19 December 2016


I love it when our boys are outside and active, and if you're kids are anything like my two active toddlers, then they'll love getting one of these Globber Scooters for Christmas.

My oldest boy, who is 3.5 years old has been loving riding his Globber My FREE Fold Up scooter, and we love that it easily fold ups, so it is easy to store in the garage when it is not in use, or even popped into the car when we’re going out. Or when we're out and about and he no longer wants to ride it, thanks to the easy-to-use ellipse folding mechanism, it can simply be pulled along by the handlebars so no need to carry it.

I also love that this scooter grows with our boy, they grow so fast, that you'd otherwise have to get them a new bike or scooter each year, but not with this one, as it is so cleverly designed that it has three handlebar height positions ranging from 67.5cm to 77.5cm, so it can be adjusted as the child grows. And it is so easy to adjust, and yet the T-Bar handlebar is soft and very comfortable for little hands to hold on too.

The back brake

The flashing wheels, and the button for collapsing the scooter

The Globber My FREE Fold Up also comes with assisted steering for safe learning, where a button on the front locks the steering so little ones can master the straight line and learn to balance before attempting to turn corners, it is ergonomic designed to help with intuitive steering. It also has an extra wide deck, for extra stability for little ones, and it has a X-Cross deck design that strengthens the structure and helps improve the directional turning performance. It also a long covered rear brake that protects the wheel and provides better breaking performance. And needless to say that it also comes with high quality wheels that are not only long lasting, but also ensure a smoother ride.

This bike is designed for kids aged 3+ with a 50kg weight rating and reinforced curved structure, the My FREE Fold Up is not only super stylish, it is tough enough to handle anything kids throw at it. My little 3.5year old boy is just shy of 17kgs, so he will be enjoying riding this scooter for years!

And thanks to all the features, he very quickly got the hang of it, and it is incredible to see him fly along, with a massive smile on his face as he watches the flashing LED wheels while knowing that he has mastered something. And as a parent I am happy knowing that it is super quality, and it is sturdy enough to hold him, and won't fall apart. The scooter has the coolest blue colour, that every boy will love, but is also available in pink and green.

But what about those toddlers yet too small to ride their own scooter… I know my little 1.5year old boy is so desperate to do just as his big brother, but just still not having the coordination to do so. And that's where the Globber My Free 5-In-1 Scooter comes in handy. This cleverly designed scooter simply grows with the child, and takes him from his very first steps through to the preschool and school years. The scooter, as the name suggests, has 5 different combinations, and it has a seat for little ones to sit on, as well as a foot rest so that parents can push the child along with the handle.

As the child grows, and become more confident, first the foot rest can be removed, so that the child can ride with our without parents pushing them along. As they grow further, the seat can naturally also be removed completely, and the scooter then becomes a fully-fledged 'normal' scooter, where the initial push handle, now serves as the adjustable T-Bar handle that can be raised as the child grows taller. And it naturally also has the same quality features as the My Free Fold Up Scooter above (minus the flashing wheels), with the rear brake, wide deck and directional turning as well as it of course folds up easily.

My little boy, 1.5 years old, is very little for his age, and not quite at the stage where he can ride the scooter himself, but he loves sitting on it, as he is being pushed along, side by side with his brother, and we have no doubt that his brother will encourage him to move to the next stage soon.

This really is incredible value for money, as it is suitable from 12 months old and up until the child is approx 6 years old.

Overall I am really really impressed with these scooters, as the quality and the design really is second to none, with every detail thought about, it is simply premium quality and the top functionality. And it truly is incredible to see your kids have such much fun, so I highly recommend that you check out these Globber Scooters, regardless of your child's age, as there's even options for older kids and teenagers too, hey, they've even got some for adults, which is pretty cool!

Globber My FREE Fold Up Scooter with Flashing Wheels - RRP: $200
Globber My Free 5-In-1 Scooter - RRP: $200

For more information or to purchase Globber scooters and accessories, visit Globber Online  or select Globber Dealers

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