16 December 2016


I don't know why, but our little boy has been scared of upgrading from the baby-tree-wheeler to a 'big boy bike". We've even gotten him a very cool one, and it has training wheels, and all the bells and whistles that you could ask for, but he is still not fond of it. But even before he was 3 years old, he was starting to be way too big for the three-wheeler. And then we were introduced to FirstBike…

FirstBike is the perfect balance bike that helps develop kids confidence sense of balance and motor skills. And it made from the best thinkable materials and loaded with more features than you can think possible:

  • Frame - made from high-tech, injection-molded composite frame doesn't scratch, splinter, swell, or rust like wood or metal frames (GFT™ frame is made of 30% glass fiber reinforced nylon composite)
  • Extremely lightweight, high-strength yet flexible, and durable material (weatherproof)
  • Saddle Seat - the unique "horse saddle" shape provides for maximum comfort and stability. The shape of the seat ensures a child does not slip off when riding downhill (unlike common pedal bike saddles used on other balance bikes).
  • Hand Brake - hand-controlled, rear drum SafetyStop brake ensures very gentle and gradual braking.
  • Rear Drum Brake which unlike the commonly used V-brake, is safe for little fingers
  • Safety Grips - keeps little hands from slipping off and help them better control the bike
  • Steering limiter - the handlebar does not fully rotate and helps keep direction, for a smoother ride and to prevent rough falls
  • Mudguards front and rear to help repel dirt and gravel
  • Reflective stickers for better visibility in low-light conditions
  • Sealed industrial wheel bearings keep the wheels turning smoothly without replacement or service (prevents clogging by dirt or gravel)
  • Lowering Kit available to help kid ride the bike from a younger age of approx 22 months
  • Tyres - high quality Schwalbe tyres

So this FirstBike, isn't just super cool, it also looks the part. My little boy put the orange Cross FirstBike to the test, and which has a funky orange coloured body, with grey front and back, and black types, handlebars, and seat. And as described, it really is super light, even for our little boy to handle. 

It has also been dressed up with a basket, he generally uses for his drink bottle, a little bell, and of course he wears a helmet when he's is out and about too.

We did get a lowering kit too, but he was already too big, and didn’t need the bike lowered, but it will be very handy for when little brother, who is very little in size eventually takes over the bike.

And since using it his confidence has clearly grown. The first few times he was on the bike, he clearly had absolutely no idea, he didn't balance at all, but rather, he was walking with the bike between his legs. It looked rather awkward to be honest. But he still had fun, and as time as passed and he has slowly started to experiment, and is now getting the gist of how he's supposed to ride it. And the sheer look and smile on this face as he roll down a hill, balancing himself without crashing, just says it all. He is so proud of how far he has come.

Needless to say that while the bike has been looked after, as he really loves his bike (was very upset when he was told that it had to be parked in the garage overnight, and not inside) he bike has been dropped, a few times, and that is where the quality of the bike truly shows. There is not a scratch or dent. And apart from dusty wheels, you can't even tell that it has been used.

This truly is German design at it's best, and is no wonder that this bike has been showered with awards around the world, as it really is brilliant. And as it is suitable from the ages 2 through to approx. 5, it is very functional too. Yes, it doesn't come cheap, but you can rest assured that your kid will be safe, and as it is built to last, it can be passed on from sibling to sibling too, and without looking like a second hand bike! this is the perfect starter bike, and even more so now that summer is finally here, or which kid wouldn't be excited about getting one of these for Xmas..

And don't forget to always make sure your child wears a bike helmet in case he or she crashes. We've been testing the Netti Bike Helmet, in a cool black design with orange flames. the helmet has an integrated visor, and is easy to adjust securely. it also has 6 large cooling vents, and a soft inner lining. And it naturally complies to with all necessary safety standards.

FirstBike Cross Bike with Brake - RRP: $199
FirstBike Lowering Kit - $16.95
FirstBike Basket - RRP: $21.95
FirstBike Bell - RRP: $10.95
Netti Bike Helmet - RRP: $39.95
Available from FirstBike

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