13 October 2017


With my long and thick hair, I rely heavily on some good hair products, to keep my hair healthy and under control, and one of those brand I've enjoyed lately is MUK, including their Head MUK Dry Shampoo and Head MUK 20 in 1 Miracle Treatment.. 

What I really love about the MUK brand is that it is a professional haircare brand that is local from Melbourne, Australia, and the products really are of such a high quality while being super efficient. I also love the simplistic yet brightly coloured and the delicious yet very natural fruity scents of all the products.

I only wash my hair every few days, and in between I, like most others, rely heavily on dry shampoo, especially around the hairline. And I can easily say that this MUK head Muk Dry Shampoo is one of the better ones I've ever tried. Sprayed onto the roots of the hair, and massaged into the hair and scalp, it instantly helps clean and freshen the hair removing any excess oiliness. And unlike many other dry shampoos, it doesn't leave the hair looking white, dull or matte, but rather it maintains the healthy shine of the hair. I also love that it helps give my heavy and limp hair some much needed volume and body. And then there's that beautiful green apple scent that I just cannot get enough of.

And who doesn't love a good multi-tasker. With overflowing bathroom cabinets, I certainly do. And the MUK Head Muk 20 in 1 Miracle Treatment is the ultimate leave-in hair treatment. It promises to;

  • Softens and smooths 
  • Adds incredible shine 
  • Prevents frizz and fly-aways 
  • Nourishes dry, damaged hair 
  • Helps prevent split ends 
  • Reduces hair breakage 
  • Protects against premature colour fade 
  • Won’t weigh hair down 
  • Detangles 
  • Protects against thermal styling tools 
  • Helps strengthen hair 
  • Adds volume 
  • Protects against salt water, chlorine and environmental damage 
  • Reduces blow-drying time 
  • Moisturises 
  • Locks out humidity 
  • Defines curls 
  • Increases hair’s elasticity 
  • Soothes dry scalp 
  • Enhances natural body 

The light milky-white treatment is best applied to damp hair after washing it. It is quite concentrated, so even in my hair, I feel only a few pumps is needed, which I run trough the mid-lengths of my hair. And it absorbs immediately into my hair without any greasiness, or stickiness, and without feeling heavy in my hair. I have been applying it prior to combing my hair out, and I have been able to feel that it clearly helps detangle my hair and make it easier to comb out. Its always difficult to tell if a product really does help prevent hair from splitting etc, but just the fact that my hair is easier to comb out, means less damage. Once dry, my hair looks and feels soft, smooth and shiny, and my otherwise dry ends seem less dry as they have been given a moisture boost. I try not to blow dry or heat style my hair too often, but when I do, I also love knowing that it helps protect it against heat styling.

This is such a lovely leave-in treatment, and I really love how it makes my hair feel and look. And again, it naturally also smells incredible with its passion fruit and watermelon fragrance. If you want a product which does it all, make it the MUK Head Muk 20 in 1 Miracle Treatment, you'll love it!!

MUK head Muk Dry Shampoo - RRP: $19.95 / 150g
MUK Head Muk 20 in 1 Miracle Treatment - RRP: $25.95 / 200g
Available from Hair Salons, Hairhouse Warehouse, and Price Attack

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