23 November 2016


I'm lucky that I've been blessed with good nails. They grow well and fast, and I rarely get any issues with them. But every so often they do go crazy, and start breaking, and that's when I reach for the Revitanail products as I know they are efficient and work very fast too.

The Revitanail Hand & Nail Cream is thick and creamy and adds intense nourishment and moisture to dry, dehydrated hands and nail to help improve the skin texture and tone. It contains among others Aloe leaf juice and green tea extract to soothe the skin as well as avocado oil and pear extract to nourish nails and improve appearance. The cream also contains multi-vitamins with antioxidants to help rejuvenate as well s pearl extract and calcium to strengthen the nails.

In spite of the cream being thick, it absorbs quickly into the hands and nails, and without leaving them feeling greasy, so you can get back on that keyboard immediately. I wash my hands a lot during the day, thanks to forever changing nappies on my two toddlers, but after using this Hand & Nail Cream a couple of times during the day, for just a few days , I cold both see and feel that my skin on my hands were looking and feeling softer and smoother, and especially my dried cuticles in much better condition, and my nails have never been healthier. The cream as a gentle gorgeous scent, that I absolutely adore.

Then there's the Revitanail 2-Step Revival Kit, which contains the Nail Strengthener and the Nourishing Oil. I've been using both for a long time and always make sure to have a bottle of each on hand. The Nail Strengthener is truly magical. Each time my nails play up and start to break of split, I reach for the Nail Strengthener, which thanks to being fortified with calcium helps to harden, strengthen and protect nails, and eliminate peeling, flaking and chipping. The Strengthener is used as a treatment, where you apply a coat daily for 5 days, and then remove it on the 7th day, and then repeat the process three times more, so a full treatment cycle lasts 28 days. You can do another cycle, but allow the nails to rest for 1-2 weeks between treatments. And within just a few days of using this treatment my nails are clearly stronger and stop splitting, after a treatment, my nails are always in tip top shape again.

The second part of the kit is the Nourishing Oil, which is used by massaging a little into the nails and cuticles following the application of the Nail Strengthener, although you can also continue using the oil during the rest period. Generally I try to remember using this oil a few times a week, when I watch TV, and you'd be amazed at how quickly it can mend dry and neglected cuticles.

Finally, there's the Revitanail Conditioning Remover Wipes, which quickly remove all traces of nail polish. And because these wipes are free from acetone, they are very gentle on the nails and cuticles, and as they are also enriched with vitamin E, they help nourish and condition the nails too. The wipes are presoaked, and really do remove any nail polish quickly and easily. I really love these Remove Wipes, as they are so gentle on my nails, and unlike most other nail polish removers which usually have a very strong chemical smell, these wipes actually have a lovely gentle scent too.

Overall these products from Revitanail really are incredible - the Hand Cream, Remover Wipes and Nourishing Oil will help ensure optimum health of your hands, nails and cuticles on an every day basis, while the Strengthening Treatment will get your nails back to tip-top help in no time, should they have a crisis.

Revitanail Hand & Nail Cream - RRP: $19.95 / 100g
Revitanail 2-Step Revival Kit - RRP: $25.95 / 2 x 14ml
Revitanail Conditioning Remover Wipes - RRP: $6.95 / 30 wipes

Available from Myer, David Jones, Priceline and select pharmacies

* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.


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