6 December 2016


Today I'm going to share with you some gorgeous gift sets from Olive. 

If you're not familiar with the brand Olive, they are make natural skincare and originates from the Simunovich Olive Estate in Bombay Hills in New Zealand. The products contain natural active and botanical ingredients and are all free from parabens, mineral oils, colourants, artificial fragrances and silicones, and have of course not been tested on animals. 

The Olive Hands Gift Set contains a Pomegranate Hand & Nail Cream (50ml) as well as a Blackcurrant Hand & Nail Cream (50ml). Inside the purple gift box you'll find the two tubes of hand and nail cream, the purple Blackcurrant and the Pink Pomegranate one, and I really love these brightly coloured tubes. Each of the creams have the most gorgeous fresh and natural fruity scents, with my personal favourite being the Pomegranate as it is slightly fresher. The cream has a lovely consistency and absorbs quickly and easily into my dry hands, leaving them silky soft and smooth, without any stickiness and with the gorgeous scent lingering for quite some time. The long skinny tubes are very handy to pop into the handbag too without taking up too much room.


Next up is the Olive Daily Gift Set which contains a Hands Moisturising Cream (75ml), which is a thick, yet non greasy cream loaded with plant extracts including extra virgin olive oil and spring water from the Olive estate. Again this cream absorbs quickly and easier, but does feel very intensely moisturising, and even after hours of working in the garden left my hands dry, this cream nourished them back in no time thanks to the added shea butter. While I do love a nice fragranced hand cream, I do admit that I also love the more subtle scent. The yellow gift box also contains a 100% Natural Lip Balm (10ml), which is loaded with plant extracts and extra virgin olive oil to help restore dry lips, all while keeping them soft and smooth, and well protected from the weather too. I love the fact that it has next to no scent, so it's perfect for applying at night time before, and the fact that it is a multi-tasker too as it can also be used to keep dry cuticles nourished and healthy. Finally, the gift set also contains a Pomegranate Body Lotion (50ml), and as above, I really love fresh fruity scent of this cream. The body lotion is quite lightweight, yet clearly very moisturising as it adds sufficient moisture to keep my dry elbows, knees and chins soft and smooth all day long, all while that gorgeous scent continues to linger on my skin.

Then there's the Olive Original Body Gift Set which contains products from the original range, including the Hand Moisturising Cream (75ml), (same as above), the Hydrating Shower Gel (30ml), which contains plant extracts, extra virgin olive oil and demineralised spring water, and it cleans the skin very gently, leaving it very soft and smooth. I love that it has a very subtle and gentle scent, and that it's another multi-tasking product that can also be used to assist shaving. The green gift box also contains a Body Moisture Milk (250ml), which contains extra virgin olive oil, olive leaf extract and grape seed oil, and it is packed with minerals and vitamins. The gentle scented Body Milk has a light consistency, but don’t be fooled, as it still provides intense moisture and care to your skin.

Finally, the Olive Pomegranate Body Gift Set, which is probably my personal favourite - and again, that is down to the fresh fruity scent of the pomegranate, so if you prefer something more subtle, you'd probably prefer the original range. This pink gift box contains the Pomegranate Hand & Nail Cream (50ml) (same as above), a Pomegranate Body Wash (200ml), which is loaded with the usual Olive plant extracts, as well as pomegranate fruit extracts to add vitamins and antioxidants to the skin, and it gently cleanses the skin, without drying it out. Again, this is another multi-tasker that can also be used while shaving. The gift set also contains the Pomegranate Body Lotion (50ml) ( same as above), and after using the Body Wash and the Body Lotion, let me tell you, my bathroom smells divine, and so does my skin! Finally, it also includes a Pomegranate Lip Balm (10ml), which feels so lovely and non-sticky on the lips.

Olive Hands Gift Set - RRP: $19.95
Olive Daily Gift Set - RRP: $24.95
Olive Original Body Gift Set - RRP: $29.95
Olive Pomegranate Body Gift Set - RRP: $34.95

Olive Skincare is available from Olive Online and select pharmacies 

* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.


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