1 December 2016


I've always been vary of what skincare products I use on my two boys skin. They are both very blonde and fair, and while they do not specifically suffer from dermatitis or any other skin concerns, they do seem to have very sensitive skin. So I was naturally excited when I was introduced to the Little Innoscents Organic Baby Skincare range.


The Little Innoscents Organic Baby Skincare range is an Australian made and owned range, and all the products contain nothing but effective natural ingredients.

Let's start with the Little Innoscents Baby Wipes. These wipes have been infused with aloe vera and vitamin E, and they are PH balanced and super gentle and suitable for even the most sensitive baby skin. I love that they are so thick that they can handle even a very 'messy' bum! I also love that they are free from chemicals so they are also safe to use to wipe down faces and sticky fingers. When our youngest was new born, he had a little bit of nappy rash, that flared up each time we used wipes, so eventually we resorted to using just water and cotton balls for a while, which was naturally difficult when we were out and about, so these wipes would have been so handy to have then as they would without a doubt have made a difference.

The Hair & Body Wash is an all-in-one product that is loaded with natural plant extracts including spearmint, sweet orange, and it has the most gorgeous fresh fruity scent. The gel is free from sulphates, yet it still foams up well, and gently cleanses both hair and body, and while I did intend for this to be used on my two little boys only, I have to admit to having used it too as a shower gel, as I simply couldn't resist it with the beautiful sent.

Then there's the Intensive Soothing Cream, which is an organic healing cream packed with shea butter, rosewood, lavender and avocado oils, and calendula extract, and since we've been using it on our little boys bottoms at every nappy change, they've not had one red bum, even the usual nasty teething periods that has always left both my boys with sore bottoms leaves, we've gotten over with a hitch, thanks to this cream. And I love that it can also be used on other rashes and dermatitis to help heal and soothe the skin.

The Winter Blues Balm, which is also called Baby Vapour Rub Balm, we got a the perfect time, as our 3.5 year old got hit with a bad cold, his first cold in about 1.5 years.

The balm contains medicinal essential oils including wintergreen and eucalyptus, as well as lemon, peppermint, and rosemary and beeswax, and it helps the baby breathe a little easier and avid nasal congestion and stuffy noses. And it is still so gentle, that it is even suitable to use on newborns! So when our boy was struggling to breathe at night, because he was so snotty, a little of this fresh and zesty smelling balm rubbed into his chest and feet, and it clearly helped him relax and breathe better in no time.

The Sun Lotion SPF30 is a mineral based sunscreen that contains zinc oxide as well as vitamin E, organic green tea, cucumber and rosehip extract, and I like that it is easy to apply and absorbs easily and quickly into the skin without any greasiness, and without leaving the skin feeling tacky or stick. I also love that it does not contain any preservatives and is suitable for babies as young as 6 months - and while I had the best of intentions of leaving this one for our little boys, I've found myself reaching for it as well, as it really is a good family sunscreen too.

Finally, there's the Hair Fudge, and having a 3.5yo that is more or less refusing to leave the house unless his hair is waxed or gelled up, I was excited putting this one to the test - especially as he at times complains that his head is itch at the end of the day, after we've used certain gels or waxes in his hair. This hair fudge contains no alcohol, parabens or SLS, and with all its natural ingredients including rosewood and orange essential oils, it is also very gentle. It promises to give the hair a strong hold, but without any white flakes or residue on the hair or scalp, and it can be used in both wet or dry hair. Our little boy, being so blonde, also has very fine hair, and sadly, this fudge just didn't hold his hair in place, yes, it did tame it and control the flyaways, but unfortunately it just didn't have sufficient hold for his messy or 'spiky hair-do. But it works perfectly on little brother's baby hairs that are still a bit wild as they are still growing out, and again, I love that the fudge is so natural, that I can use this on him, without any concerns.

So there you go, a selection of Little Innoscents Organic Baby Skincare products. I've enjoyed using all on my little boys, and particularly fallen for the wipes, hair & body wash, the soothing cream and the sun lotion, and I'm very keen on putting other products from the range to the test too, including the Moisture Rich Body Lotion, the Paw Paw Balm, as well as some of the Himalayan Bath Salts and Home Cleaning Products.

Little Innoscents Baby Wipes - RRP: $6.50 / 80 wipes
Little Innoscents Hair & Body Wash - RRP: $12.95 / 250ml
Little Innoscents Intensive Soothing Cream - RRP: $10.99 / 75ml
Little Innoscents Winter Blues Balm - RRP: $10.99 / 75ml
Little Innoscents Sun Lotion SPF30 - $19.99 / 100ml
Little Innoscents Hair Fudge - RRP: $10.99 / 75ml

Available from select pharmacies, Baby Goods Stores, and health food stores.

Or for more information visit Little Innoscents Online

* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.


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