22 May 2013

Product Review: Dove Pure Roll-On Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

Ok, unless it is a very very hot and humid day, or I’ve been exercising, I don’t sweat at lot. In saying that I (of course) always use a deodorant. And while I have always been concerned with the ingredients in the products I use, and increasingly – especially since being pregnant, have opted for more natural products, waving a crystal under my armpits is just taking it a little too far for me. But I was excited when I heard that Dove had launched a more natural deodorant, so here are my thoughts on the *Dove Pure Deodorant Roll-On;

What They Say:

"Dove Pure Deodorant Roll-On is free of parabens, fragrance, colourants and alcohol to contain only the essential ingredients to keep underarms feeling dry and looking healthy. The formula contains one-quarter moisturising cream, which actively helps put back what shaving takes out. An essential part of Dove’s formulas are skin-natural lipids, which strengthen the natural moisture barrier, helping to prevent skin dryness. Experience the pure confidence of 48-hour protection, helping reduce signs of discomfort."

RRP: $3.89 – Available from Priceline, pharmacies and supermarkets

What I Say:

I always use roll-on deodorants, and have previously used and been very happy with the Dove Roll-On deodorants, knowing they contain 1/4 moisturising cream, and therefore don’t dry out your armpits, but rather cares for them and keeps them soft and moisturised, even after shaving.

In the Dove Pure Deodorant many of the chemical nasties have been removed to help avoid common irritations, and it contains only the essential ingredients to help you feeling dry. That means that it is free from parabens, colourants, alcohol and frangrance, which is music to my ears. And of course, like the like the ‘standard’ Dove deodorants, the Pure version still contains 1/4 moisturising cream.

So how does it perform with all those ingredients taken out?

Like the 'standard' Dove Roll-On deodorant, the Pure deodorant comes in a cone shaped all white container, with pale green writing (to signify it being greener and more pure, I assume!), and it has a large roller-ball, which makes it easy to apply to the armpits. It has been designed to stand on its screw lid, which I really like, as it means that the deodorant drops down as you use it, so you can use up every last drop of product.

In spite of the deodorant having no added fragrance, it still has a nice but very faint scent, and although I am used to using deodorants with some fragrance, I really loved that it was fragrance free, so it didn’t clash with my perfume!

The Pure Deodorant dries very quickly, and without leaving behind a greasy or sticky feeling, and as I often, and even more so as we’re heading towards winter, wearing dark clothes, I love that it doesn’t leave white marks on my clothes.

The deodorant is extremely gentle, and even after shaving (and nicking myself with the blade), the deodorant doesn’t cause any irritation or stinging.

The deodorant promises to offer 48h protection, but I must admit that as I always shower every morning, and use a deodorant immediately after, I didn’t really put that claim to the test. But it certainly did protect for 24h, which I have to say is more than sufficient for me.

Overall, this really is a great deodorant, which for me ticks all the boxes. It is not only a healthier option, free from all the chemical nasties, but it also cares for my armpits while offering full protection. And at just $3.89, it is a bargain buy. I will definitely be buying the Pure Deodorant next time I need a new one. Thanks Dove, this one is a true winner!

* Product was kindly provided for consideration, and has reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy. 

Have you tried the Dove Pure Deodorant? Are you concerned with the chemicals used in deodorants? Which deodorant is your favourite?



  1. This sounds great and affordable too! A few months ago I had some issues with deodorant making me itchy, so I tried some natural ones (so expensive!!) but they were more like perfume and didn't stop me sweating. This sounds like something I definitely need to try, thanks for the review!

    1. I really couldn't tell any difference in effect between the normal Dove deodorants and the Pure one, only I feel so much better knowing the Pure one doesn't contain all nasty chemicals!

  2. I use to use Dove products all the time, they are great!

    Jordan | Boho Vanity

    1. I agree, Dove products are fantastic, and such great value too!

  3. I´m always using a deodorant from Nivea and I´m very satisfy with it. But I like the Standard-Bodylotion from Dove really so I think it´s worth to test this deodorant.

    Hope you are well, dear Natalia!

    xx from Bavaria, Rena


    1. From what I know, Dove is the first to launch a 'pure' deodorant, so yes, in my opinion it is definitely worth trying it.

  4. does it make you underarm dark? 'cause a lot of deodorant do. :(

    1. I have never experienced a deodorant making the underarms go dark, on the contrary, I find they often leave a white residue, which this Dove one doesn't do either!

  5. is dove pure deo roll on safe for pregnant...?

  6. Replies
    1. Sorry for the late reply!! Many products, including most anti-perspirants contain chemicals including parabens, fragrances as well as aluminium - all ingredients that I believe have been said to 'potentially' be able to harm unborn babies. I think don't believe that it has been proven (otherwise there would surely be warnings on products!). You can get so-called natural deodorant, if that makes you feel more comfortable. Personally I still use deodorants from ie. Dove, but I am lucky that I do not sweat a lot, even when its very hot, so I don't use a lot, and max once a day, so I have not given up on that. But I have stopped using other products that contain 'no-no' ingredients such as retinol/Vitamin A, Salicylic Acid, etc. In the end of the day it is really up to you how you interpret it, and decide to live. Personally I've chosen 'the middle of the road'


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