11 May 2013

Product Review: Kevin Murphy Powder.Puff

I have very long hair. It is quite thick and there is a lot of it. I have tried everything under the sun to pump some volume into it, but any products that I’ve tried, usually just ends up making look greasy, making it tangled, and.. weighing it down even more. So the search for the ultimate volume product continues. Here are my thoughts on the *Kevin Murphy Powder.Puff;

What They Say:
"Shake to create! Sprinkle onto damp or dry hair at the roots to create volume and texture. To give yourself the bedroom look, you can just sprinkle a few taps of POWDER.PUFF onto the roots of your hair and ‘hey presto’ you have the bedroom look when you need it. To create a messy casual volume, gently tap a few shakes on the hair that you want body on, and the powder morphs into a product that holds".

RRP: $36.95 (14g) – Available from Adore Beauty

What I Say:

I have previously reviewed the Kevin Murphy Hydrate-Me.Wash and Hydrate-Me.Rinse, and the Kevin Murphy Born Again Masque, and as I really really loved these products, naturally I also had big expectations for the Powder.Puff

The Kevin Murphy Powder.Puff comes in such a cute little pastel pink container with a small indentation in the one side to make it easier to hold. It is small, and so adorable. At the top of the container there are small holes, making it resemble baby powder, and which makes it easy to get the right dosage into the hair without wasting any product.

The actual powder is a volume powder that can be used in both wet and dry hair, which is a bonus. I found that the easiest way to use it was to apply it into sections of your hair at a time, making sure you apply it near the roots of the hair, and hereafter massaging with scalp with your fingers to work through the products.

When used in dry hair, it acts similar to dry shampoo, in that it absorbs the oil from the hair (and sadly like most dry shampoos, also do make the hair look a little mat and dull), so it is perfect to use as a substitute to dry shampoo on the days where you don’t have time to wash your hair.

And the Powder really does work, giving the hair volume and texture, and without weighing my hair down. I’m so surprised and I didn’t think I would hear myself saying that!

As mentioned, the Powder can also be used in wet hair, which I of course also tried, but I have to admit that I felt that I used a lot more product (than when using on dry hair) as it just seemed be absorbed by my wet hair. It did give me hair a much needed lift, but I felt that the effect was much better in dry hair.

And the volume does hold fairly well during the day, although it does seem to ‘flatten down’ as the day goes on – but again keep in mind that I have very long, thick and heavy hair. And although I normally wash my hair every second day, it also doesn’t hold the volume til the next day, but I have to admit that I didn’t expect that either.

The actual powder is also very similar in style to baby powder, and it has a light floral scent, but it is very faint, and disappears more or less immediately once in the hair.

At $36.95 for such a small bottle, it is a little pricey, and even though it is concentrated, and will last you quite a while.

All in all the Powder.Puff really does work at giving the hair volume, even in my long and heavy hair- so it would be a blessing for all those with thin and fine hair, where I could imagine that it would really show its powers!! Still I will continue to enjoy using it on those days where my hair seems particularly flat and limp!
* Product was kindly provided for consideration, and has reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Does your hair lack volume too? What do you use to help give it some volume?




  1. I've been meaning to try out KM products for a while now, but keep forgetting since it's not stocked at all hairdressers.

    I need this! I lost a LOT of hair after having my daughter (I thought I was going to go bald!), and while it has been growing back, my hair is still quite fine. :(

    1. I really love the Kevin Murphy products - the shampoo, conditioner and treatment that I've tried are also fantastic products.
      I so hope I wont lose my hair when I give birth...I've always had thick hair, and a lot of it too, so that would be horrible!

  2. This sounds like a good product and I think it will work well for my hair as it's fine. It's pretty pricey, though!

    Kimberley x


    1. It is a great product, but yes, I do agree that it is a bit pricey. But as it is product of this kind I've tried, so I'm not even aware of any cheaper alternatives!

  3. Hi Karina,
    Love your honest review. The bottle is so pretty and I am always in need of a dry shampoo so that's another bonus... but it is pricey so it would need to be better than cheaper alternatives to sell me.
    Tammerly @ Spoilt

    1. Unfortunately I have not tried other products of this kind, so Im unaware of possible cheaper alternatives!


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