9 December 2016


I absolutely love it when my home smells nice - and with two big dogs living inside, I reach for scented candles all the time. One brand that I've never heard of is Tilley Australia - yet the company was founded over 150 years ago. And I can't actually believe that they are based in the suburbs of Melbourne, it doesn’t get any more local than that! Initially the company was a soap manufacturer, but now they're also making products for the home and body, which are now sold around the world. And what better Xmas gift idea - or hostess gift, than one of the special edition Xmas candles..


There are three different candles in the limited edition Christmas Candle range..
The White candle is an Apple Spice Soy Candle, and it is scented with fresh green apples blended with aromatic cinnamon, for a lovely scent. It comes in a while glass, which has a stunning simplicity that will look beautiful in any home.

Then there's the Red Candle, which is a Sweet Berry Soy Candle that has been infused with ripe red berries for a beautiful fruity scent. It comes in a stunning red glass, that is the perfect addition to the Xmas candle and décor.

Finally, the Green Candle, which is Wild Pine Soy Candle, and it seriously smells like freshly cut pine, which is such fresh a Christmassy scent. The candle comes in a gorgeous green glass that will also be a great addition to any Xmas décor.

Common for all the candles, are that they hand poured are made from the best ingredients, including vegetable soy wax, that not only burns better, but also with less smoke for a healthier home, and not least air your breathing! The massive glass jars contain 420g of candle, and burn for over 60hours, not least thanks to the lead free cotton wicks.

The candles come packaged in beautiful white and silver boxes, ready to give away. And of course, when you've finished burning the candle, you're left with the gorgeous glasses, which can be used for lots of things, including for instance storage of your makeup brushes!

All three scents are so beautiful, and I'd be one happy camper receiving any of the three scents, although my personal favourites probably are the Red Sweet Berry and the White Apple Spice, but that's probable more down to the colours of the glasses!

Tilley Soaps Christmas Soy Candles - RRP, each: $39.95 / 420g
Available from Tilley Soaps

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