25 November 2016


Continuing the Xmas gift ideas, today's suggestion is a amazing - and if you regularly check in on my blog, you'd know that bhave is one of my favourite haircare brands. Correction, it is THE favourite - and if you missed all my posts on bhave, you can easily find them in my product directory.

Bhave is an australian brand, and all products are free from all chemical nasties including sulphates and parabens, and they are so gentle, while they treat the hair, and help bring even the most damaged hair back to being healthy, soft smooth and shiny .

As always, bhave has Xmas sorted with several cool limited edition gift sets, including shampoo and conditioner sets in various varieties, which all come boxed up.

The gift set that particularly caught my eye was the Treat Me, Style Me gift set, which includes:

  • Riot Control Oil (100ml)
  • Fresh Ends (50ml)
  • Super Nova Leave in Elixir (120ml)
  • Gold Clutch Purse

The Riot Control Oil (see my full review here) contains Certified organic Argan Oil which is jam-packed with antioxidants that help strengthen and nourish the hair. The light and non-greasy oil helps keep the hair soft, and it also helps smooth down frizz and flyaways, all while adding a beautiful healthy shine to the hair. It can be used in both wet hair before heat styling, as well as after for a glossy finish.

The Fresh Ends (see my full review here) is a leave-in cream to be used in dry hair, although if needed, it can also be used on towel-dried hair. The formula contains raw natural keratin and slow releasing peptides as well as certified organic argan oil to continuously repair hair damage and strengthen the elasticity of the hair, while leaving it silky soft and smooth. It also helps to control flyaway hairs, while treating split ends, all while making the hair look so healthy. The Fresh Ends has recently been repackaged, and while it still comes in the same easy to use push-top jar, that dispenses the treatment from the top, it is now a pretty mint-green shade.

Finally, the gift set also contains bhaves newest product release, the Super Nova Leave In Elixir (see my full review here). This treatment contains among others sunflower seed oil, aloe-vera and other fruit and flower extracts, and it is truly multi-tasker as it helps treat a multitude of hair issues from detangling and adding moisture to the hair, fighting frizz, repairing and strengthen brittle, damaged locks and split ends, thicken thinning hair and promote new growth, balance the scalp, protect the hair colour from fading due to UV rays, - and of course, all while leaving the hair looking soft, healthy and shiny. The light treatment spray is to be used in towel dried hair, and as it is so concentrated, only the smallest amount is needed. It comes in a super stylish silver bottle, and smells amazing too. (and if you can't read between the lines, I am beyond impressed with this Super Nova, I'm in love!!)

And then there's the bonus gold clutch purse, which is so glam and stylish, and perfect for all the Xmas parties.

Treat Me, Style Me gift set - RRP: $109.95 (Valued At $173.95)

Available from bhave and selected hair salons and Alive Skin & Hair

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