11 October 2012

Product Review: Revitanail Conditioning Remover Wipes

As a big fan of Revitanail products, and especially the newly launched Precision Corrector, I just had to try the new Conditioning Remover Wipes as well, and after testing them, here are my thoughts:

What they say:

Quickly and gently remove nail polish while conditioning nails and cuticles on-the-go. Acetone free.  Nourishing and gentle on nails and cuticles, helping to replace moisture and maintain nail health after colour-wear. Enriched with Vitamin E to leave nails deeply hydrated and noticeably healthier, the non-irritant formula is ideal for dry and damaged nails.

Price: $5.95 for 30 wipes. Available at Priceline and most chemists.

What I say:

These Nail Polish Remover Wipes are designed to make your life a little easier when it comes to removing nail polish.

The Conditioning Remover Wipes come in a little black tub with 30 pre-soaked nail polish remover wipes, which makes removing nail polish on the go very easy.  They have the perfect size to bring on your holidays too, so you don’t have to get stuck with chipped nail.

I have previously purchased nail polish remover wipes in little tubs, and after I have used just a few, the rest have dried out. The Revitanail Remover Wipes on the other hand, has an additional clear plastic lid which tightly seals in the wipes, to prevent them from drying out. Genius!

When nail polish removers do not contain acetone, which does make a little sceptical at first of their efficiency, in spite of acetone usually being the ingredient known for completely drying out your nails.

The wipes on the other hand, are actually kind of greasy, which was a little bit of a strange feeling, until I remembered that the greasy feeling is actually doing my nails some good, as they are soaked in vitamin E and nail-loving oils to re-hydrate and repair nails that are damaged from constantly wearing nail polish.

And in spite of the wipes not containing acetone, I was pleasantly surprised from the very first use. The wipes are so quick and effective to use, instantly removing every trace of nail polish.

These wipes really does make removing nail polish a breeze. And all while nourishing your nails at the time. I look forward seeing my nails get healthier!

Have you tried the Revitanail Conditioning Remover Wipes?

And have you tried the Revitanail Precision Corrector Pen? – Have a look at my review here.

What are your best tips for keeping your nails healthy?



  1. I want to try this out :) hair skin and nails vitamins are awesome for your nails health!

  2. The hair, skin and nail vitamins may be worth a try, guess it can never hurt!


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