16 February 2013

Product Review: Nvey Eco Eye Shadow Palette

I am very conservative when it comes to my eye makeup, and usually just wear neutral shades. But finding the right neutral palette, one of those where you use every single colour, is often hard to find. So when I was asked to trial *Nvey Eco Eye Shadow Palette from the gorgeous and talented makeup artist, Tammerly from Spoilt by Pink Diva, I naturally happily accepted. Here are my thoughts;

What They Say:
"Styled by professional make-up artists, the Nvey Eco Organic Eye Colour System Palettes have inspirational colour combinations that you can use day and night. Talc free and formulated using soothing organic elements such as chamomile and jojoba oil, with added Antioxidants Vitamins A, C & E, to create a smooth and soft formula, excellent for dry sensitive skins".

RRP: $75.95 – Available from Nvey Eco Online

What I Say:

As you may recall, I have previously mentioned this Eyeshadow palette, in the post about if I was to shock horror lose all my makeup, which 10 items would I repurchase immediately…and the Nvey Eco Eyeshadow palette is on that list.

When I tried the Nvey Eco eye shadow palette I had never before tried any of their products and of course consequently did some research. And I was so pleasantly surprised when I discovered that Nvey Eco is a makeup line that is certified organic by the Australian Government as well as the Organic Food Chain. Nvey Eco is paraben free, SLS free, GM free, cruelty free, talc free, and contains no propylene glycol or petroleum based ingredients, or synthetic fragrances, and not tested on animals.

Organic make-up is new to me, but I really like Nvey Eco’s philosophy - The benefit of using organic products is to give your skin and body a rest from chemicals and toxins in cosmetics.

The performance of the eye shadows are achieved through using finely milled pigments with a base of organic corn starch and organic jojoba seed oil, as well as the eye shadows also contain chamomile, vitamins A, C, and E to make for a smooth and soft formula that is excellent for dry and sensitive skin.

As mentioned, it’s my first real dabble into organic eye shadows so I really can’t compare it to any other brands, but I can compare it to other high-end eye shadows that I own, and generally I am quite pleased with the quality of the Nvey Eco eye shadows.

The eye shadow palettes are housed in a sleek black case with a mirror inside. Palette no. 6 contains 5 shades – dark grey, violet-grey, nude peach, taupe and olive-grey, all with tiniest hint of shimmer.

The pigmentation is very good, and very similar to other high-end eye shadows, and when used wet, the intensity is deepened, which is nice, although I had anticipated a little more.

Having combination skin, eye shadows normally don’t last long for me without the use of a primer, but I tested it without the use of a primer for the sake of this review – and came to the conclusion that the eye shadows lasted till around lunch-time before starting to slide and crease, which is again pretty normal on my skin, regardless of the brand of eye shadow. However, when used with the addition of a primer, the eye shadow easily stayed on all day without fading, budging or creasing.

Palette 6 is the perfect palette to satisfy anyone after natural, nude or smoky shades, and it will take you from day to night easily and effortlessly. Always using neutral and different shades of taupes, browns and greys, I’m loving the five shades in the palette, as it has a good choice of colours, and unlike many other eye shadow palettes, I find every single colour in the palette to be versatile and useful.

Another strong point for me about the Nvey Eco Eye Shadow pallette is that the earthy, natural colours complement each other beautifully so I don’t need to find another shade from another palette to complete my look, and there are numerous combinations of looks which can be achieved with these 5 colours,

The texture of the Nvey Eco eye shadows is nice and smooth, ad they feel so nice on your skin. They are very easy to apply with the two double-ended sponge-tip applicators that accompany the palette, but I must admit that I personally prefer using, and feel that the eye shadows apply nicer with brushes. Nevertheless, the sponge-tip applicators still do the job, as well as they are perfect for touch-ups on the go.

I am also loving the sleek black case with the mirror– it is all very handbag-friendly, and as the mirror is the length of the lid, and therefore rather large, it makes touch-ups on the go very easy.

The RRP for the Nvey Eco palette is $75.95 and can be purchased directly on the Nvey Eco website, with free shipping when you spend more than $50. This may sound pricey, but compared to other quality 5 colour palettes of this quality, this is about standard price, if not actually a bit cheaper.

All in all I really love this Nvey Eco eye shadow palette, as for me, everything from the staying power, the colours, to the sleek palette ticks the boxes for me. But to be honest, I can't really tell the difference between organic eye shadow and non-organic but at least I know that I'm not adding more toxins to my daily beauty routine than "necessary", and being organic makes me feel good and that tiny bit healthier, and for that reason, I do give it a couple of bonus points. I will definitely be looking into the rest of Nvey Eco’s product range.

*This product was kindly provided for trial by Spoilt by Pink Diva, and it has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Have you tried any of the products from Nvey Eco? And have you tried organic makeup? What are your thoughts?


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