18 February 2013

Product Review: Eleven Australia Miracle Hair Treatment

I have long and thick hair, which has been coloured countless times, and not to mentioned stressed out by daily sessions with the hair dryer and heat straightener. Consequently my hair is not always in the best condition. My hair is as important as my skin, so I do what I can to look after it, so I have an array of different hair products for shine, moisture, heat protection, volume, to control frizz etc etc. I so I am always looking for great products to improve the health and look of my hair. The last few weeks I put them all aside and tried the * Eleven Australia Miracle Hair Treatment. Here are my thoughts;

What They Say:
"A unique all-in-one, leave-in treatment and styling product that delivers ELEVEN benefits to your hair with love, leaving it smooth, rejuvenated and protected against UV rays and heat styling".

RRP: $24.95 (125ml) – Available from Eleven Australia Online

What I Say:

I had never before heard of Eleven Australia, so consequently decided to do a little research. And I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that Eleven products are Australian made and owned. The company is an exciting new venture from leading haircare distributor Ozdare, developed with Creative Directors, Joey Scandizzo, three times Australian Hairdresser of the Year, and Andrew O’Toole, esteemed hair and fashion photographer in Australia and the UK.

Eleven Australia is driven from a desire for a fresh, uncomplicated and affordable solution to haircare products, made from high performance ingredients, but without the excessive price tag - “healthy, beautiful hair has never been so simple and affordable.” All sounds pretty good to me.

Now on to the Eleven Miracle Hair Treatment, which works to:
  1. Add shine, smoothness and softness
  2. Control frizz and flyways
  3. Moisturise
  4. Strengthen fragile hair
  5. Prevent split ends
  6. Detangle and create manageability
  7. Protect against heat styling
  8. Enhance natural body
  9. Repair dry damaged hair
  10. Protect hair colour with UVA and UVB filters
  11. Prevent chlorine and sun damage

That also sounds pretty impressive, and I love that fact that it is a multi-tasking product, and so does my already over-cluttered bathroom cabinet, and not to mention that it basically combines all the products I already used separately into one neat dosage, and I thereby avoid overloading and drowning my hair with tons of different products.  

The Eleven Miracle Hair Treatment is formulated from high performance ingredients including silk amino acids to condition the hair, antistatic agent quaternium-80 and ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate to protect the hair against UV rays and sun damage.

The Miracle Treatment is suited to all hair types, and is best used in damp hair before styling. It is a thin cream, which comes in a handy pump bottle, which I really love as it makes it so easy to use.

One of the first thing I noticed about the Miracle Treatment is that it has a very strong coconut scent, which unfortunately is not my favourite scent, and scents which I mostly try to avoid – I must prefer citrus scented products!! Once in the hair, this scent still seems quite strong (to me anyway, but I’m sure those loving the coconut scent won’t feel that it is so empowering), however, luckily this scent does fade almost completely once the hair is dry.

In my long and thick hair I require around 4-5 small pumps of the Hair Treatment, and it instantly absorbs into the newly washed and damp hair without leaving feeling greasy or sticky. And you can instantly feel the moisturising properties. My hair is left so easy to comb, and once dry, my hair is left looking and feeling soft, shiny and healthy and silky to touch. It is full of volume, and with next to no frizz.

After having used the Miracle Hair Treatment for a couple of weeks after washing my hair, I am happy to say that I feel that the condition of my hair seems to have improved. The ends feel and look healthier and more moisturised as well as smoother. And I certainly have noticed a difference in the smoothness of my hair compared to when I wasn’t using the product. I also do not feel that it is in any way building up in my hair or weighing it down. My hair simply seems easier to manage and style.

Some of the benefits listed on the bottle aren’t so obvious such as preventing heat damage, and protecting from UV, but the overall appearance of my hair is generally much nicer. So all in all, the Eleven Miracle Treatment is a leave-in treatment that covers many of your hair issues, and I can certainly recommend that you try it if you have normal to dry hair that is frizzy and needs a moisture boost. It really is a miracle how many hair woos this treatment fixes! And it comes at a reasonable price, yet does not compromise on quality and effectiveness. I will most definitely be checking out the rest of the Eleven Australia’s product range when it becomes available from April 2013.

*This product was kindly provided for consideration, and it has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

What do you think of this Have you ever heard of Eleven Australia? What haircare product(s) can’t you live without?


  1. Now I love the smell of coconut, can't get enough of it xx


    1. How we are all different. My favourite scent would have to be citrus!

  2. Eleven Australia Miracle Hair Treatment seems to be wonderful for hair....... I would like to try this at least once.... if it gives me shown results... then I will recommend this product to my clients.

    Hair Stylist Brisbane

    1. It truly is a fantastic product, and I so enjoy using it!


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