26 February 2013

Product News: MAC launches Rihanna Collection

I think I can say that we all love MAC cosmetics, and we all get excited when new collections are launched.

MAC is known for collaborating with various stars, most recently with Carine Roitfeld, and now Rihanna has landed a deal with MAC cosmetics allowing her to develop new colour collections that will come out later this year.

There will be a total of four distinct colour collections under the name RiRi MAC, which will all be launched in 2013, so it is thereby also the first time that MAC has done such an extensive collaboration  spanning over several collection, as so far partnerships with celebrities have only lasted for one collection.

The four collections of the collaboration, which include a total of 31 items from lipgloss, blush, nail polish, eyeshadow, false eyelashes and more lipsticks! Each of the four collections has its own vibe, look, special makeup packaging.

The RiRi Hearts MAC, kicks off with a signature red lippie based on the brand's famous staple, Ruby Woo. The RiRi Woo lipstick will be available from early May, and will be sold with all four chapters of the collaboration.

In addition to “RiRi Woo,” the first collection will include two additional lipsticks, a powder-blush duo and a Lustre Drops shade.

In spite of the first collection being launched in the US in May, it is yet unknown when we might be so lucky and see this collection in Australia!!
What do you think of this new MAC collection by Rihanna? Are you keen to get your hands on any of the items? And do you even like Rihanna?



  1. I think that the packaging look really nice and would what to pick up at least one thing from the line.


    Thank you xxx

    1. Yeah, the packaging does look very nice. I'd love to pick up a few things as well!

  2. Love the packaging design! Looks like its going to be a great collection!


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