13 December 2016


We all need a good nights sleep to regenerate and regain energy, and believe me, as a mummy with two small toddlers I know all about the frequently nightly disturbances that wakes me, sometimes countless of times throughout the night. But little kids is one thing, having a decent bed is another, and trust me makes all the difference, especially when you like me, also have sore back and shoulders, not helped by carrying said toddlers up and down the stairs, up on the change table etc. Enter igravity from bedsonline. This unique mattress claims to be Australia's best priced luxury mattress which usually sells for over $2000, yet it is priced at just $999. The igravity mattress not only looks like a luxury mattress, made like a luxury mattress. 

The mattress features;

  • SensuS Memory foam for optimum pressure relief
  • Sterilised insulator pad
  • Stretch knit cotton covering
  • SensuS Ventex air flow mesh for better temperature regulated sleep
  • SensuS Luxury Latex for hypoallergenic body contouring support
  • Labyrinthine pad for cushioning and air conditioning
  • SensuS plush pamper loft for better comfort
  • Edge support perimeter
  • High density foundation layer
  • SensuS micro coils for extra cushion comfort and spinal support
  • SensuS syncronised support
  • Contemporary design and meticulously crafted
  • Border stabiliser
  • SensuS coil with high dual spring count, for reduced partner disturbance 

The friendly delivery guys from bedsonline were very helpful, can called several times to confirm delivery, and even carried the mattress upstairs, which I am so thankful they did, as no way my aching shoulders could even attempt to carry this heavy mattress, and my poor hubby with his back issues wouldn’t have stood a chance getting it carried it up by himself. 
And from the very first night, we were both impressed with the mattress. Now we both have issues with our backs, mine coming from neck and shoulder issues, and my hubby's from his lower back, but we both agreed, that we felt very comfortable. My husband used to often get out of bed early as he'd wake with a very sore back forcing him to get up, but after the very first night we actually 'slept in' too, (thanks to our toddlers for assisting and sleeping until 7.30, that is a very rare occurrence!), and we both felt good without any aches and pains, as you should when you wake in the mornings. 
The actual igravity mattress is medium firm, and I like that the mattress responds to my contours to give me the optimal support where the body needs it, and improves the weight distribution so you don't have so many pressure points. I also love that the mattress offers 'reduced partner disturbance' as needless to say that my hubby is heavier than I am, so it is frustrating when you feel you're bouncing around each time your partner moves during the night, but on the igravity, I immediately noticed that is no longer an issue. 
The actual mattress, is, apart from being very heavy, very nice looking, but also very tall. But that said, we have also 'popped' it into our existing bed frame, which is already very tall - but you can always add a matching bed base from bedsonline
Overall we're very happy with the igravity, and completely agree that this is a premium quality matters, and considering how much money good quality mattresses otherwise cost, this really is good value for money, and we can only highly recommend it - but if you're still in doubt, you can rest assured that bedsonline is a long-established company, and they also offer;  
  • 15 year warranty
  • 101 night comfort trial
  • Delivered Australia wide 
So if you don't like it, no harm done, as you can simply swap your mattress!
Igravity - RRP: $999
To purchase or for more information, visit bedsonline
* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.


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