11 October 2012

Product Review: Revitanail Precision Corrector

From time I have problems with my nails always flaking and breaking, and the Revitanail Nail Strengthener always comes to the rescue, and in no time, my nails are strong and healthy again.

And being a bit of clumsy when it comes to putting nail polish on my nails, I was very excited when Revitanail launched the Precision Corrector.


Here are my thoughts on the Precision Corrector:

What they say:

A pen to precisely erase nail polish mishaps and condition cuticles with just one stroke. Contains soothing jojoba oil to moisturise and nourish nails and dry cuticles. Acetone and preservative free.

Price: $12.95 for a pen with 3ml, and three replacement tips. Available at Priceline and most chemists.

What I say:
As mentioned above, I really am very clumsy when it comes to applying nail polish and I always get it everywhere. And that is where the Revitanail Precision Corrector comes in handy.
The Precision Corrector is shaped like a nifty pen, which has a pointed felt tio at the end - almost like a highlighting pen. The felt tip is soaked in nail polish remover, and it is so easy to use for removing those annoying and unsightly nail polish smudges from the cuticle areaand the nail edges, whch completely ruin the look of a manicure. The pen canbe used both during and after applying the nail polish.

The end with the black lid, houses the tip that is soaked with the nail polish remover. The tip can be used several times, before it can be replaced with one of the replacement tips which are handily stored under the clear lid in the other end of the pe. To replace the tip, simply hold the Precision Corrector facing up (to avoid the nail polish remover from spilling), and gently remove the used tip and replace it with a new one. 


The conditioning nail polish does not contain acetone, which is great as it is the nasty ingredient which dries out your nails. Not containing acetone often means that a nail polish is not as efficient, but that is not the case, the pen still efficiently removes the smudges.

Of course you can use normal cotton tips dipped in nail polish remover to clean up the smears, which believe me, I usually do! But the tapered end of the Precision Corrector pen is just so much easier to use, and it dramatically helps you do a more professional looking manicur

These days, only your imagination stops how creative you can be with your nail art, but without a neat and clean look, it will look as hideous as if done by a 5 year old.

Seriously, I really love this new addition to the Revitanail nail care range, how did I ever live without it!!
If you are as messy as me hen you apply nail polish, then you'll love it too!

Have you tried the Revitanail Precision Corrector?
And have you tried the Revitanail Conditioning Remover Wipes? Have a look at my review here.

What do you use to clean up your manicure? And what are your top tips for a perfect manicure? 


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