31 October 2012

Product Review: L'Oreal Paris Youth Code Luminosity Day Serum

Having increasing pigmentation, I was very excited when the L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Luminosity Day Serum launched. Here are my thoughts on the serum:

What they say:
"A luxurious, light-infusing Day Cream developed for women aged 25-35 who want even skin tone and more luminous, youthful skin".

RRP: $35.95 - Available from Priceline and most chemists.

What I say:
The serum comes in a sleek metallic silver box, and inside the simple pump bottle in white metallic looks very luxurious and appealing. I love that it comes with a pump bottle as it is so much more hygienic than a jar, and it is s so much easier to use.

I have combination skin with tendency for breakouts, so I am always worried when introducing a new skincare product, and even more so if it’s a concentrated serum. So I started out only using a . little and soon found that ¾ to 1 full pump of cream was more than sufficient to cover my full face. And after having used the serum for a few weeks, I am pleased to say that it has not made my skin break out.
The serum has a pearlescent white look to it, and it quickly absorbs into the skin, without leaving behind any greasy residue. Afterwards the skin is left feeling smooth, soft, moisturised and looking luminous. The serum has a nice and pleasant fruity scent, which is still subtle and not too empowering.

As with all serums, I followed with applying my usual moisturiser; day cream during the day, and night cream at night time. During the day, I also used makeup, including primer and foundation, and did not find that it had any negative effect on the staying power of my makeup, rather I found that it made an excellent base. For those with oilier skin types, I could imagine that the serum on its own would be more than sufficient, with no need to use moisturiser as well.
Apart from the instant glow and sheen you get from applying the serum, I am starting to feel that my skin is look a tiny bit more even in its tone, it is thoroughly moisturised and more healthy looking, although I’m yet to see any major difference to my pigmentation. However, it does state on the box that effects will not be visible until after a 1 month of use, so given I have not quite used this for a month, and I do see some minor improvements to my skin, I am excited about what continuous use will do to my skin.

As only one pump of serum is used, a bottle will last you at least a couple of months, so at $35.95 I find that it is good value for money, considering the results that I have already seen. Other serums on the market with similar claims, are three times as expensive, but whether the results are three times as good, can be discussed. As for long term use, so far things are looking bright for the L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Luminosity Day Serum, and is a great option for those on a budget. 

Have you tried the Luminosity Serum? What's your preferred product in the combat against pigmentation?


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  1. Would love to hear in a bit if you think it has only overall major effect. Sometimes I feel like serums don't really do anything for my skin :(


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