9 October 2012

Product Review: Innoxa Long Lasting Foundation

I am always on the search for the perfect foundation. One that gives a decent amount of coverage to cover pigmentation and scars from past acne, yet without looking cakey. One that is long lasting, but without drying my skin out, and one that keeps my skin looking moisturised, but of course, without making my combination skin look too greasy.

After trying the new Long Lasting Foundation from Innoxa, here are my thoughts.. 

What they say:

The Innoxa Long Lasting Foundation is formulated with long wearing ingredients to ensure your foundation stays fresh & natural. Enriched with Vitamins & Antioxidants to help firm skin & reduce fine lines. Light reflecting pigments help assist in eliminating skin imperfections, creating a flawless finish. Tested for 16 hour wear. Dermatologically Tested.

The foundation is available in five shades including Fair, Beige, Natural, Sand and Golden.

Price: $29.95 for 30ml

What I say:

The foundation has a very creamy texture and a little tricky to use to begin with but it spreads and blends very well. It gives a medium coverage, and it visibly smooths wrinkles and fine lines, leaving the skin looking radiantly glowing and super soft, smooth and thoroughly moisturised, no doubt due to being enriched with vitamins and antioxidants, which are intended to help keep the skin firm and reduce lines.

Innoxa claims that the foundation lasts for 16 hours, but even with a primer underneath (on the back of the tube, the Innoxa Pure Silk Primer is recommended), it simply doesn’t last that long on my combination skin. By early afternoon, I need to powder my t-zone, although it is nowhere near as shiny as it usually is, and if I am going out at night, I am in need of a touch up. But even so, the foundation does not fade or change colour during the day, as well as it does not fall into creases and lines, which is another great feature.

The foundation makes my skin look naturally healthy and glowing thanks to the light pigments. In saying that, these light pigments are fine and difficult to see, so no need to worry that your skin will look like a disco ball.

Some long lasting foundations are very difficult to remove, often requiring that you cleanse your face numerous times. The Innoxa foundation is however easy to get off at the end of the day, and afterwards my skin still feels soft and hydrated from the nourishing ingredients in the foundation.

The Innoxa Long Lasting Foundation comes in a simple but stylish white squeezy tube with a small nozzle at the end and a silver screw lid.

The Foundation is fragrance free, which is fantastic if you have sensitive skin, although it still has a slight floral scent from the ingredients in the foundation. However, this scent quickly fades as soon as the foundation has been absorbed into the skin.
All in all I do like this foundation, and I give it bonus points for being dermatologically tested and paraben free, as well as I give it bonus points for its anti-ageing and moisturising properties. But it would have been nice if it had also contained an SPF.
Unfortunately it didn’t quite live up to the claim of lasting 16 hours - well at least not on my combination skin. But perhaps those with normal to dry skin types will get better results. 
Have you tried the Innoxa Long Lasting Foundation? And have you found your perfect foundation?



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