16 November 2016


It is once again time to call upon my 3 year old boy to assist with a toy feature, which today is about the Brio Fire Station from Childsmart. A little while ago we featured the Brio Airplane Boarding Set (read about it here), and also the Brio Train Station (which you can read about here) - and common for both, is that my boy absolutely loves playing with these Brio toys, so he was naturally very excited when the Fire Station was added to his growing Brio collection. And not least because he, like most other boys at that age, is absolutely fascinated by fireman and police. So here are our thoughts on the Brio Fire Station from Child Smart.

Like other Brio toys, this Fire Station has a stylish and modern design made from a combination of timber and plastic and it is sturdy and clearly a quality product.

The fire station has two stories, and comes with a slide for the firemen to use when the alarm goes off. It also comes with a fire truck as well as a trailer that attaches and carries the retractable fire hose, ladder and all the gear needed by the firemen when fighting a fire. In addition it also come with two firemen (a man and a woman!!), a chainsaw, a (plastic) fire, and two suitcases with electrical cords, to make play even more imaginative. And it also comes with a ramp so the fire truck can park under the fire station, along with a train track so the whole place can attach to an existing Brio train set.

The fire truck has sounds and sirens that are activated when pushing a tiny button on the top of the truck, but although the button is tiny, it is so simple for tiny fingers, and our 17 month old quickly worked it out too. I also love that the roof of the fire truck lifts up, so that it is easier for small hands to put the fire man into the truck.

The first floor of the fire station features a rest area for the fire men, while the roof serves as a helipad for a helicopter (which can be purchased separately).

his Fire Station is intended for kids aged 3+, and our little boy, aged almost 3.5 years, is having so much fun role-playing with it, and incorporated into existing Brio playsets, and his imagination quickly went on overdrive with the forest trees were on fire and the firemen coming to assistance and having to cut down the trees with the chainsaw, or them having to rush to help a woman trapped on top of the train station roof, climbing up and down the ladder on top of the firetruck!

As with all other Brio toys, the quality is fantastic and unlike other plastic toys, I am not for one second concerned that it will break during my boy's occasional rough play, or if it is dropped on the floor by accident.

This Fire Station has been a massive hit with my boy, and it keeps him entertained and interested as he keeps going back to playing with it again and again throughout the day, so highly recommended if you have a little boy as obsessed with firemen.


Brio Fire Station 33833 - RRP: $119.95

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