17 October 2012

Product Review: David Babaii Miracle Oil

Having long hair, which has been through countless of hair colourings, styling sessions and not to mention quite a few summers of harmful UV rays, my hair is at times looking a little worse for wear, and consequently I have taken a liking to the new hair oils as they make my hair look and feel softer and healthier.

Here’s my review on the Miracle Oil from David Babaii.

What they Say:

"This advanced, highly concentrated formula provides an intense conditioning treatment, superior colour protection, smoothening to reduce frizz and thermal protection without the problem of build-up or oily residue".

This silicone free hair elixir will deliver unsurpassed shine, vitality and restore hair back to glorious health in no time.

Price: $29.95 for 120ml - available from Priceline and David Babaii Online.

What I say:

I generally use this oil after washing my hair, where I use two pumps of the oil in the damp hair before combing and styling it. It makes it so much easier to comb my long and thick hair, and it leaves it soft, shiny and very moisturised. 

I also use the oil as both as a protector prior to heat styling my hair, but also as a shine serum on the days that I do not wash my hair, and the product is making my hair look fantastic.

Another use for the oil treatment is to apply generously to dry hair before washing the hair for an intensive conditioning treatment. And washing the hair, it feels thoroughly moisturised, and even softer, and shinier than ever before, no doubt due to the nourishing qualities of the argan and linseed oils in the oil.

The product comes in a classy black box with gold writing, which screams luxury. Inside is the pump bottle with the golden elixir, which smells fantastic.

I love that the product comes in a pump bottle, it makes it so easy to use, but more importantly, I love that it does not contain harmful toxins, silicone, sulphates, parabens and petrochemicals.
But what's more, David Babaii donates ten percent of all profits to WildAid, the global wildlife conservation organisation to help save endangered animals. I am impressed!

Only a small amount of product is required, so the 120ml bottle will last you a long time.

I have now tried several other great hair oils ranging in price from $9.95 to over $60, however, they all contain chemical nasties, and consequently I have now concluded that the Miracle Oil from David Babaii is the best hair oil that I have tired.

I feel like my hair can't live without this product as it works so well to maintain the moisture of my locks, making it looks healthy and shiny without weighing it down.

Tip: Apply little by little to avoid using too much, and avoid putting the oil too close to the hair roots as it will make your hair look greasy.

Do you use hair oils? Which one is your favourite? And have you ever tried the products from David Babaii? 



  1. I've heard so much about this oil, I should really try it!

  2. They currently have 60% off all products on their website, one week only (sorry, not sure when it ends), which means the oil is down to $10.89, and that's a really good price!

  3. I absolutely love this oil. I have long, dry and frizzy hair. I rub a little bit on and it makes my hair so smooth. I also use it on dry hair on days that I don't wash my hair. It works just as well. Will definitely buy again.


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