15 December 2016


Today I've got another brilliant Xmas gift idea for you, and I just know you'll love this haircare gift set, The Most Advanced Argan Pack from Nth Degree.

The Nth Degree The Most Advanced Argan Pack contains;

  • Nth Degree Argan Oil and Keratin Shampoo,
  • Nth Degree Argan Oil and Keratin Conditioner
  • Nth Degree Argan Oil and Keratin Mask

These products all contain Moroccan Argan oil to add dramatically hydration and leave the hair super smooth, while the Argan Oil envelops each strand, infusing rich moisture, while keratin proteins seal cuticles and smooth split ends. These products are perfect for thirsty, damaged or unresponsive hair, these potent concoctions will delicately cleanse, condition, repair, shine and finish your way to radiant, resilient, silky perfection—hair to the highest power.

I have very long and thick hair, and while I do my best to look after it with regular trims and hair treatments, my hair has also been coloured more times than I can count, and the sheer length, also means that the ends are a tad dry. So these products from Nth Degree (pronounced “enth” Degree), are perfect for my hair.

The products come in old style brown bottles and tubs, and have refreshing silver and turquoise labels, which funny texts such as “Your Life is about to change, so is your hair. This luxurious blend is the answer to all those bad hair days, the bitterness and frizz that took control, the jagged ends that called it ‘splits’, and every moment that you lost your shine”. Say hello to your new best friend – you’re welcome. That’s what friends are for!” I love that. The world is often serious enough, so nice with a product that puts a smile on your face!

Both the shampoo and conditioner both come in convenient pump bottle and especially the shampoo smells absolutely amazing, fresh and fruity. It does take a little to make it froth up, probably because its moisturising formula, and it still doesn't create as much foam as most other shampoos, so it does take a little getting used to, and making sure that you don't use too any more shampoo than really needed. Personally, I don't mind, I usually wash my hair every second day, and one wash is more than enough for my hair to feel lovely and clean and without that dried out squeaky feeling.

The conditioner is thick, creamy and rich, to the point you could almost mistake it for a hair mask – yet it spreads easily, and you can feel it absorbing into the dry strands of hair. After just a few minutes it is quick and easy to rinse out without leaving behind the feeling of a greasy residue. And afterwards my hair is so easy to comb, and once dried naturally, (which I let it do most days!), it is soft and smooth, with a lovely and healthy shine. And still has that lovely subtle scent lingering from the products.

On the days where I have a little more time, or simply feel my hair needs a little extra TLC, I've been using the Hair Mask, which comes in a brown heavy duty plastic tub with a silver screw lid. The yellow tinted mask is thick and creamy, and a small scoop full is more than sufficient for my hair. And left in for just 5 minutes or so, and my hair completely drinks it up, and once rinsed out, it leaves my hair incredibly soft (thanks to also containing shea butter), and without feeling heavy or weighed down, like masks often do. My dry ends seem to be restored and frizz is more or less nonexistent. My hair is simply shiny and glossy and looks incredibly healthy.

Overall I really love these products from Nth Degree. They make my long dry hair fee and look healthy and shiny in no time, thanks to the powerful ingredients which include among others keratin, and argan oil. They really do seem to help restore hair and help seal dry split ends. But what is even more brilliant is that in spite of the high quality of the products, they are extremely well priced for very large bottles. So if you're look out for some efficient, yet budget friendly haircare products, I highly recommend that you check out Nth Degree. Or how about using this great gift set as a Xmas pressie, as it is even better value right now at just $39.95, so you technically get the hair mask free!

Nth Degree The Most Advanced Argan Pack containing shampoo, conditioner and mask - RRP: $39.95

Nth Degree Argan Oil and Keratin Shampoo - RRP: $19.95 / 400ml
Nth Degree Argan Oil and Keratin Conditioner - RRP: $19.95 / 400ml
Nth Degree Argan Oil and Keratin Mask - RRP: $23.95 / 200g

Available from I-Glamour

* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.
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