18 October 2012

Product Review: Dr. LeWinn’s Skin Perfect Anti-ageing Primer

As I really loved the Dr. LeWinn’s Skin Perfect Foundation (see my review here), I just had to try the Dr. LeWinn’s Skin Perfect Anti-ageing Primer as well. Here are my thoughts:

What they say:

"An anti-ageing primer that instantly gives silky and smooth skin, and allows make-up to glide over skin and prepare the complexionfor a long lasting base. Its lightweight formula contains Evermat™ Technology to visibly reduce the appearance of pores and absorb excess oils, without over-drying. Skin is left clear, glowing and hydrated".

Price: $29.95 for 30ml

What I say:
Starting to see beginning lines, wrinkles and increasing pigmentation, as well as having combination skin, means that I am therefore always on the lookout for the perfect foundation and primer to ensure a more even look and that my makeup stays put all day.  The Dr. LeWinn’s Skin Perfect Primer that seems to be the ultimate two-in-one product; a product that works on your wrinkles while covering covering imperfections.  

And as soon as I applied the primer, I was instantly impressed. It makes my skin look more even, and visibly smooths to wrinkles and fine lines. It leaving my skin looking radiantly glowing, smooth and hydrated, with a soft powdery and matte finish, which is fantastic when you have skin a little on the greasy side – all in all the perfect canvas for foundation. It also leaves the skin with a nice sheen, which you may be able to see from the picture below.


Using this primer means that I do not need to reapply touch-up my foundation during the day, it simply lasts all day, no touch-up required. And my foundation doesn’t fall into the creases during the day, which is another positive. I also like that I use less foundation to get an even look, but best of all, when I am wearing it, it is as if I’ve shaved several years off the look of my face.

The Skin Perfect Primer has a lovely slightly floral scent, though it is very subtle, and disappears almost immediately after application. And I really like that the primer has a texture like a lightweight lotion as opposed to a traditional silicone-heavy primer.

While on one hand the glass bottle is no doubt used to make the product appear more luxe, it is the negative thing I have to say about this primer, as I don’t find the glass bottle very practical. I can also imagine that it will be difficult to completely empty the bottle. On the positive, it gets a bonus point for the inbuilt pump, which makes both easy to use and more hygienic. But I would prefer if it came in a plastic tube designed to stand on the lid, so that you can completely empty the tube.

All in all, it is a fantastic primer that for me ticks all the boxes, and I really like the inclusion of hyaluronic acid and other nourishing ingredients, as in the of the day when I remove my makeup, my skin feels so soft and hydrated, almost as if I havejust removed a moisturising mask. 
If you too are concerned about ageing skin, and you are looking for primer that doubles as an anti-ageing product that truly makes you look years younger, then I’d definitely recommend this to you.
Have you tried this new anti-ageing range from Dr LeWinn's? What's your favourite primer? 

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  1. I've bought this but haven't used it yet. I've nearly finished my current primer (Almay) and can't wait to use this!


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