21 December 2016


If you're a blogger, I'm sure that you are as addicted Kmart as I am - if not, you really need to check them out.

Featuring Kmart White and Black Star Metal Trays - $3 ea,
Silver placemat - $2, Red Plate - $2, Single Stem Flower - $3

Kmart has really lifted its game over the last year or two, - they've always been pretty good in the toy department, having a huge selection at good prices, and also clothes for the whole family at good prices - but where I feel that Kmart has really hit the nail on the head, is with its homewares. These are always on trend - if white marble is in, Kmart has got it, if concrete is in, Kmart has got it, and if rose gold is in, Kmart has got it - and with new items arriving all the time, so there's always some new to discover and pick up - and with Kmart, you can afford to, as all prices are incredibly low. 

Featuring Kmart Timber Star Tray - $5 ea,
Gold placemat - $2, Gold Plate - $2, Single Stem Flower - $3

I also love how it has become a trend to shop for these things at Kmart, and pretty much every one these days have things in their house from the store, all mixed up with designer pieces - which I really love, and again, I love that you can very cheaply add a few of the season's current trend, and simply replace them the next, as in the end of the day you've haven’t broken the bank getting them.

Featuring Kmart Black Marble Tray - $9,
Black Placemat - $2, SIlver Plate - $2, Single Stem Flower - $3ea,
Single Stem Leaf - $3

So what's the deal with bloggers - well it doesn't matter who you follow, small-timers, or those with 10s of thousands followers on their social media sites, if you look through their feed, you'll spot items from Kmart everywhere. A vase here, a placemat there, or maybe a concrete or marble tray, or perhaps some of the artificial flowers, or maybe even the cute miniature shopping trolley you can find in the stationary department…. And yup, if you look through my feed, I am one of those bloggers too. And in the pictures in this post, you'll see but a few examples of Kmart props that I have, as well as new ones which you'll see a lot more of in the months to come.

Kmart Southgate Shopping Centre, Sylvania, NSW, like many other Kmart stores are now open 24hours to give you more time to get ready for the festive season. 

*I was provided with a voucher for Kmart, for which I purchased some of these homewares. Products have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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