30 November 2016


I think we've all been touched by cancer. Some of closer than others, but regardless it is a horrible illness. While my little, now 18 month old boy was sick and spent over 4.5months at the Royal Children's Hospital, a good part of this time, was spent at the oncology ward - not because he had cancer, but his life-threatening auto-immune disorder meant that he has undergone much the same strong chemotherapy treatment as many cancer and leukaemia patients. And while he was so young he naturally couldn’t tell me how horrible he felt, but he didn't need to, the signs and how he was reacting were very obvious.

And all he wanted was to be in mummy's arms, and between him crying non-stop and nurses coming in and out of his room non-stop around the clock, there were days where hardly got any sleep. It was a tough time for everyone, including our then 2 year old boy at home, who had suddenly been left by his mummy, only to see me for a few hours over the weekend. Most wouldn't understand the stress the whole situation put you in. Not even close family. And certainly not friends, - but as the very true saying says, it's when in need you discover who your true friends are, and so friends we didn't think of as close prior, came out of the woodwork to support, while others we had expected to, just rarely even asked about how things were going. A life lesson well learnt.

Luckily we've now surfaced, and our little boy is doing really well - still a long journey ahead with hospital checkups for life, but he is a very happy and strong willed little boy.

So what's all of this got to do with Mary Kay and lipsticks.... well... For our little baby it naturally didn’t matter that he lost all his hair, thanks to his treatment, as he probably would have lost it anyway, (his big brother also lost all the dark hair he was born with, and then went blonde) - but if you're just slightly older, one thing is that you're feeling horrible, but if you also feel you look worse for wear, it doesn't help at all.

And that's where Mary Kay comes in…. They are doing this amazing campaign called Beauty That Counts Hearts Together Lipstick. For each lipstick sold, Mary Kay will donate a $1 to the Look Good Feel Better program. This program is a free national community service program dedicated to teaching cancer patients- women, men, and teens how to manage the appearance-related side-effects caused by chemotherapy and radiation treatment, leaving them empowered and ready to face their cancer diagnosis with confidence.

As Mary Kay says, "We love changing the world, one lipstick at a time"

The Look Good Feel Better organisation among others have workshops which covers skincare, make-up and headwear demonstrations, leaving them empowered and ready to face their cancer diagnosis with confidence. Here they also give skincare tips on how to alleviate dryness, and makeup tips on how to conceal skin redness and how to draw on eyebrows.

But what's more is that each participant receives a Confidence Kit, full of skincare and make-up products donated by the cosmetic industry to use as tools for application throughout the workshop and to continue in their own homes.

And through the program, participants can meet others in similar situations and build new friendships and networks of support.

The Look Good Feel Better workshops are open to anyone undergoing treatment for any sort of cancer. In Australia, more than 125,000 people have participated in the program, which now offers approximately 1,000 workshops nationwide in more than 180 venues. The program relies heavily upon a team of 1,500 trained and certified cosmetic, beauty and hairdressing professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to help deliver workshops across Australia and as we receive no government funding, it is the generosity of the community that allows us to continue to provide this free service.

How incredible is all of this. So help support this wonderful cause and get yourself, and all of your friends one of the special Mary Kay Beauty That Counts Hearts Together Lipsticks.


It is a gorgeous medium pink shade, and feels so soft and moisturising on the lips thanks to containing Vitamin E and a Vitamin C derivative help defend against wrinkle-causing free radicals and everyday environmental stress. And it has the most gorgeous packaging, black with small pink harts, and even the actual lipstick has hearts embossed into it.

You'll love it, so make sure you get yours now, and help spread the word of this wonderful cause.
For more information about Look Good Feel Better - visit their website.

Mary Kay Beauty That Counts Hearts Together Lipstick - RRP: $24

Available from Mary Kay

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