7 December 2016


With two little toddlers, one of the brands that I can always trust to not only come up with some fantastic and very useful, but also high quality products, is Dreambaby - so today, I'd like to share a couple of products that would also make for fantastic Xmas gift ideas for little bubs.


The Dreambaby Ladybug Night Light is nothing short of amazing. This ladybug is not just super adorable, and will look so cute in any baby and toddler room, but it is also very functional too, as it also serves as a night light.

It has a one-touch button that turns it on, giving it a very soft and gentle light that is not too harsh for sleeping,, and it helps little ones get to sleep without having a bright lamp in the room, and thus giving them comfort and security as they drift off to sleep. And I love that after 30 minutes it automatically turns itself off - both to help the child get used to sleeping in the dark (which is essentially better for a better quality sleep!), but it also means that you don't have to the lamp running all night draining the battery. Although it does come with a long-life bulb that lasts forever, thousands of hours, according to Dreambaby! Absolutely brilliant.

Then there's the Dreambaby De-humidifying Dry Egg, which is a ceramic egg in a cute holder, that helps remove excess moisture and dampness from the hair, to help reduce mould, mildew and other musty odours, for a cleaner and healthier air free from bacteria. The egg doesn't require electricity, so it is perfectly safe to have out all the time, and it is therefore perfect for nurseries, bathrooms or laundry. The actual egg is filled with dehumidifying crystals, that absorb the moisture, and it is so cleverly designed that the indicators on the side, will change from blue when it is dry, to pink when it is full of moisture. And even when it is full of moisture, you an still regenerate the egg, by removing it from the holder and putting it in the microwave for about 10 minutes. This egg not only looks super cute, it is also super functions.


Finally, there's the super cute Dreambaby Mini Bath Mats. The pack contains 6 mini bath mats, shaped like stars and fish, and are helped to prevent your little one from slipping and falling in the bath or shower. We have a very large bath, and often our two little boys are bathing together, and a large bath mat is just not big enough to cover the whole bath and 'protect' both boys - but thanks to these little cute bath mats, we can add to the edges for extra safety and also reassurance for the boys, as well as they add a cute element to their nightly bath. Available in yellow, blue and red.

Dreambaby Ladybug Night Light - RRP: $34.95
Dreambaby De-humidifying Dry Egg - RRP: $29.95
Dreambaby Non-Slip Mini Bath Mats - RRP: $9.95 / 6 pack

Available from leading baby stores

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