14 November 2016


My hair is quite long and thick, and having a little toddler, who until now has been very prone to pulling and yanking my hair, I have gotten used to more or less always having my hair up in a messy bun, in a pony or in a plaid - and hence rely on good hair accessories, not only to do the job keeping my hair put, but also feeling comfortable to wear, while being gentle on my hair, so recently I've put some of the products from the Scunci Comfy range to the test..

I think everyone who has children remember and miss the pregnancy days where the hair was every so thick and glossy - well, that's how mine was anyway, not once, but throughout two pregnancies, my hair has never been nicer or thicker. But then, a couple months after giving birth, comes the dreaded period where you tend to start losing a lot of hair - well, they say you don't actually lose more than normal, your body just makes up for all the hair you didn't lose naturally whilst you were pregnant. That period has luckily long passed for me, but I am now left with all the hairs growing out again, which means that I have a lot of shorter, and very annoying hairs around my face - but thanks to the Scunci Ultra-Luxe Comfy Headwrap, these hairs are kept away from my face, all while looking very nice too.

These headwraps have a simple pattern, and are made from super soft and extra stretch hosiery fabrics, so they are so soft and comfortable to wear all day long, without irritating or damaging the hair. I wear these both around the house, but also when going out, and they are also perfect for use during exercise, as when they get dirty, you can just pop them in the washing machine.

They come in a two pack in colours inspired by the beauty of ballet, with the shades blush (pale dusty pink)and chocolate brown.

When I pull my hair up in a bun, pony or do a plait, I've been loving the Scunci Comfy Mini Super Soft Twisters. The design of these twisted hair elastics means that they hold the hair in place and don't slip out, yet they are still comfortable to wear and come out easily when needed. They come in a convenient 6 pack, with the shades pale dusty pink, purple, beige, grey as well as two black ones.

If you have long hair, these picks from Scunci are worth checking out, they not only look great, they are also comfortable to wear and budget friendly too.

Scunci Ultra-Luxe Comfy Headwraps - RRP: 9.95 / 2 pack
Scunci Comfy Mini Super Soft Twisters - RRP: $7.95 / 6 pack

Available from Priceline, Big W, Target & selected Salons & Pharmacies

* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.


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