23 October 2012

Dior launches 24-carat gold tattoos

Good news for Dior fans. The French design house has released a limited edition collection of precious golden temporary tattoos, called the "Grand Bal Golden Tattoos.


The jewellery-like creations, includes among others a cuff, delicate ring styles and a pendant, and are made from 24-carat gold leafing. The gold tattoos have been designed by the Dior jewellery designer Camille Miceli.


At this point it does not seem that these accessories are available in Australia (what’s new!!!), but they are available for a limited time through the American retailer Nordstrom for US$120.

While I think these Gold Tattoos look absolutely stunning and very extravagant, and they would be perfect accessories for the upcoming Christmas parties, I personally prefer my jewellery to be a bit more…..permanent!

What do you think do you think of these tattoos? Would you wear temporary tattoos?



1 comment

  1. I wouldn't wear temporary tattoos (or real tattoos!) as I find them a bit tacky. Obviously these are "high-end, expensive, luxurious" tattoos. They kind of remind me of the Chanel tattoos. I'd be expecting to see them on the red carpet soon though.


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