17 December 2016


Our little boy is obsessed with the super heroes. He loves to play with Lego and Dublo, and like any other kid, and when we found the Lego movies on Netflix he was sold, and the Lego Super Heros, which includes everyone from the Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and Spiderman, he was sold - but unfortunately he is still too young for the actual Lego sets. Then these Playskool Heroes from Hasbro came along with the Marvel Super heroes and Transformers, and aimed at the 3-7 year olds, these are just perfect.


These figurines have just the right sizes for little hands, and as they say, they offer ‘Big boy brands for little boy hands’, with the products specifically designed for younger children, based on characters from age-appropriate entertainment that mums and kids already know and love.

The Playskool Heroes is all about combining characters, like Captain America, Iron Man, Spiderman and the Hulk that little boys know, and with these figures, they left little children role play and help them spark the imagination that they are little heroes, and help save the day. 


The Transformers Chase the Police-Bot Rescue Rig transforms from a Robot to Police Car, and my little boy really loves this feature, as it is so unique and different from any other toy that he has got. And the toy is of high quality so it will last through being changed back and forth over and over again, as the robot and police car chase the bad guys to save the world.

Then there's the Marvel Super Heroes Figurines which come in assorted 2 packs, and features all the heroes read for great adventures and rescues. Again, they are made for little hands, and whilst they have small moving parts, they are of high quality so I am not concerned at all they they will come apart and cause health concerns. The small packs include figures such as Hulk and Loki, or Star-Lord and Drax, and my little boy is so in love with these, and I already know that we will have to extend the collection and add the remaining figurines in the range. 

Finally, there's the Marvel Super Hero Adventures Spider-man and Octo-Mech, where Kids can pretend to help Spiderman defeat Doc Ock and his Octo-Mech. You can push the button on the belly of the octo-mech and it ejects Doc Ock from the Octo-Mech, and Spiderman can suit up with flippers and diving helmet for the ultimate chase.

These really are fantastic toys for little boys, and they are sure to keep them entertained for hours and hours.

Playskool Heroes Transformers Chase the Police-Bot Rescue Rig - RRP: $34.99
Playskool Heroes Marvel Super Hero Adventures, 2 pack - RRP: $9.99
Playskool Heroes Marvel Spider-Man & Octo-Mech - RRP: $34.95

The Playskool Heroes range is available from major retailers nationally. To find out more visit Hasbro Online

* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.



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