26 July 2016


Contouring is all the rave at the moment, so today I'd like to share with your a palette that I've been loving lately, the Paula's Choice Blush It On Contour Palette.

This Palette contains six shades including a highlighter, a bronzer and four blushes, in the following shades;

Pearl - This is the highlighter shade, which is a very pale pink shade. It is very finely milled and it gives the skin such a lovely sheen without being too shiny or overly glittery which I don't like. The pale pink shade is perfect for my medium beige skin tone, and perfect for applying above the cheekbones, above the cupids bow, or any other areas that you want to highlight. I am so in love with this highligher that I wish that you could purchase it separately.

Bronze - This is the bronzer and contour shade in the palette - and it has a medium brown shade that again is perfect for my medium bronze skin tone, great both all over the face, but also just in the hollows of the cheeks for a more chiselled look. I also love that it is easy to apply and blend, and that it isn't overly shimmery, but rather leaves the skin with matte look and just a tiny touch of sheen.

Delicate Coral - This is the brightest of the blush shades, and it has a gorgeous orangy-coral shade, that is perfect for brightening up the face. I have not got anything like this my makeup collection, and would probably not have dared purchase it on its own thinking that surely it would be too bright, but in actual fact, it is probably my favourite shade in the palette.

Dusty Rose - As the name suggests, this is a dusty shade of coral, and consequently it is also not as bright, as well as it also has a slight pink undertone as opposed to the orange shade. It is a gorgeous shade, and very wearable - but also more of a 'standard' shade of blush, and hence I think I have several others in very similar shades.

Peony - This is a darker and also slightly brighter, and not so dusty pink shade - and like Delicate Coral is particularly great to brightening up the face.

Soft Mauve - This is a pinky toned dusty mauve shade, and quite lovely, and different from anything I have in my collection, which is great.

All the blushes - well all the powders including also the highlighter and the bronzer have the same finish, applying matte with a very delicate sheen, and not particularly loving overly glittery products, I have to say that I love this formula. They are all very finely milled and pigmented, so you can build up the intensity of the shades if you want, or of course apply very lightly.

The powders come in a basic grey cardboard palette with a magnetic closure and a large mirror inside. It is very simple, and is quite thin too, so doesn't take up much room in the drawer or makeup bag.

Overall I am really enjoying using this palette, the quality is great in that the powders are pigmented and wear well. If I had to pick out favourite shades, it would have to be the Pearl highlighter and the Delicate Coral blush, and I wish that both of these would be available for purchase individually as it is these shades that will be finished first. The remainder of the shades are also all very beautiful too, and I also love using these for a bit of variety, but these shades are similar to many others in my collection, making them less unique. That said, I still love and find myself reaching for these shades too, and having them all in the one palette does make it so much easier than scouring for individual shades in your makeup stash - this is truly a versatile palette and highly recommended!

Paula's Choice Blush It On Contour Palette - RRP: $55

Available from Paula's Choice

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  1. Gorgeous palette! It reminds me of the NARS blushes, so pretty!
    XX Sue


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