21 November 2016


Once upon a time my hair was straight, but then after my last pregnancy something has happened to my hair. It is starting to go curly. Quite curly actually, and in spite of my hair being very very long and thick, it is close to ringlets, and even my hair dress is amazed at this change. But for some reason it is mainly in the back and neck, while the front is still straigh-ish, so unless I have my hair up in pony, plait of bun, I do feel that I need to either curl it, or straighten it, so it doesn't look odd. But as my hair again is so thick and long, this is a time-consuming process, and with two little toddlers, I rarely haven't got a lot of spare time! So when the EVY iQ-OneGlide Styler, a hair straightener, landed on my desk, I was naturally beyond excited.


The EVY Professional hair stylers features a unique patterned Japanese mineral technology, which has 32 natural negative ion-generating minerals - a blend of post-volcanic minerals which work to micronise or break down water molecules so they can more easily penetrate the hair follicle, and thereby help add hydration and moisture to the hair as you style it, for a hair that’s silky smooth and healthy looking. How high-tech does that sound!!

Along with the ion-generating minerals infused into the straightening plate, the EVY iQ OneGlide also features 24-carat gold to glide through the hair more smoothly and add even deeper hydration to the hair, ensuring better inner health of the hair, and consequently less hair breakage and split ends. But the styler also has; 
  • A unique 3-strip plate design to allow it to move and glide through the hair without catching
  • A digital temperature/d; control from 130-210 degrees Celsius
  • Automatic shut-off function after 60mins
  • A soft touch finish to make it easier to style and curl
  • Metal ceramic heater for faster heating
  • Large 1.5" plates
  • 3m long rotating cord
  • Heat proof roll bag for storage and travelling 
So how did this EVY iQ-OneGlide Styler perform. Well for starters I am pleased to say that it really does heat up super fast, so I can immediately get on with styling my hair. And as claimed, it does glide through my hair quickly and easily without any resistance, and it takes just one go, and my hair is left super soft and smooth. And, unlike after using other hair straighteners, my hair doesn't feel like it has been dried out or distressed, but it really does look and feel super soft and smooth, and it really does look healthy and shiny, so this unique mineral technology really does seem to make a difference.
The straightener is light and easy to hold, also in a small hand, and it is easy to use thanks to the 3m long rotating cord that ensures it doesn't get tangled up. The wider 1.5" plates makes it quicker to style my hair too, as I can simply do larger and thicker sections at a time. I also love that it has a digital display so it is easy to see the heat setting, and while it is easiest and quickest to style my thick long hair with the highest, 210C setting, I do love that it has a large range of heat settings from 130-210C to cater for a range of different hair types. And often distracted by my two toddlers (and adding a bit of forgetfulness on top!), I also love the fact that the hair styler will automatically shut off after 60 minutes.
Needless to say that I have collected a range of hair styling tools over the years, but common for all, is that I do not know how to best store them, so I also love that the EVY comes with a cool back that makes both storage, and taking the styler with you on holidays, that much easier.
At $299 this EVY Professional iQ-OneGlide Styler 1.5" is not the cheapest of styler, but if you ask me, it is worth it - and if you regularly straighten your hair you'll agree, that it is a price worth paying for a styler that cares for your hair as you use it!
EVY Professional iQ-OneGlide Styler 1.5" - RRP: $299
Available from AquaBaci
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