18 November 2016


Xmas is expensive, and when you have kids even more. Not just because you need and want to give your own kids some nice presents, but because they are likely to be invited to Xmas parties or be participating in Kris Kringle in their daycare, so you'll also need to be buying additional pressies. And finding something that is not only a good quality, but at a reasonable price too, can be difficult. Luckily Vtech has the boys (and perhaps some girls too!?) covered with their range of Toot Drivers.

These small electronic cars are so adorable, and as they are small, they are the perfect size for small hands. There's a whole heap of different to chose from, including Car, Police Car, Fire Engine, Helicopter, Quad Bike, Dumper Truck, Taxi, Off-Roader and Bus - and regardless of which one you pick, they all flash and respond with music and sounds when driven across the Vtech SmartPoint Playsets. And when you push the actual cars, they all have different sounds and cute little phrases, such as 'I'm a Little Truck, Let's make a delivery", or "I'm a useful ambulance", or "I'm a brave police car".

And to make sure your child (or you!!) won't get tired from the same songs and sounds playing over and over again, each vehicle has three different sing-along songs, 6 melodies and lots of little phrases and sounds which are activated when you push the windscreen buttons. And as a parent I love that they all have an on-off button underneath - which is needed, as it only takes a tiny bump in a toy basket or they will start playing, so it is necessary to turn them off when they are not being played with.

All of this helps teach your little one about sounds and singing, while they develop language, motor skills and imaginative role-play.

The Toot-Toot Vehicles are intended for kids aged between 1 and 5 years, and I can say that both my boys aged, 3.5 years and 1.5 years both are having so much fun playing with them.

I love that they are having so much fun with these, and they are so well priced too, that they would make for the perfect Xmas pressie for little friends.

Vtech Toot-Toot Drivers - RRP: $11.95 each

Available from department stores, some variety stores and major toy retailers

* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.


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