early and stubborn cellulite".

RRP: $90.00 (200ml) – Available from department stores, select pharmacies and retailers, and at Adore Beauty Online

What I Say:

At 34 weeks pregnant I’m lucky. While I have of course gained a fair bit of weight – I’m heavier than I have ever been in my life – but still, I am so far lucky that I’ve only gained what I’m supposed to, not more, not less!! But with any weight gain, cellulite is sadly often said to follow..

The Body Lift Cellulite Smoother promises to work to reduce existing cellulite and also slow the formation of new cellulite while reinforcing skin’s firmness. It helps reduce early and stubborn cellulite by limiting fat storage and activating fat destocking to reduce the most stubborn cellulite and block the formation of early cellulite at its origin.

It also helps firm and refine contours by stimulating the synthesis of new collagen fibres while it softens and lifts skin to promote hydration and comfort. By its effects on micro-circulation, it contributes to the elimination of excess water and fat, creating a feeling of lightness.

Clarins recommends that the Cellulite Smoother is used every day from ankles to waist – basically all those areas prone to cellulite, including the bum, tummy and thighs, - using Clarins Self-Massage Body Contouring Method, to help stimulate the micro-circulation and thus encourage the elimination of excess water and lipids. (You can read more about that here).

The Body Lift Cellulite Smoother comes in a gorgeous bright red slightly oval shaped plastic bottle with a flip lid. It is handy and easy to use, and as the lid is flat on top, the bottle can stand on its lid when you near the end of the product, so that you can use up every last bit of cream. 
I’ve been using the Cellulite Smoother for about two months now, and while I’ve tried my best to follow the massage technique, I have to admit that as my tummy has grown, it has gotten more and more difficult to reach all areas of my body properly to do the thorough massage. 

The actual Cellulite Smoother is a lightweight cream, which has a slightly pink tint, and it has the most gorgeous fresh floral scent. Some may find that it is too strong and overpowering, but as I really like the scent, and generally like perfumed body lotions, as well as they do not irritate my skin, it doesn’t worry me one bit – also even though the scent does seem to linger for quite a while after the cream has absorbed into the skin.

The Cellulite Smoother absorbs into the skin instantly, leaving the skin feel silky smooth and soft and thoroughly moisturised without leaving behind any greasy or sticky residue. It also leaves the skin with what feels like an instant toning and tightening effect, possibly also because it leaves the skin with a slight tingling and warming sensation.

So has the Cellulite Smoother lived up to its claims? Well, as I guess I have not followed the massage technique properly, as well as my belly is still growing and my weight is still increasing, it is really difficult to say for sure at this point. But I do know one thing, the little bit of cellulite I already had before I got pregnant, hasn’t gotten any worse, and I am yet to see new cellulite appear – which I guess you can take as a sign that the cream is actually working – and pretty well too!!  

At $90 for a bottle with 200ml it is not exactly cheap, but if I can get through a pregnancy without any major cellulite, then it is a true wonder product worth every cent to me!

* Product was kindly provided for consideration, and has reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy. 

What do you think of the Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Smoother? Do you have cellulite? What do you do to prevent and minimise it?

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  1. I must admit that I have never had an anti-celulite cream that would acctually work - sure, it makes your skin look better, but that's all. So maybe this one is THE one :)?! Will have to try it :).
    Have a nice week :).


    1. I'm just happy that in spite of my pregnancy I have not experienced an increase in cellulite!

  2. Great and really informative review hun! Thank you for sharing! (:

    I am running an International Giveaway on my blog now, and I'd love it if you enter for the chance to win some YSL, Chanel and Essie products!


    1. Thanks a lot!!
      I'll make sure to check out your blog too!

  3. In my opinion, dearest Karina, you did absolutely right with your massage treatment. I think this is very important to avoid irreversible damages. And I can imagine that your treatment in combination with this product works perfect. Wish you further many success and I think it´s a good idea to continue the massages.

    Hope you´re well and your weekend was great <3

    xx from Bavaria, Rena


    1. Thanks Rena, it is a great product, and guess a little massage is better than none at all.
      And thanks, I had a lovely weekend, hope you did too!

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  5. Hi

    I think it looks amazing. I'm not sure I would have had the patience that you had though

    1. Haha, I'm not always patient, but when I'm trialling products for brands I owe it to them to give the products a decent trial period before casting my verdict.


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