15 May 2013

Product Review: Innoxa Pure Silk Skin Primer

Having combination skin, I often have the issue of my makeup starting to get shiny and slide off my face already at lunchtime, and even more so during summer when it is hot and humid. Regardless of how long-wearing a foundation claims to be, it just won’t stay put on those days. That’s when I rely on a good primer. Here are my thoughts on the Innoxa Pure Silk Skin Primer;

What They Say:
"The perfect base for flawless make-up all day. Light and delicate, this gel primer masks the appearance of pores and fine lines by smoothing skin to create a silky base for long lasting, even foundation coverage. Skin Types: All. Formula: Liquid. Benefits: Silky smooth Dermatologically Approved. 100% Fragrance Free". 

RRP: $24.95 (30ml) – Available from Priceline, Myer, Select Pharmacies, and Innoxa Online

What I Say:

One of the key reasons for using a primer to extend the wear of your makeup, which again having combination skin is a key feature to me. But a primer also helps to even out any imperfections, and create a more even canvas and a good base for your foundation.
The Innoxa Pure Silk Skin Primer is meant to be used on top of moisturiser, and before the foundation. Most primers, actually all primers that I have used previously have all been cream based primers, so I was very surprised when I saw that the Innoxa Pure Silk Skin Primer is in fact a clear silicone based gel.

It has a lovely light weight texture that is easy to blend onto the face. It absorbs into the skin straight away, without leaving it feeling dry or sticky, but instead it leaves the skin feeling silky soft and smooth to look at and to touch. And not to mention minimises the look of large pores and fine lines.

And I was instantly impressed with the Pure Silk Skin Primer. Even after a very long day out, my makeup still looks near perfect. No sliding off, no colour fading, and lot less shine than I am usually used to, and not to mention, no falling into creases and lines during the day – which everyone with ageing skin know only make you look even older!

I have tried using several different foundations on top of the Innoxa Pure Silk Skin Primer, including the Innoxa Long Lasting Foundation, and regardless of the foundation the I use, it glides effortlessly over this primer, and leaves my skin with a silky feel and a flawless look.

The Pure Silk Skin Primer is fragrance free and Dermatologically tested, and therefore also very suitable for sensitive skin. It has slight chemical scent, which I’m not too keen on, but luckily it disappears quickly.

The Pure Silk Skin Primer comes in a simple white squeeze tube with a screw lid, and I like the fact that it has been designed to stand on its lid, so that the products falls down the tube as you use it, so that you can use every last drop in the tube.

I have tried numerous other primers, some costing over twice as much, but the Innoxa Pure Silk Skin Primer is one of the best ones that that I have used. At just $24.95 for a 30ml tube, the Pure Silk Skin Primer is an absolute bargain buy, also considering it is so concentrated and you only need to use the tiniest amount. And considering that I also feel that when I use a primer, I feel I need to use less foundation to get an even coverage look, (and not to mention, I need to do less touch-up), I also save a little money on my foundation. I will definitely consider purchasing this again in the future.  
*This product was kindly provided for consideration, and it has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Have you ever tried any of the products from Innoxa? Do you use a primer? And what is your preferred primer?

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  1. I swatched this in Priceline late last year and it's been on my wishlist for a while (I just need to finish a few primers before buying a new one). I adore Innoxa lipsticks and their new invisible lip liner is also on my wishlist.

    1. Hehehe, I know what you mean with finishing products before buying new ones, but its always so tempting, isn't it!!
      I'm also currently trialling the invisible lip liner, and will be posting a review of it shortly!

  2. I got this when priceline had 40% off but haven't used it yet :s good to hear that it works well. I'll have to start using it! :)

    1. Wow, 40% of, that makes it a fantastic bargain!! I hope to hear what you think of it!

  3. I can't imagine finding a primer that suits me more than this - I originally got it in a GWP and haven't looked back. I'm 75 and have always cared for my skin. Innoxa products as a whole agree with me and this is perfect. Really pleased you like it too, Karina.

    1. Thanks so much Trish. It is great to hear that the Innoxa products agree with you, and I love hearing that you always have and continue to care for your skin!

  4. great review! ^^

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