3 November 2016


If you have little toddlers, then you'd know how frustrating it can be when food is flying all over the place during meal times, maybe not always because your child intentionally throws food, but because the plate slips off the plate as they're trying to eat. At our house that happens a lot, and I think mainly because our two small boys want to be so independent that they want to feed themselves where possible. Annoying having to constantly pick up the food and wash the floor, although our two always-hungry-Labradors are certainly not complaining.

Anyway, enter GizmoTots, a clever range of kids plates made from silicone that naturally form a suction grip to any flat surface, - and this means that food stays on the plate and doesn’t end up on the floor.

The silicone forms an airtight seal to any flat surface and in a in a way 'glues' themselves to the table, so that toddlers can’t knock or push them over. Yet they are so easy to remove again, but just lifting a corner.

The GizmoTots placemats are made from 100% high-quality silicone which is BPS, PVC and BPA free, hypo-allergenic and doesn’t hold bacteria. They are long-lasting and durable, and can even go in the dishwasher, microwave, oven, fridge or freezer!

The placemats are available in three fun designs, a car, frog face and bowl, and in three colours, blue, pink and green. And they are simply perfect for helping toddlers learn to self-feed, and the fact that they are unable to knock over the plate or bowl, means that toddlers are more likely to want to actively participate and feel them selves while they develop their fine motor skills.

The fun designs of the GizmoTots placemats also help make meal times more exciting for toddlers. Our 3 year old is really good at feeding himself, but at times loses concentration half way through a meal, too busy thinking about what he is going to play with after dinner, and telling daddy about his day - but with these placemat plates, concentration was kept throughout each meal, as he thinks its so much fun 'eating' the car's wheels, or the frog's eyes!

Such a clever design that both kids, and parents will love, so definitely worth checking out. 

GizmoTots Placemats - RRP: $29.99.

Available from Gizmotots Online 

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