4 November 2016


I've got very long and thick hair, and to be very honest, I am very fond of my hair. Probably a little too fond sometimes, as that's probably what stops me from daring to get some of it chopped off for a different hair style, but that’s another story! But fact is that I like my hair, and I know that caring for it, means that it, in spite of its length, says looking healthy. Which of course means using good hair products. Lately I've been enjoying some from R+Co..

It took many years before I discovered dry shampoo, in fact it wasn't until a shoulder surgery made it difficult for me to wash and comb my hair, that I started relying on it. Since then I've trained my hair to only needing to be washed every 3 or so days, without looking or feeling greasy - but I do rely on dry shampoo to get my by. I've tried many brands, and most, even drug store brands are pretty goo these days, but every now and again a little luxe doesn't go astray. And that's when I love using this R+Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo. It claims to be 'the quickest way to get volume and body into your hair. Give your hair a shot of Death Valley whenever you want and it will liven right up'.

This dry shampoo instantly makes my hair feel a little cleaner between washes, as it also helps mattify the roots so they don't look greasy, and without leaving the hair looking grey. In addition, it also adds some much needed volume and control to my thick hair, so it is actually also great for styling the hair. It has a gorgeous coconutty scent that lingers in the hair for quite some time, which also helps with making your hair feel clean.

This is an incredible dry shampoo, and its not hard to see why this is so raved about all over the world, it is not the cheapest, but on the other hand, it also seems a little more concentrated, so I feel that I do use a lot less than with some drugstore varieties. I'm certainly in love with it too.

The R+Co Rockaway Salt Spray claims that it is 'the closest you'll get to looking like you've bee at the beach without stepping out of the concrete jungle". Love that, especially seeing it is not exactly beach weather here right now, and with two little kiddies, not where I’ll be spending most of my summer anyway.

I love adding this salt spray to my wet hair and either blow dry it or let dry naturally, as this gives it more texture an adds more wave and volume to it - and all while leaving my hair soft and manageable, without any stiffness. And, smelling so beautiful. I've tried several salt sprays, and this by far one of the better ones, definitely a must try.

R+Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo - RRP: $24 / 75ml
R+Co Rockaway Salt Spray - RRP: $39 / 119ml

Available from select hair salons - call 1300 725 122 for further details

* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.


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